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France Passion Plaisance Canal Boat Rental - France

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Pont à Bar - Small Hamlet of Last Century

Pont à Bar is a pretty small hamlet of a score of inhabitants, founded during the construction of the channel of the Ardennes, at last century. The pretty small river port where you will take your boat is bordered of houses typically of the Ardennes architecture. You will appreciate the great diversity of landscapes, the meanders of the Meuse, the legendary forest of the Ardennes…

With approximately 10km from there, the town of Sedan opens its doors to you. Today town of Art and History, Sedan and particularly its old centre are of a great architectural richness. Take also the time of a halt with Charleville Mézières to visit the animalist park; you will undoubtedly see there various wild boars, stags, roe-deers and birds. For the lovers, the museum of Ardennes hides treasures of history and archaeology.

  • To see : the castle of Sedan; the Olympe mount, the large marionnettist and the Rimbaud museum in Charleville Mézières, Verdun, the academy of the rural tool with Brécy, the museum of Ardennes.
  • To taste : paved bread of the Ardennes, soup of the Ardennes, the believed ham of the Ardennes, the Rimbaud pot, the white roll of Rethel, droppings Satan of Stenay.
  • To know : Charleville Mézières is the city of the famous poet Arthur Rimbaud.
  • Very Favourite : the animalist park of Charleville Mézières.

Navigation on the Meuse :
Long 925 kilometres, the Meuse River crosses 3 countries: France, Belgium and Netherlands. Silver plated ribbon also called “the capricious Meuse”; this river is rich in meanders and walks on between meadows and fields, orchards, pastures, vines and forests. Let go itself on this calm water and discover au fil de of your navigation the heroic and attractive history of the area. Who knows, perhaps will cross with the turning of a meander one of these splendid ashy herons who lives on the Meuse !

Navigation one the channelled Meuse (or the channel of the east) :
Navigation on the channelled Meuse is punctuated of 22 locks until Verdun. You will discover the charms of the valley of the Meuse, green, far away from the primary distributors. Lovers of fishing, with your lines: water of the channel abounds in pikes, carps and other fish !

Navigation on the channel of the Ardennes :
This channel, length 106 kilometres and punctuated of 46 locks until Berry au bac, connect the slopes of Champagne to the Meuse. You will walk on through the countryside, until the famous scale of the 26 automatic locks in the valley of Montgon. Total disorientation assured !

From Pont a Bar : 

Week End

  • Pont-à-Bar, Charleville Mézières, Monthermé, Pont-à-Bar : 70 km, 16 locks, 14 hours
  • Pont-à-Bar, Stenay, Pont-à-Bar : 105 km, 18 locks, 16 hours

Mini week

  • Pont à Bar – Dun Sur Meuse – Pont à Bar : 130 kms – 24 locks – 21 hour
  • Pont-à-Bar, Fumay, Pont-à-Bar : 95 km, 24 locks, 20 hours

One week

  • Pont-à-Bar - Verdun - Pont-à-Bar : 220 kms - 44 locks - 35 hours
  • Pont-à-Bar - Berry au Bac - Pont-à-Bar : 120 kms - 80 locks - 30 hours
  • One way Dinant - Pont-à-Bar : 112 kms - 23 locks - 25 hour

Two weeks

  • Pont-à-Bar - Epernay - Pont-à-Bar : 360 kms - 146 locks - 64 hours

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