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About Us

  About UK and Europe Travel
Motorhome Rental, Car Hire Rental, Canal Boats and much more

UKandEurope Travel is a travel company staffed by people who have travelled the world extensively. Combined, they have worked in the travel industry for over 60 years! 

They have experienced all modes of travel from the budget camping trip in a soggy tent (it rained six days in a row!) to first class on British Airways...  and inbetween..... 'Jumping' the freight trains in the USA, backpacking Europe, hitch-hiking from the top to the bottom of Africa , Europe in a motorhome, Europe on a bus, Europe on a train, a French canal boat and the simple car trip.

Our friendly consultants have one goal - they want to ensure your hard earned trip is filled with happy memories to last a lifetime.  They are there to help you, listening to your requests, answering questions and offering advice until you are happy.  Each consultant is very passionate about spreading the joys
of travel and we are sure you will see this reflected in the service you are offered.  In fact, we are so sure about the quality of our service that we have a Unique Service Guarantee.  If you are unhappy with the quality of service we offer you, we will refund you 10% of your basic rental cost. 
Of course, we encourage you to book with your local preferred travel agent, but our Service Guarantee does not apply.
Whilst we do only offer the services of well established, reputable suppliers - the service they provide is excluded from this guarantee.  Having said that, we do however take steps to ensure the quality of our suppliers.  Every single traveller is provided with a feedback form.  This is the only way we can really monitor the service provided to you, our very valued client.

UKandEurope Travel is a division of BTEC Travel Pty Ltd.

Licence Number: #32610

To further add to your peace of mind, we are fully licenced.

WHAT CLIENTS SAY ABOUT US.... (All originals on file)

  • To Whom it may concern, &  Potential 'UK and Europe travel' customers,
    As a general rule I don't read or write testimonials. Every rule has an exception and this is my exception.
    I first met Tracey from UK and Europe Travel back in 2007/08 when my wife and I were preparing for an extended overseas trip with our young family. In preparation for our trip I met with many travel agents, none of which stood out from the crowd until we finally met Tracey ane her team - we did not look back. 
    From the beginning when we first met at her very homely/modest office it was 'travel agent - client' bonding at first site.
    Tracey helped us to organise a fair chunk of our trip, which from her end consisted of motorhomes in Europe, UK and Canada. And also one of our highlights, a canal boat in  France on the Canal du Midi.
    Though I liked the lady, I did my research on  her prices, none of which I could match anywhere.
    Her assistance pre, during and post trip were second to none.  As a general rule I also don't usually recommend businesses to other people in case things don't go well. This rule I have also broken, and have recommended several people to Tracey and her team - all of whom have had the same pleasant experience as we did.
    To Tracey and her wonderful team and 'UK and Europe Travel' we say thanks for helping us to achieve our dream of a trip of a lifetime.
    Happy Travels To All
    Carl LUKE
    Mornington Peninsula
  • Thank you for the quote and I have spoken to my clients and they were VERY impressed with what had been done for them but I informed them that it was your suggestion that they take it from Frankfurt and not Amsterdam and they were most appreciative of your suggestion. Many thanks for that and they are going to get get to me when I have completed their whole itinerary early next week but they are definately going to book it so will be in touch soom. Could you please fax me a quote on 024272600 for a 4 door mid range car for 7days 08th August with pick up 1700hrs at Frankfurt Airport to 15th August drop of 10.00am at Frankfurt Airport. They will be arriving on same flight as other couple who have ordered the campervan. Many thanks Brian.
  • Dear Tracey,
    Just checking if you received your A to Z of LONDON in the mail o.k.  We posted it awhile back and
    say thank you very much for your kindness in sending it to us.  Our trip all went well and the A to Z
    was extremely useful.  We do hope that it has arrived back safely to you.   Thank you for all your
    help as we planned our trip to England & Europe.
    Regards Trevor.
  • Just wanted to thank you for your help and to let you know that everything went really well with the car. Europcar upgraded us to a volvo X70 station wagon for an extra 100 euros as we couldn't fit the luggage in the ESpace which was very good of them. Thanks again for your help Regards Abigail
  • Over the past dozen plus years , I have , at first been renting vehicles in Europe yearly , then to my Brother in law's insistance I started to lease and found such a difference in being able to choose exactly what I needed and getting a Brand new vehicle each time including all Taxes and complete Insurance coverage etc..    

    For last year's holiday while trying  to get any information over the net I found nearly every company offering leases was closed for almost two ( 2) weeks over the Christmas holiday period . I left messages but got very few responses to my queries.

    However Tracy replied within hours , to my great surprise , because I had the impression of the company being in the USA and over a  series of chats between us I knew I had found someone who was very interested in helping me in my needs to attaining the Holiday that I wished for .    

