Autocaravan Express Madrid Depot Map
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From the Airport:
If they arrive in the airport the best solution isto take a taxi. The route is the following. They can give this indication to the taxi driver:
- M-40 direction A-1 (Burgos)
- A-1 exit km. 23(Cobeña / Algete) we have to move to the left in order to move in the round right to Burgos ITV. You will see Amstel, ITV, and after drive really slowly (30km/h) our depot is in the bus stop. in some meters only. Aproximate cost: 30 Euros

From the City Center:
If the customer are in the city centre they can arrive by taxi with an approximate cost of 30 Euros or take the train “Cercanias Renfe” to Alcobendas / San Sebastián de los Reyes with a cost of 1.50 Euros byperson and here take a taxi with an approximate cost of 12 Euros.

By Car:
In Madrid there are 2 rings; M-30 (near to the city centre) and M-40 (more outside Madrid). Take oneof them direction A-1. In the A-1 they have to take the Exit 23 Cobeña / Algete. They have to move one lane tothe left and in the circle they have to drive straight again. In some meter they can see our flags, near to the bus station.