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Camper Club Greece Motorhome Hire
Camper Club Greece Motorhome Hire
Campervan Rentals in Greece & Europe

Depot Locations
Pallini (20 minutes to Athens) and Thessaloniki

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2019 Seasons
Low Season
Mid Season
High Season
10 JAN - 07 MAR
12 MAR - 21 MAR
26 MAR - 19 APR
06 MAY - 14 MAY
16 OCT - 15 DEC
08 MAR - 11 MAR
22 MAR - 25 MAR
20 APR - 05 MAY
15 MAY - 30 JUN
01 SEP - 15 OCT
16 DEC - 09 JAN
01 JUL - 31 AUG
Please note: that National & Religious holidays are included under "Mid Season" rates
01, 06 Jan / 11 Mar / 25 Mar / 26-29 Apr, 01 May / 17 Jun / 15 Aug, 28 Oct, 25-26 Dec

Pallini (Athens) Daily Rates are shown in EUR
Valid for 2019
Autoroller 255 - 4 Berth
€ 110
€ 131
€ 163
Autoroller 2 - 6 Berth
€ 131
€ 152
€ 173
Autoroller 7 - 7 Berth
€ 131
€ 152
€ 173
Hymer 544 Family - 5 Berth
€ 131
€ 152
€ 173
Hymer 622 - 6 Berth
€ 131
€ 152
€ 173
Zefiro TL 294 - 5 Berth
€ 147
€ 168
€ 189
Zefiro 277 - 7 Berth
€ 147
€ 168
€ 189
Autoroller TL 298 - 5 Berth
€ 147
€ 168
€ 189
Hymer 598 - 4 Berth
€ 160
€ 180
€ 200

Thessaloniki Daily Rates are shown in EUR
Valid for 2019
Regarding the depot in Thessaloniki, we will not operate with a depot, but, by transferring the vehicles from Athens to Thessaloniki with € 300 per transfer of the vehicle. e.g. For pick-up and drop-off in Thessaloniki, the charge will be € 600.
Please Note:
Minimum rental period in Thessaloniki is 8 Days all seasons

Vehicle Table

Minimum Rental Period:

  • Low Season - 3 Days
  • Mid Season - 3 Days
  • High Season - 7 Days

The Daily Rates Include:

  • VAT 24%
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Full Comprehensive insurance with excess € 1,000
  • Third Party Insurance
  • Full Camper Euro Pass Mobility service
  • Test Drive
  • Bicycle Rack / Awning
  • Digital TV
  • Cutlery

Pick up / Drop Off and Transfer Costs:

  • Athens International Airport - € 25 per transfer
  • Athens Center - € 35 per transfer
  • Pallini Depot - No Cost

Service Fee:
€ 120 per hire
This service includes the following: filled gas cylinders, biodegradable toilet chemicals, cleaning of the vehicle exterior and a detailed introduction to the correct handling of your vehicle, cutlery, dishes & pans. The vehicles are cleaned inside before they are handed over and must be returned in the same clean condition.

Rental Age:
21 - 70 Years old
The renter and drivers must be at least 21 years old up to 70 years of age. A driving license class 3 or equivalent is required for all models. License Class B or equivalent for vehicles with a total permissible weight for up to 3,500 kg and class C for total weight more than 3,500kg. Drivers with driving licenses of class B and C must have held a drivers’ licence for a minimum of 1 year.

Collection & Return of Vehicle:
1) The renter is obliged to participate in a thorough introduction to the vehicle by our experts in the collection station before the journey begins, and to follow return procedures together with the station employees.

2) Pickups and drop offs are allowed in any destination any day and time. For drop offs until 10:00am in the morning, there is no any charge. For drop offs from 10:00am - 13:00pm there is an extra charge of EUR 50 for late drop off. For drop offs after 13:00pm there is full day charge.

For pickups and drop offs from 20:00pm – 8:00am, there is an extra cost of EUR 30.

3) The rental station can withhold the vehicle until the detailed introduction to the vehicle has been carried out. Any costs arising from delays in the return are paid by the renter.