    Over the period prior to my flight from Toronto to Paris in mid April she was always in touch confirming everything I needed to know and when we arrived in Paris our reception and taking the delivery of the vehicle far outclassed anything we had experienced before ;  we ended up having one of our most enjoyable holidays ever because of the knowledge that if anything went wrong we could get help quickly .   

    There were only two pieces of note I can offer you that I learned ........  
    1.....   Make sure you have a Mobile Phone with you , in Europe these days the Public telephones are very few and far between , because of the past Terrorism threats.........  
    2....... Think wisely on choosing between Gas and Diesel ,  the price of Diesel fuel now is mush higher thas Gas is over there.  
    Yours,     Ed
  • Have meant to be in touch before today.  We did have a great holiday with very few problems.  The Norwegian fjords were spectacular and the Robinson Scandinavia people who ran the tour were excellent.  A good idea to do this tour early in the year as all the snow is still melting causing spectacular waterfalls. The 17 weeks in the motorhome were good except that everything was very high for Michelle and she could not drive it or get in and out of the passenger seat door as it was high off the ground.  Quite comfortable otherwise.  And we got into some great spots with it and met some lovely people in the camp grounds, roadside stops etc.  We did all the western European countries seeing as much as we could including seeing the lovely countryside.  Also ventured into Prague, Turkey and a little bit of Greece.  We drove the Rhine and the Moselle and such things as Napeolons way in France, some of the wonderful mountain passes in Switzerland.  Did not have time to do Morocco unfortunately.  About 24,000 kms all up.  All the things you don't get to do on a bus tour.  We had a minor bingle on a roundabout in a small country town in England, no one hurt.  So thank you for all the attention to detail in arranging our holiday.  There were many many highlights and memories.  And we thoroughly enjoyed Singapore.
    We just wanted to say something about the accommodation in England at the Pembridge Palace Hotel.  This is the hotel we chose so we are not complaining to you about it.  We just want to let you know so that you might like to inform any future clients who choose this hotel are aware that the bedrooms in this hotel are very very small.  They are apparently all the same size, some with double beds the others with singles.  Bed was very comfortable.  There was not a lot of room to get around the bottom of the bed because the wardrobe and desk/dressing table were there.  There was a little more room on either side of the bed.  The ensuite is very small and you have to squeeze past the basin to get in.  Mind you the ensuite would have been a lot better off without having the full size bath tub.   We had to close our suitcases and stand them in the little entrance hall as there was no where else for them.  Other than that they had good breakfasts and nice helpful staff and it was clean.  The hotel is in a great location with buses, trains, shops resturants and a laundromat nearby.  We are aware that a lot of London hotel rooms are very small but we felt this one was a bit too squeezy for our liking. 
    We wish you a very happy and safe festive season.
    Michelle and Bruce
  • Dear Tracey
    Just to let you know all went well.  We all enjoyed the trip with lots of laughs and no mutiny on either boat.  17 locks the first day for the novices was a challenge but hey a good way to learn. 
    No hiccups and no man overboard  (like last time!!)  The weather took a while to warm up but didn't stop us from doing anything.
    Thanks for your help!
  • Many thanks for your confirmation of our booking with McRent, and again many thanks for all of your help and advice. The reason I decided to go with your company was because of the easily understood and clearly layed out uncluttered web-site. I had already done some web searching and had found out that the most cost-effective place to hire a campervan was from Germany (coming across McRent & DRM), why is that? some sort of tax related reason? I would be interested in learning why. It is also easy for us to fly into Frankfurt as it is, as you know one of the main hubs in Europe. I also liked the clear quotation with everything included in the quote as well, which helps to answer a previous question you had about us, we have not used a campervan before though we do camp annually using a tent. So your advice about size of campervan in relation to the sleeping arrangements, as well as the inclusion of the extra inclusion stuff which obviously helps make using a campervan a pleasant experience was very much appreciated. We have friends with a large RV but we have never used it. I have towed a caravan in the past which is slightly different but similar in type of holiday I suppose. Kathy my wife did Canada in a VW combi campervan back in the 1970's but doesn't consider herself a seasoned campervanner. I am also extremely pleased that you have given us such a lot of useful link information as well as the package you are sending us without being asked. I realise this is part of your service to your clients, however I must say to you that I find your service very refreshing and first class so far. I am confident that we will not regret using your company to book our long awaited holiday and will certainly recommend anyone to use you in the future. Many thanks again for your help & advice. We look forward to receiving our bag of info goodies which I am sure will help us plan our holiday. I am sure we may have further questions for you before the time comes for our holiday. Just one thought for now. If we are picking up in Mannheim do we need to book the train journey or can we just turn up at the station & buy tickets when we arrive there? Regards Trevor
