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France Passion Plaisance Canal Boat Rental - France

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Daon - Chenille Change
Picturesque Small Village in the Middle of Mayenne

Picturesque small village in the middle of Mayenne, Daon is a true haven of peace of less than 500 inhabitants. You are invited to the river dawdling on Mayenne sinuous and quiet. No time for the trouble: behind each curve, each tree, a surprise awaits you: castles, picturesque mills, churches, small villages but also ducks, herons and other birds… Rich of an incomparable architectural heritage, Mayenne will make you cross all the periods of the history. Fishermen, with your fishing lines: carps, silures and so much of others defy you! Prolong your tour to Laval, true city in the countryside, rich in cultural and architectural treasures of any kind, which will delight children and adults! A trip in the middle of nature…

  • To see : fleurissement of the locks, the viaduct of Laval, old city of Laval, the boat lavoir St Julien of Laval, the city of the lion of Angers (with visit of the hippodrome, etc), the abbey of the Port Salut (and its shop of monastic products), close to Segré discover the field of Small Couère (reconstitution of a village of the beginning of the century with its classroom, her grocer and her shoe-maker – Agricultural museum, collection of 40 old vehicle– animals– little scenic train).
  • To taste : le sandre at white butter, le pommeau (local aperitif), le cider, pancakes, and potted mince of the Mans..
  • To know : 85 kms of towpath were rehabilitated to the town of Mayenne, which offers very beautiful possibilities of ballades to foot or bicycle.
  • Very Favourite : ocks: they are one of largest if not the greatest attraction of Mayenne. Each one has its charm and its characteristic: lock grocer, lock restoring, lock exposure photographs and even… lock bakery with explanation on the manufacture of the bread to old the etc. Without forgetting small the guinguettes local this offers to you the good dishes of the soil for prices defying any competition !

Navigation on the Mayenne :

Wild River of 200 kms, Mayenne will delight all the in love with nature, avid of discovered and adventures. You will stroll on this quiet, sinuous and green river where the carps defy the fishermen.
A question about the area? Discuss with the lockkeepers, it is them which with the wire of their accounts make live Mayenne! They will be happy to make you share their knowledge and will be good advisers.
If the lockkeeper had to go away… is at you to handle the lock! You do not worry; it is a simple operation that to have to do calmly with your crew or of the people met on the towpath… you will have then a beautiful photograph memory to put in your album!

Navigation on the Oudon :

Running out on 80 kms, Oudon is not however navigable that port of Segré to Mayenne is on 18km, with only 3 locks. This does of them one of the smallest navigable rivers of France. Think of making a supply before borrowing this small river because you will not be able any more to do it between Segré and the Lion of Angers. Indeed, Oudon carries you in a wild landscape, in the middle of nature…

Navigation on the Sarthe :

Long of 285kms, the Sarthe is a broad river which carries out you through a green nature. Quiet, this river is punctuated beautiful flowered locks operated with the hand by lockkeepers living on the spot who will be able to inform you as well as possible about the surroundings. You will cross accessible small villages, castles, churches and will benefit from this soft river which will each time astonish you by the surprises that it hides you…

From Daon or Chenille Change: 


  • Daon or Chenillé - Le Lion d’Angers - Segré - Daon or Chenillé : 70 km, 14 locks, 12 hours
  • Daon or Chenillé - Entrammes - Daon or Chenillé: 80 km, 24 locks, 13 hours


  • Daon or Chenillé - Entrammes - Le Lion d’Angers - Segré - Daon or Chenillé : 150 km, 38 locks, 22 hours
  • Daon or Chenillé - Lion d'Angers - Segré - Lion d'Angers - Daon or Chenillé - Chateau Gontier - Daon or Chenillé : 150 km, 22 locks, 17 hours.
  • Daon or Chenillé - Lion d'Angers - Montreuil Juigné - Angers - Cantenay Epinard (by Ecouflant, So round the island St Aubin by the old Maine) - Lion d'Angers - Daon or Chenillé : 91 km, 16 locks, 16 hours

One week

  • Daon or Chenillé - Angers - Solesmes - Daon or Chenillé : 198 km, 30 locks, 34 hours
  • Daon or Chenillé - Laval - Angers - Le Lion d’Angers - Segré - Daon or Chenillé : 170 km, 48 locks, 31 hours

One week one-way

  • Daon or Chenillé - Le Mans : 168 km, 28 locks, 28 hours

Two weeks

  • Daon or Chenillé - Mayenne - Écouflant - Malicorne - Daon or Chenillé : 402 km, 112 locks, 68 hours

Two weeks one-way

  • Daon or Chenillé - Laval - Angers - Le Mans : 274 km, 62 locks, 49 hours

Three weeks and more

  • Daon or Chenillé - Mayenne - Angers - Le Mans - Daon or Chenillé : 504 km, 130 locks, 97 hours

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