Additional Extras:

  • Bicycles - 60 per week
  • BBQ Set - € 20 per week
  • Picnic Table plus chairs - € 40 per week
  • Bedding - € 20 per person, per week
  • Child Seat - € 20 per week
  • Beach Set (2 sunbeds & 1 umbrella) - € 40 per week
  • Extra Bed - € 50 per week
  • Generator - € 100 per week
  • Inverter (300 watt) - € 15 per week
  • Mobile Internet - € 40 per week
  • Coffee Set - € 20 per week

Payment Conditions - Security Deposit:
1) The security deposit of €1,000 must either be transferred with the balance of the rental charge 21 days before rental begins to the account of the lesser free of charge for the recipient or deposited on collection of the vehicle free of charge. For short - term bookings (less than 21 days until rental date), the security deposit and expected rental charge are due immediately.

2) The security deposit is returnable on return in proper condition and after final invoicing by CAMPER CLUB rental station. All extras will be deducted from the security deposit on return of the vehicle.

3) If the renter falls into arrears with his payment obligations, interest on arrears will be charged according to the valid statutory regulations. The renter can provide evidence of lower damages from arrears.

Rentals Charges - Insurance:
1) Rental charges are based on the prices given in the price list valid on the date of the agreement unless a special price has been agreed and the rental price agreement is not based on an obvious error. Each day is charged according to the season in which it falls.

2) The rental charges include: Fully comprehensive cover with a maximum excess amount of € 1,000 per damage claim. Liability insurance towards third parties with unlimited cover damage or loss in property, fire, terrorist act, death or injury, unlimited mileage, cancellation insurance, maintenance and repairs for normal wear and tear, gas and biodegradable toilet chemicals. Fuel and other running costs are to be paid by the renter.

3) The vehicle will be handed over with a full tank of fuel and should be returned in the same state. Otherwise a flat charge of €15 gross plus the current price per liter will be due in addition to the fuel costs for filling up the tank.

4) The daily rates are charged for each period of 24 hours commenced. Rental charges cover the time from the collection of the vehicle to the return to the collection point. One-way rentals are only possible on request and against a fee. A penalty of € 25 per hour commenced is payable for time between expiry of the rental agreement and the return of your vehicle (maximum penalty is daily rental charge) and will pass on to you any claims for compensation made to us by subsequent renters of other persons due to a delay in handing over the vehicle. In general there is no consent of the lesser to automatic conversion to a rental agreement of unlimited duration if use is continued.

5) If the vehicle is returned before the end of the agreed rental period, the full rental charge as stated in the agreement is to be paid, unless the vehicle can be rented out to other persons. In accordance with the valid price list at the time, the prescribed minimal rental period during certain seasons is to be observed. A one-off service charge is payable once per rental.

6) The renter is liable for all fees, charges, fines and penalties charged to the lesser in connection with the use of the vehicle, unless they are caused by the fault of the lesser.

Liability, Fully Comprehensive Insurance Cover:
1) Should the vehicle be lost or damaged, or the contract be breached, the renter is generally liable under the terms of the general liability regulations.

2) The parties to the agreement agree to waiver liability within the scope of a motor vehicle insurance policy with an excess of € 1, 000 (third party insurance). The renter is only liable for damage within the scope of the waiver of liability if he/she or his/her agents have not caused the damage through gross negligence or intent. The renter is also liable for damage
a. If he/she fails to submit notification of the damage to the rental company by the required deadline, submits notification of the damage in incomplete form or containing incorrect details as required of the renter in accordance with the Procedure in the Event of an Accident section;
b. If he/she or his/her agents have failed to stop after an accident, have failed to report an accident to the police or have given incorrect details concerning the circumstances of an accident, insofar as this is detrimental to the legitimate interests of the rental company in ascertaining the details of the damage, and this breach of duty is due neither to intent nor to gross negligence. In the case of a grossly negligent breach of these obligations, the waiver of liability remains in force insofar as the breach of these obligations has influenced neither the ascertainment of the extent of the insurance liability by the rental company's insurer nor the assertion of damage claims.

3) The waiver of liability does not apply to the agreed excess. It applies only for the rental period.

4) The renter and his/her agents are personally liable for traffic offenses and breaches of regulations. The rental company is exempted from liability for any costs and fees incurred

5) Damage to brakes, operational damage and simple breakages are not accident damage. An agreed waiver of liability under the terms of subparagraph 2) does not apply to damage of this nature. This applies in particular to damage caused by payload shifting.