  • Just to let you know that we are back from our long holiday and had a great time. Everything worked out well with the campervan trip. Thank you so much for all your assistance. You have been a great help. Regards Liddy & family
  • Thank you for your help.  We will be sure to call you on our next journey to Australia.  Actually, I will be attending the Global Conference on Wind power in Brisbane late next year. I will be in touch.
    Thank you again for your help.  Barton.  
  • Hi Tracy I hope all is well with you. Not too busy I will send a bank draft for payment of travel on Friday. The bank tell me it goes through quickly but with the weekend it may not arrive until Monday. Please advise if there is a problem. Thank you once more for all your help with our travel arrangements. You were the best and if I can pass that on to your 'boss' I would be very happy to do so. Kind regards Ali Stevenson Just to let you know, we made it home safely and had a fabulous holiday. Even the youngest one in our party (9 months) had a ball. Had great weather and little rain. Thanks for all your help! Cornelia. Just to advise everything was top notch, the camper was spotless, it was a new model. Camping Milano, could not do enough for us. Picked us up at the airport, drove in front to the nearest supermarket. Then when we had to return home early (Barb's mother is unwell) they came in on a Sunday to take back the camper, then dropped us to our hotel, Could not praise them enough. As for you, we would not have found Camping Milano, and the holiday would have been much harder to arrange. So we are very happy with the complete package I will recommend Ukandeurope to all my friends. Thanks again Noel
  • Back from our fantastic and accidentless trip of 7000 km throu Alska and Canada with a lot experiences and adventures , I would like to thank you for your marvelous job you have done to make sure we got the correct car. It worked everything just perfect. It was simply the ultimate journey. Attached some impressions from our adventures.
    Wish you a pleasant season, stay safe and perhaps till the next time
    With kind regards
    Peter + Silvia
  • Hi Tracey,
    I just wanted to let you know that we received our package safely yesterday.As we get all of these things together we are all getting more excited about the whole thing.Thankyou especially for the extra goodies for the kids.It was very kind of you and they will no doubt come in handy.
    There was just one thing I wanted to see if you could tell me.We are going to book the hop on hop off tour for Paris but on the days that would be the most useful the last leg of the Tour de France ends in Paris.I tried looking up on their website  what roads are affected but couldn’t get that detail.I just wanted to know if the hop on service would be affected in any way.Do you know how we could find that out?That would be great.
    We wanted you to know how much we really appreciate all the advice you have given us in planning things.You have managed to take the scariness out of the whole thing for which we are most grateful.
    Regards Sherri
  • Hey Tracey, Thanks for that, you have been great to deal with, thanks so much for all your help. Sweet as Nalin Dear Tracey,
    The address details are correct the suburb is Oxley.  Thank you very much for quick response. It's the best service I've had in travel in a long time and I definitely will be forwarding your details on to others.
    Again thankyou. Nick Pinder
  • Thank you!! youve been really great. i will recommend u to all i know! looking forward to trip now its now far off!!
    i email u if i have any questions if thats ok. ill also let u know how it all went, thanks  again
    all the best
  • We had a great time. The van was superb (brand new) and the serice and help we received from Camper Milano was fantastic. The weather was great, as one would hopefully expect, so all in all a most successful trip. We would definately recommend yourself and Camper Milano. Sorry for my delay in writing, I have been away again. Having a good run at the moment!
    Thanks again for all your help. Best wishes Roland
  • Thanks once again for your super efficient service. I wish you were our travel agent - it would have been much less stressful if everyone was as good at their job as you are.
    Best wishes, Cindy and family.
  • Fantastic! will sort out our accommodation so no need to worry about that, thanks for the link I have faxed you over the payment authority form together with my driving license "Great Service – Guaranteed" it has been exactly that !!! Thank you so much Pri
  • Just a quick note to let you know that everything you helped us with just worked as expected. Thank you for being very helpful. Regards Anne Marie
  • Turned in the RV one day early, in motel across the street. Flying out tomorrow for Italy tour. Your people here at McRenters are professional, kind and get you going.
    Check in was done with quickness and done throughly. I doubt if I will be coming back again, but if I did I would be sure and use them again. The RV we had was very good and preformed very well for us. We went all over most of Baveria in Germany seeing 2 Ludwig castles, Linderoff, and the Fairy castle, Neuswinstien. Garmish-Parkchiken etc.  Mailed your postcard from Bavaria. Dee & Beth
