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Products: France Passion Plaisance - Fourques sur Garonne Base Information
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France Passion Plaisance Canal Boat Rental - France

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Other Bases in the South of France :
Agde - Carnon - Colombiers - Homps - Fourques sur Garonne - Montauban

Fourques sur Garonne

The departure base of Fourques sur Garonne is located on the Canal de Garonne. Inaugurated in 1856 between Toulouse and Castets en Dorthe, it completes the Canal du Midi and constitutes the "Canal of Two Seas" joining the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Come and discover the suroundings of the Canal de Garonne : you can take your time, admire and explore the area.

Be sure to taste the delicious products from the local producers on the market. Chose between the wild and windy Baisewith its to tower windmill in Barbaste, its Castle dating from Henri IV in Nerac and the Flaran Abbey in Valence sur Baise, or the peaceful landscapes of the Canal de Garonne with the Canal Bridge of Agen, the Moissac Cloister and the unique water slope in Montauban and its Ingres Museum. The family owned business Emeraude Navigation welcomes you warmly.

  • To see : the Hillock of Meilhan sur Garonne, the People of Garonne in Couthures sur Garonne, the Tourist Office of Marmande new generation, the Stained Glass Workshop in Fourques sur Garonne, the Saint Vincent Collegiate and its Rembrandt in Mas d'Agenais.
  • To taste : foie gras, duck confit, wine from Buzet, prunes from Agen, armagnac.
  • To know : from Fontet to Buzet sur Baise : the most beautiful reaches of the Canal de Garonne with the majestic hundred-year-old plane trees..
  • Most Important : the old Nerac on the Baise and the Castle dating from Henri IV.

Navigation on the Baise :

Situated among the green hills, the peaceful Baise river allows you to discover a multitude of different landscapes. 56km long and possessing 22 locks, the Base River, also known as the 'Silver River', is navigable from Buzet to Valence sur Baise, where the wine cooperative awaits you. A great place to taste some of the famous local wines!

Navigation on the Canal Lateral a la Garonne :

Following on from the Canal du Midi, the Canal Lateral a la Garonne achieves the perfect junction between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, while meandering through lands rich in history. Punctuated by 54 locks and several canal bridges, the canal extends 194km. This calm canal will encourage you to peacefully cruise along it aboard your houseboat.

From Forques-sur-Garonne : 


  • Fourques-sur-Garonne - Fontet - Fourques-sur-Garonne : 34 km, 8 locks, 8 hours.
  • Fourques-sur-Garonne - Villeton - Fourques-sur-Garonne : 36 km, 4 locks, 6 hours.

Short week

  • Fourques-sur-Garonne - Agen - Fourques-sur-Garonne : 112 km, 22 locks, 24 hours
  • Fourques-sur-Garonne - Vianne - Fourques-sur-Garonne : 82 km, 12 locks, 15 hours
  • Fourques-sur-Garonne - Castets - Fourques-sur-Garonne : 54 km, 14 locks, 12 hours

One week

  • Fourques-sur-Garonne - Moissac - Fourques-sur-Garonne : 204 km, 38 locks, 40 hours
  • Fourques-sur-Garonne - Valence sur Baise - Fourques-sur-Garonne : 174 km, 52 locks, 46 hours
  • Fourques-sur-Garonne - Buzet sur Baise - Nerac - Buzet sur Baise - Fontet - Fourques-sur-Garonne : 132 km, 32 locks, 33 hours

Two weeks

  • Fourques-sur-Garonne - Moissac - Castelsarrasin - Montech - Toulouse - Fourques-sur-Garonne : 330 km, 88 locks, 71 hours
  • Fourques-sur-Garonne - Agen - Valence d'Agen - Moissac - Castelsarrasin - Montech - Montauban - Fourques-sur-Garonne : 250 km, 90 locks, 80 hours

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