6) The regulations apply to the authorized driver as well as to the renter. The contractually agreed waiver of liability does not apply to any unauthorized driver of the vehicle.

Record of Return, Reporting Faults, Prohibition of Assignment:
1) The renter is required to return the vehicle in the condition stipulated in the contract.

2) The renter is required to report to the place of hire any faults in the vehicle or its fittings discovered immediately after the rental period has begun.

3) The renter may not make claims of any sort if the faults justified by such claims are not recorded in writing and in detail in the return checklist.

Procedure in the Event of an Accident:
1) In the event of an accident, fire, theft, damage caused by game or any other damage, the renter is required to report he matter to the police immediately. Claims of opposing parties must not be recognized.

2) Further, the renter s required to notify the rental company of the accident in advance without delay. He is also required to inform the rental company in as much detail as possible of the circumstances of the accident, without delay using the accident report to be found with the vehicle documents and to be filled out as fully and as carefully as possible so that the rental company can fulfill its obligation to report the accident to the insurer within one week of the accident.

1) The renter may authorize any repairs necessary to guarantee the operational and road safety of the vehicle up to a value of € 50 without prior consultation. Major repairs above this value may only be authorized with the consent of the place of hire.

2) The repair costs will be reimbursed by the place of hire on presentation of the relevant original receipts as well as the replaced parts provided that the renter is not responsible for the damage (see Liability, Fully Comprehensive Insurance Cover section).

3) Damage claims for faults existing before the contractual agreement was concluded and for which the rental company is not responsible will not be recognized.

Authorized Drivers:
1) The vehicle may only be driven by the renter himself/herself and those drivers named in the rental agreement, insofar as they are of the legal minimum driving age and in possession of a driving license under the terms of the Minimum Age, Driving Licence section.

2) The renter is required to record the names and addresses of all drivers to whom he/she gives the vehicle, including for any temporary period, and to inform the rental company of these on request. The renter is responsible for the actions of each driver, including his/her own.

Prohibited Use:
1) The renter is not permitted to use the vehicle: to take part in any motor sports events or vehicle tests; to transport flammable, poisonous or any other dangerous materials; to commit customs or any other criminal offenses, even if these are only punishable according to the law of the place where they were committed; for subletting; for other uses beyond and above the contractually agreed use, in particular on land not designed for driving.

2) The vehicle is to be treated carefully, used for the purpose for which it is designed and to be duly locked. The regulations relating to se of the vehicle and technical rules are to be observed and maintenance intervals adhered to. The renter undertakes to carry out regular checks to ensure that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition.

Fuel Policy:
The vehicle will be handed over with a full tank of fuel and should be returned in the same state. Otherwise a flat charge of €15 plus the current price per liter will be due in addition to the fuel costs for filling up the tank.

Travelling Abroad:
Travel outside Greece is not permitted. Travel in war or disaster zones is prohibited.

The transportation of pets is subject to agreement with the hire agency.

Replacement of Vehicle:
If the reserved vehicle cannot be supplied at the rental station, the lesser reserves the right to provide a vehicle of similar size and similar equipped, or a larger vehicle. In this case, no additional rental costs are incurred by the customer. If a smaller vehicle is offered and it is accepted by the renter, the price difference between the two vehicles will be refunded.

If additional costs arise due to the provision of a larger vehicle, such as ferry and toll charges or running costs, these are paid by the renter.

Smoking Ban:
Smoking is not permitted in the vehicles.

Shortening of Rental Period:
If a renter shortens their hire period by more than a week - it may be treated as a cancellation of the whole booking and a re-booking. This depends on when the amendment takes place and how many days of hire are being cancelled. Please ensure you always have travel insurance in place.

Cancellation policy:

  • Until 50 Days prior to pick up - 20% of rental cost
  • 49 - 15 Days prior to pick-Up - 60% the rental cost
  • 14 - 0 Days prior to Pick-up - 90%of the rental cost
  • If no one shows up on the scheduled rental date - 100% of the total amount

The renter is free to provide evidence that no damage or only slight damage has been incurred


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