  • Just to say many thanks for your help in organising our camper van hire in Italy.  We had a great time and found the camper gave us the flexibility we had been looking for.  The staff at Freedom Holidays in Rome were also excellent and gave us some very worthwhile advice on routes and camp sites. Stewart
  • Hi Tracey,
    We are leaving for Switzerland on Saturday.  Its amazing how the time flies.  When we started planning the trip, it was months away.  Now it is almost reality.
    Has your Mum arrived already?
    Thank you very much for your excellent service and friendly advice.  We'll be sending you photos and postcards
    Kind regards,
  • Hi Tracey Just a quick email - 2 things. Firstly we had a fantastic holiday in our motorhome and would certainly recommend it to anyone travelling with kids. It was brilliant to have a "home" base and was really easy to drive. Also great to be able to cook our own meals. Secondly - my son Henry lost his wallet while we were away. On return we contacted the motorhome Co. in UK and they found it! They phoned us to say it had turned up and they were going to mail it on - so thought I would let you know about their good service Thanks so much for all your help before we left. Best wishes Cindy Scott and family Hi Tracy just thought I'd drop you a quick line or two to say thanks for booking our holiday in the camper, we had a great timewhen we arrived at Mc rent we found that they had upgraded us to beautifull new coachbuilt campervan 4 berth at no extra charge. it had all the bits-n bobs and then some ! we have done about 2000 miles (2800 kms) all over Germany. I can recomend "Dachou" concentration camp museam (free), and also the Mercedes museam also free. We had a good few days in Hildesheim ( where Syl's mum is buried ) visiting her uncle and aunt, found a good camp site at Hollie just about 15 km from where they live. we even had a few days around Berlin camping in a forest site at potsdam and then catching the Train/Tram/Underground into and around Berlin.
    What a fasinating place it is, with all the history and beautifull buildings, a mix of old and new,whilst we were camping in the forest we had a fantatic thunder storm, and because we were under Acorn tree we were peppered with them , it sounded really loud on the roof,but we felt really sorry for the people in tents.The weather the next morning was sunny and hot.When we returned the camper,we were charged 15 euro's for cleaning the camper , even though when we collected it the man said we only had to make sure it was "brush clean" ( which was all we could do with the little brush they gave us), but its only about £10 so its not so bad. We also had to pay for a scratch on the camper that had appeared after we left it on a supermarket car park, but the man at Mc rent was ok and said that he didn't want to make a profit on the damage /repair and only charged 50 euro's , which I suppose was fair enough, cos I'd have wanted more than that if someone had scratched my car ! they were also kind enough to take us to the station so we could catch our train to Schonefeld airport (right across the othe side of Berlin)and only costs 2.5 euro's . travel all day on all transport cost only 6 euro. Anyway, all in all we had a great time and wouldn't hesitate in doing it all again in a camper. I hope you don't mind , but we gave your website to quite a few fellow campervaners who came to admire our camper and found out that they were paying lots more for campers not as nice as ours, so maybe you'll get a call from people in Germany , France, and Holland, oh and a couple from Italy , you never know ....... ?,I will be sending some pics as soon as I get a bit of time to upload them , and Syl says some of THE Wedding also Thanks again : Eric Millman and Sylvia
  • Thanks for everything!
    Everything looks fine at first reading!
    I like the extra info re websites that you have provided--Great!
    We have a 90year old relative who is an ex-nursing nun in a nursing home in  Balwyn, Melbourne. We plan to use our Qantas Frequent Flyer points to visit her as soon as we get back in early June. I hope to meet you when we do so!
    Don and I are most grateful for your efficiency and persistence!
    Ta Carmel
  • Just a short note to show my appreciation for what you have done for us. To say that you are on the ball is an understatement and we wish you all you wish yourself in the future. Regards Eric H. Greenwood.
    Thank you so much for your very goood and kind service you are delivering to me - great!
    Question: Do I have to pay when I pick up the cars or do I have to pay something in advance for both Hertz and Avis? If yes can you please inform me when and to where I have to pay.
    I really do appreciate your efforts, that's really customer service and taking care.
    With kind regards
  • Thank you very much for all the information.  I am impressed with your service. Regards Daniel
  • Dear Carla,
    Just a quick email to thank-you so much for all your Help in organising our citroen in France, we had a most Wonderful time scooting around the country side in Our Ds 3, what a sporty little car, a pleasure to drive.
    Please let me know when the early bird specials become Available for 2012, as I want to book again for next year.
    It has been a pleasure doing business with you.  BR
