Citroen DS7 Vehicle Specifications
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General Specifications

The DS 7 Crossback is certainly distinctive, featuring a large chrome grille and sharp creases. The front looks smart and eye-catching, although there’s definitely a hint of Audi in the shape of the headlights and grille. At the rear, there are sleek LED brake lights that are connected by a chrome Crossback badge, and there’s also a sporty looking diffuser and chrome exhaust tips. The car comes with plastic cladding around the wheel arches and bumpers to emphasise the SUV feel, while the slightly sloping roof won’t impede headroom too much.

While the outside might look similar to some German offerings, you can’t say the same about the DS 7’s interior. Dominating the cabin is a huge touchscreen infotainment system with sharp graphics and as few buttons as possible beneath it. There’s also a digital instrument cluster that promises a number of different screen configurations and information displays. Some of the switchgear seems similar to the DS 5 estate, but that means it feels different to the German alternatives. It’s a different take on a premium SUV, and the seats help that impression. There’s little pretend sportiness – big French cars often major on comfort. That said, the dark colour scheme in this photo makes the interior look quite moody. A lighter colour might lift it up more.

The DS7’s major party piece is some of the coolest headlamps yet to grace any production car. All but the entry-level models will sport active lights which pulse purple on unlock and actively swivel in a captivating show of illuminatory splendour at start-up. They’ve nabbed a trick or two from the premium sector, using 22 metres of adhesive in the construction to make a 25% stiffer and quieter structure (better for handling, refinement and crash safety).

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Seating: 5 Adults
Luggage (Large) : 2 large suitcase Aprox 69 x 55 x 24 cm
Luggage (Medium) : 2 medium suitcase Aprox 63 x 51 x 22 cm
Luggage (Small) : 2 small case Aprox 54 x 40 x 21 cm
Vehicle Equipment & Safety Features
DS7 Crossback
DS7 Crossback
Seats / Doors


Engine (litres)
1.6 Litre
2.0 Litre
Engine (HP)
225 HP
180 HP
Fuel Consumption ( approx litres/100km )
Cruise Control and Speed Limiter
Hill Assist System
Automatic Emergency Brake
12" Electronic Dashboard Display
DS Connect Nav GPS
DS Active LED Vision (1)
DS Active Scan Suspension (2)
DS Connect Nav GPS (3)
Blind Spots Monitoring System (4)
Road and Traffic Signs Monitoring System (5)
Dual Zone Air Conditioning
Hands Free Access and Engine Start Up
Alcantara Seat and Dashboard Trim
Leather Seat and Dashboard Trim
Automatic Headlamps and Window Wipers
Electric Automatic Parking Brake
Electric Drivers Seat
Electric Rear Bench
Trunk Capacity (VDA Litres)
(1,752 seats folded down)
(1,752 seats folded down)
Reduced Size Spare Wheel

   LED headlamps, active and adaptative according to the road profile, the weather conditions, the speed of the vehicule, and the steering wheel position.
(2)   Active adaptative supension, auto-adjusting according to the road surface conditions.
(3)   GPS sytem, with 8'' touch-screen display.
(4)   System that gives a warning in the presence of other vehicles in the driver's blind spot.
(5)   System that displays on the 12'' dashbord most of the road and traffic signs.

All Citroen Lease Vehicles come standard with:

ABS - Air Conditioning - Airbags - Power Steering - Central Locking - Radio - Cruise Control

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