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Motorhome / Car Hire / Canal Boat / Car Lease Specials
 Motorhome Hire in Europe
Austria McRent Austria - 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
Croatia McRent Croatia - 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
Estonia McRent Estonia - 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
Finland McRent Finland - 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
France Avis Caraway France - 5% Long Term Discount
McRent France - 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
Germany DRM Germany - 2024 Season - 5 to 10% Long Term Discounts
McRent Germany - Bremen South Special / 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
Holland Braitman: - Great 2020 Earlybird / Winter Special
McRent Holland - 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
Iceland Camper Iceland - 2022 Season Early Bird Discount
McRent Iceland - 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
Ireland Bunk Campers: - 2020 Early Bird & Stena Line Ferry Discounts
McRent Ireland -
2025 Season Early Bird Discount
Italy McRent Italy - 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
Norway McRent Norway - 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
Poland McRent Poland - 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
Portugal McRent Portugal - 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
Romania McRent Romania - 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
Spain  Autocaravan Express: - 18+ Days & Long Term Discounts
McRent Spain - 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
Sweden McRent Sweden - 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
Switzerland McRent Switzerland - 2025 Season Early Bird Discount
UK Bunk Campers: - Stena Line Ferry & Long Term Discounts
Just Go: - Long Term Discount
McRent UK England - 2024 Season Early Bird Discount
McRent UK Scotland - 2024 Season Early Bird Discount

 Car Leasing in Europe
Citroen Leasing Citroen Leasing - 2024 Season - C5 Across Model Discount
Peugeot Leasing
Peugeot Car Leasing - 2024 Season - 3008 Model Discount
Renault Leases
Renault Car Leasing - 2024 Season Rates
 Car Rental in Europe
Specials coming soon...
Ask for a quote and be pleasantly surprised!
 Canal Boat Hire in Europe
Black Prince / France Passion / Le Boat / Locaboat Holidays / Nicols - all have year round discounts. Ask for a quote and we will advise the best possible deal
Nicols - France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Ireland & Portugal

2024 Season Rates
France  -  Germany  -  Holland  -  Hungary  -  Ireland  -  Portugal

France Passion Plaisance 2023 Canalboat Hire

2023 Rates & All Year Discounts

France - Holland
Ireland - Italy -
Poland - Portugal - Russia - Sweden

Click here for 2024 Rates & Specials 1.31mb PDF

2024 Rates & All Year Discounts
- Germany

Black Prince 2021 Narrowboat Hire
2021 Rates & Summer School Holiday offer / Flotilla Special / Loyalty Scheme
England - Scotland - UK - United Kingdom
Locaboat Holidays 2023 Canal Boat Rental

Please see Locaboat Holidays Permanent All Year Round Discounts
available in the following countries throughout Europe:

2023 Rates & 2024 Early Bird Discounts
France - Germany - Holland - Ireland - Italy

Le Boat Canal Boat Hire in Europe - 2021 Offers
For 2021 Cruises
10% Discount on our Budget, Comfort & Comfort Plus boats for all desinations except Italy.
5% Discount on our Premier Horizon boats for all destinations except Italy.
for bookings up to 3rd January 2021
Long Term Discount
10% Discount when you book two weeks or more
- Minimum of 14 nights
- Valid across all destinations and all 2021 departure dates
- Offer excludes our Horizon boats
Offer combinable up to 15% and may not be valid alongside other offers
Multi-Boat Discount
Save at least 10% Discount
on two boats or more
- Minimum of 7 nights cruising duration
- Valid across all destinations
- Save 10% on two boats and add another 2.5% for each boat after that.
- Valid on multiple boats booked to start and finish on the same dates.
- Excludes Horizon boats.
Offer is combinable up to 20% and may not be valid alongside other offers
Availablility is limited - Contact us now to secure your boat !

Belgium - France - Germany - Holland - Ireland - Italy - Scotland - England / UK

 Luxury River Cruising in Europe
European Waterways 2017 River Cruising

Charter Cruises on selected Barges throughout
Belgium & Holland  -  England  -  France  -  Germany & Luxembourg
Ireland  -  Italy  -  Scotland
Click here for 2017 River Cruise Specials

GREAT READING...at discounted prices.

If you'd like to read a good book dedicated to motorhome travel, try "Europe by Van & Motorhome" by David Shore and Patty Campbell. Although the authors are American and it is therefore aimed at Americans, the info contained therein really makes it worthwhile reading and prepares you better for your travels. Especially great for 'first timers'. See the following reviews:

"Camping in Europe is safe, reasonably priced and a great way to vagabond with the locals. For more info get a copy of the newly revised Europe by Van & Motorhome" - Rick Steves, The Travel Channel

"The most extensive guidebook on European camper travel that you're likely to find" - Europe for Visitors "Invaluable" - Trailer Life Magazine

Normally priced at USD $16.95 + USD $9.95 postage which equates to approx Australian $39.85.

If you order one at the time of booking your motorhome, we'll subsidise you 50% as we strongly believe that a prepared traveller is a happy traveller.  The cost will therefore be Australian $20 including postage within Australia.  For outside Australia, we will add the cost of postage as charged by the post office.

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Travel Insurance

We strongly feel that everyone should have insurance when travelling overseas. When travelling without insurance, you leave yourself and your family incredibly financially exposed. Take insurance and have 'peace of mind'....

To encourage you to take insurance, we will offer you 20% discount on any policy purchased. If you wish to do it online, please Click here, obtain your policy and we will then credit the 20% off any booking you make or send us an email with your departure and return dates and we will send you a quotation.

Alternatively, we can send you a brochure, you can choose your policy and submit the policy application form less 20% or this amount can be credited towards your other bookings.



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