  • Thank you very much for all your support and help. You have all been just wonderful and professional. We would like to offer your website as good and solid contacts listed on our websites here throughout the communities. Along with your logo and website address for some major gathering that will be taking place in Australia next year. If you are happy with this , please let me know and I would be happy to put you forward. to many of my small business and international contacts. JF
  • Happy New yr to you Tracey,
    Hope you had a good night? probably spent at the computer!
    Thank you so much for going above and beyond the norm as a travel agent that we have ever known elsewhere... we certainly would recommend you to anyone in the future that we know wants to travel 
  • Hi there,  Sorry it has taken me so long to write however life has been busy since we have returned from our 3 month holiday. Unfortunately this brings you back to earth relatively quickly. We had an absoutely fantastic time away. The motorhome was certanly the way for us to go with 3 young children. We would certainly do it again any day. Camping sites were reasonably easy to find although probably the last 2 weeks in Ireland and the UK when the weather was wet, many of the campsites had closed early due to soft ground. We did get bogged a couple of times but this was all part of our adventure. We found driving and using the vehicle's facilities relatively easy. The vehicle was quite large- backing out of small tight sites was not always easy ( on one occasion we scraped the side of the vehicle which was covered by our bond when we got back) but overall not too bad. For any family I think this mode of transport was the way to go. We got to see so many sites and mix with so many people as we were able to leave the main drag and move into the small villages. Travelling on ferries and the chunnel were very easy to organise over the internet. Over 70 days we travelled through countries-Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Monaco, UK, Wales, Ireland, Scotland & the  Netherlands.
  • Rebecca - Just a short note to let you know that we have just returned from our 3 months in Europe during which time we had two vehicles under the leasing system. We were extremely impressed with the service that you and the people at Renault Eurodrive in France provided. The vehicles were excellent, serving our needs perfectly. The pick-up and return went off without any problems with all the people we encountered being very helpful. This laid the foundation for us to have the most memorable trip of a lifetime. I will certainly be recommending this method of transport to anyone taking extended trips in Europe.     Thank you  R&B
     I thought  I would let you know how are first RV vacation went in California... well it was really great!  After being initially total in awe of the 34ft. beast, we really loved living 'on the road'.  We saw some fantastic scenery, from beaches, mountains, lakes to eventually the desert.  We loved the freedom of pulling over to have a drink or some lunch when we saw a suitable spot. 
    The downside is visiting lovely towns like Monterey & Carmel and not being able to find parking for RVs!  I think El Monte should have given us a map showing RV parking areas in the major tourist towns and cities.  Obviously we didnt attempt to drive around cities like L.A. in the RV, and used the public transport, but smaller places like Carmel where you couldnt get near the beach unless by car, was very frustrating.  I feel there is a slightly negative attitude towards Rvers in general, because of the amount of permanent residents which give RV's a bit of a gypsy image.  However, I have never seen such luxurious RV's in all my life in some of the better Campgrounds - with Plasma TV's leather seats, and better kitchen units than mine at home!!!  These people must stay in the RV's as much as possible, because the investment in these huge vehicles is amazing.  We started taking photos standing my other peoples RV's as ours looke quite ordinary in comparison!
    The actual vehicle was very spacious with the slideouts and I'm glad we opted for the bus style as you can see far better views than through the windscreen of the cab-over style.  As you say, the only pain is making up two beds every day & night.  My sons are 5' 8 and 6' tall and it was a bit of a squeeze for them in those beds, so I couldnt take them again unless there are bigger size beds on offer!  The RV was fairly old, as some of the wood work was coming apart, the windows were stiff and the mirror panel on our wardrobe actually fell off on the journey, but we managed to tape it back without it breaking!  Also my husband moaned about the poor headlights, so we tried to avoid too much driving at night. 
    All in all, I would definitely do RVing again in another part of US, perhaps in a slightly better model of RV.  Even the dumping was good fun in the end, as sometimes it made the boys scream with laughter.  Americans were very friendly and were fascinated that we were from N.W. England near Liverpool and constantly asked us "do you know the Beatles"!!? or "is that near London!?" (we liver 3 hours from London!).  They were also amazed that we kept moving on to a different place each night as they were camped for weeks on end surrounded by bikes, TVs, barbeques, fairy lights, inflatables, boats, rugs, and garden furniture!!
    It's a holiday which we will always remember and I'm so glad we took the plunge.  Thanks again for all your help and advice with the booking.  I will recommend you to anyone else who fancies the challenge of RVing! Kind regards, Jayne, Martin Sam & Ben - UK
    We have just returned from our two weeks on the Duchess 4-2 at Falkirk.  We want to thank you for the great boat!  It was beautiful, comfortable, clean and compact.  This was an unusual adventure for us and we were completely thrilled with the experience.  The Staff at Falkirk were fabulous as well as the British Waterways people.  The countryside was beautiful, The locks experience was thrilling - and all in all - we had a wonderful time.  Thanks for all your help in arranging the trip and for the beautiful boat.  Janet, Joe, Richie and Mary.   NEW YORK
  • Hi Tracey,
    Thanks very much. You have come through again!!!  with very little notice.
    We appreciate it!
  • Dear Hugh
    Just a short note to thank you and your company for the great value added to our wonderful holiday in Europe.  We have just returned to Dubai after a stunning two weeks in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland.  
    From the very first time we had contact with you, your response was immediate and spot on.  The additional information you provided to us was great and assisted a lot in selecting the best overnight areas. 
    We have already decided that we will do this again in the future and we will definitely make use of your extremely professional services again.
    Once again, thank you very, very much!
  • Thanks again for the maps and the motorhome book that you sent.  All information will be greatly appreciated. 
    Just on another note I ran into a client of yours Peter Mallard also from Gove.  We got talking about the motorhome and he asked where we booked it, I mentioned you guys and he said that he knew you and that he and his family have used you guys before as well.  He gave you rave reviews as have we to others we know on how easy you have made this part of our journey. Anyway thanks for all your invaluable time and knowledge - fingers crossed it is as brilliant as we hope it will be.  SH
    Just to let you know we had the most amazing time away we all could have kept travelling for another 6 months we didn't want the journey to end.the motor home proved to us to be the most cost effective, comfortable and successful way for us to travel europe being such a large family. we will definately be doing it again and i wouldn't change a thing. hope you had a great christmas and we wish you the best . we will look forward to our next trip and of course your help you were wonderful tracey in sending us all the extra information it was greatly appreciated and your service was outstanding. thanks again regards sc
  • I am now back from my holiday and just like to thankyou for all the arrangements. Everything worked better than plan.The arrangements and the guy at the Holiday Inn was great. It was so easy and professional.The Holiday Inn was great.  The car was fantastic and was perfect for our needs of the 4 of us. We did close on 6,000 km over the mth. Your help and advise at your end was great. All in all a very happy customer. I have just recommended you to a colleague that is heading off to Europe soon.  BW
  • Dear All,  This is just a courtesy leter to let you know that my wife and I enjoyed our holiday in Europe and we had a great time much to thank to yours service in providing us with the car.  Best Regards DR
    Had the best Holiday ever and thank you so much for your help, everything went so smoothly I could hardly believe it was that easy.
    You've been very professional and patient throughout your dealings with me and I'll definitley be recommending your company as regards booking RV's and I think I may have started a craze so look out for any referrals you get.
    All the best
  • All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!  I am absolutely amazed at all the info you sent me.  Thank you SO much!!!!!  I am still working through it at the moment.  It just takes time as we are on “load-shedding” every second day, and without electricity, everything stands still!!
    And yes, I will definitely recommend you and your company to all my friends and clients!
    Lots of gratitude!!!!!!!    Cecile, South Africa
  • Thank you so much for coming to my rescue last Sunday. A Peugeot tow truck took me off the Freeway and to a nearby service station. The problem was my fault and it is extremely embarrassing. I knew I needed to put diesel in the car, and was being deliberate about my selection at the pump but somehow, I don't know how, I put petrol in instead. Apparently I can pick up the car next week but I don't know how much it is going to cost me. Anyway, I owed you an explanation and I really want to thank you for your very kind service to me. I will certainly recommend you to other Australians I know. BS
  • Once again, thank you very much for the great service. Your advice also helped us decide and work out the best plan for our holiday.
    I would certainly recommend your company to anybody.
    Best regards,
  • You have been so fantastic. We really appreciate your efficiency and help in booking our canalboat cruise. We shall get back to you as soon as we fine tune our holiday.
    Thank you again.   JW and GC
  • Hi Rebecca, Thank you very much for organising that refund. We have been very happy with the service you have given us & would recommend you others. We would definitely use you again.  JB
  • Thanks very much for your help. I have found you and your travel agency excellent to deal with.
    Prompt,helpful,  professional and friendly. I also really appreciated your advice re the choice of rental motorhome.
    I’m sure we won’t have to try hard to enjoy our holiday.  Regards  WJ

  • Hi guys, Thanks again for all your help over the past few months.  Not long to go now and really looking forward to the trip, thanks for making it all happen.  You have been outstanding.
  • Gidday Sheila, how ya goin?        I, we, my daughter and I had a great time. Meeting Emily at her hotel in Venice the next morning after flying into Rome from Billings Montana was my first big stepping stone. Freedom allowed me to take delivery of the motorhome at 1 o,clock just before siesta instead of 4PM. This had me at Fusina watching the lights come on over the water from Venice.  Tell your husband the Contiki boys where in camp. It had me down memory lane but  my daughter took the lime light so easily that I could never imagined this situation  30 years ago!!  It was off to Verona, Como,Pisa, San Gimigano ,Siena, Assissi,Pompei, Naples, Rome,done with Transit Travel precision..   A father and Daughter who love each other very much had a wonderful time , THANKS for your help Thanks for the confirmation, and for the reminder to check the insurance with Westpac - it's these kind of things that are often forgotten. Thanks again for your excellent service and advice - we got quotes from other places just as a comparison, and they came up with similar prices, but did not bother to take into consideration things like the 2nd driver and insurance, and how that would effect the overall price. You went the extra distance, responded promptly and were easy to deal with. I will certainly use you again and reccommend you to others. I've made a note on my calendar to pay the balance by the 22nd August.
  • Just a short note to say we are back in South Africa from our Europe and UK trip and to again say thank you for all your assistance in arranging our camper for Europe and the car hire for the UK. We had a fantastic trip and really enjoyed every bit of our family holiday both in Europe and the UK but can hardly believe that it is over and that 3 weeks had gone by so quickly. Everything went according to plan with no hiccups and we even managed the arrangement with DRM to stay at the depot on our last night in Germany before flying to the UK the following morning. They were also very friendly, helpful and accommodating.   Thanks again for all you did for us in these arrangements and we will certainly make use of, or refer you in future when the opportunity presents itself  JKA
  • Thankyou !! I have just faxed credit card payment authority and copy of my passport.
    Your efforts in bringing this to a satisfactory conclusion are much appreciated. Could you please ensure dropoff time is amended to 11.30am rather than 10.00am
    I would be happy to recommend you for this and our previous dealing when we rented a motorhome in Italy through you a few months back.
  • HI  Just to say  got car okay it was all very easy and seamless. Just a msg to say thankyou very much, you have made my friend and i journey alot more stress free. I will recommend you any friends travelling in europe. was such a cheaper option then renting or buying am very gratful.
    thank very much.  ps does your company offer any other services that may interest me? if so email me information thanks again.
  • Today we dropped off our motorhome at Avis Car-Away in Marsaille (actually just out of Marsaille) which was all simple. The holiday was great & the motorhome was very comfortable & went without any problems (& we managed to avoid any damage!!). Thanks for all your help. It was very much appreciated. We hope to be able to work with you again one day. On a separate note of some remarkable coincidence ... We met up with friends from Australia (Newcastle) near Brive de Gaillarde who had booked a villa there for 2 weeks. Their names are Ian & Jan Healy &, during our conversation, learnt that you had also provided them assistance! It truly is a small world!!! They & their families are very good friends.
    Thanks again. Kris & Graeme
  • Thank you for yr mail. 
    Frankly, I do appreciate yr work. As you /yr work/yr service 've been  very clear/ very helpful and above all, very honest !   Certainly, I'll give you yr name/email 's add. to my friends or people who are interested to rent campers or vehicles for their holidays.
    Best regards.
  • My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. We had a fantastic time and Camper Milano  were excellent. They went out of their way to get the van ready as early as possible on the day of collection, even though it had been returned damaged to them 2 days previously. The paperwork was dealt with quickly and efficiently and the handover was thorough but very straightforward. The only comment I would make is on the deposit/bond that has to be taken. We were prepared for but did not realise that they only accepted Visa/Mastercard and not Amex or Diners. I may have missed it somewhere in the pre-departure information but my recollection was that it just had to be paid by credit card and no mention of what ones they accepted. As I said, I may have overlooked it, but it would be worth just adding that in just in case clients don't have a Visa or Mastercard, or don't have $2000 credit on it. The van itself was excellent. Easy to drive, spacious and comfortable. Both my wife and I drove and it was extremely easy. Even though I had worked in Europe for a number of years and driven in most countries, I had never driven anything larger than a Toyota Tarago before and I was surprised with the ease of driving a relatively large motorhome. GPS was a huge advantage and well worth the EUR70 extra to have all of the western Europe maps installed. (Italy GPS maps were included and I paid for the additional ones because of the time I spent in Germany, as well as France, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland). Would have liked it for Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic as well but we managed regardless.
    I probably would have taken the optional extras of tables and chairs etc if I'd given it more thought. I do think they should include an awning on all vans, but apparently they have their reasons not to (some American guy had one and left it up while he went into town. A storm hit and I dont think they found the awning after it got lifted off the van!!). I didn't need to contact their depot at all during the time of the hire but had the contact nos. and knew that if a problem arose they would be able to attend to it. Returning the vehicle was also quite simple and straightforward and Allesandra even drove us all to Milan station after we dropped off the van because there was a taxi strike that day. In summary - I couldn't recommend them - or yourselves - highly enough. Thank you for all of your assistance with this, and I would certainly have no hesitation in referring anybody, agent of public, to you in the future. We had an absolutely fantastic time at the World Cup. We saw all of Australia's matches and my two boys (9 and 6) got to meet a lot of the players and had their photos taken with Mark Viduka, Lucas Neill, Jason Cullina and a number of others. Please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss any aspect further. If you wish to use any of my coments as quotes or testimonials, please do so, or contact me if you would like me to word something specifically for you.  Again - thank you for everything. Kind regards Geoff
  •  It’s now about 4 months since we returned and we have finally got around to thanking you for all your help in organizing our trip. Your enthusiasm for our trip and expertise was very much appreciated!

    We absolutely loved the Cruise RV and would recommend them to anyone. Both of the RV’s we got were very new and in excellent condition. It was just a fantastic way to get around. We met so many lovely people and saw some beautiful places – Yosemite and the Canadian Rockies were certainly the highlights! The kids loved the RV too, it was a little home for them which made it very easy but also a real adventure - they will never forget it and neither will we! And we have photos everywhere in our house to make sure we don’t!!!

    Anyway, thanks again and hopefully we’ll get back there again one day and we’ll give you a call!

    All the best  - Chris, Lisa, Anneka and Tom 
  • Every thing went better than we planned; thank you.
    The limosine service from the hotel to Just go was super and necessary as Friendless lane is really in the country.  The motorhome was perfect for 4 adults and their luggage.  The driver - me - did very well with the right hand drive and the six speed shift - no accidents or scrapes.  We did 2114 miles and stayed at 12 different Caravan Club sites - these were exceptionally well maintained; a real pleasure to stay at.  We had booked our pitches online before leaving Canada and this worked very well.  The GPS was my best friend and I would recommend him to others visitors as navigating by map is tedious and prone to error.  Our GPS was quite accommodating when we decided or just took a different turn and recalculated us back to our destination.  We really used the camping chairs and table we rented; we had "no" rain during the day for the whole of our month trip!  Dryest April for 350 years!  Some luck eh.  So I included a couple of RV pictures; thought you might like.  Thank you again - your help really set the stage for a super holiday - as one of my daughters said at the end of each day; "this was the best day of our trip!" and it was!  So maybe RVing in Australia and New Zealand are next in a couple of years. Thankx again.
    This happy camper, Graham.
  • Mark Jensen here. You may remember me; I booked a motor home through you guys last year. I was very happy with your service and we had a trip of a lifetime. I thank you for introducing us to the joys of traveling the UK and Europe via motor home.My father and his partner would like to travel to the UK for 8 weeks leaving April 14th and coming back June 9  .They want to spend a week in London then hire a car for 7 weeks and travel around staying in cottages for week periods in different areas of the UK.   Could you organize a quote for them for a medium sized automatic vehicle and travel insurance for the period they would be away. Both are fit and healthy. My father is 81 and his partner is 72. She will be the only driver.    Thanks in advance.  MJ
  • I wanted to thank you for all the wonderfull info you sent to us. It is much better than the info (I use this term loosly as it is more about selling hotel rooms and bus trips) you get from the harvey worlds of travel industry.
    I have one question I hope you can help me with. In the van what sort of power outlets does it have? I need to be able to charge my camera and mobile. I have purchased the 2 pin european adaptor in hope that is all I need. Are you able to let me know if this is the case or if not ? If it isn't what is in the van in the way of power outlets ?
    Thanks again for the info
    R  H
  • We have returned from our holiday in Europe and are gradually returning to the realities of work.  We had a great holiday and the lease vehicle you arranged for us was exceptional.  The delivery, the operation and everything else was commendable.  I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thankyou for all your assistance in the arrangements that made the transport side  of the holiday so enjoyable.Thankyou for your assistance
    Kindest Regards Steve & Cheryl
  • Thank you! you have been great and it is much appreciated you need to ask for a pay rise!!! thanks again James
  • "You are very good to speak to, tell the boss to give you a rise in pay. Much appreciated" - N.B
  • "We are finally back home after a two week enjoyable and memorable vacation. Without your friendly attitude and attention to details, our holiday might not be as wonderful. You are more like a good personal friend rather than some employee of a company. Thank you very much" - T.S
  • "I have travelled widely and Tracey is the best consultant I have had the pleasure of dealing with.
    A special Thank You to her." - A.C
  • " Many thanks to Tracey for her friendly and efficient service and assistance rendered beyond her call of duty" D.S
  • " Thank you for all your help and organisation when I was negotiating and booking my car rentals. I very much appreciated your guidance and the fact that you pushed to get the documents here before my departure. Thanks." - P.S
  • " Thank you for going to so much trouble to provide all that information. The places described sound fascinating with all their history and scenic attractions. I will try and fit in as many as possible. The internet travel sites will be invaluable. Thanks again and we will consult you about any future travel plans we have for Europe. I will pass on your video to any friends we may learn about who intend travelling by car in Europe. We are very grateful for your generous assistance." - D.C

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