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France Passion Plaisance Canal Boat Rental - France

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Waltenheim sur Zorn

Waltenheim-sur-Zorn is a small town nestled in the Zom Valley, between the Vosges Mountains to the west, the plains of Alsace to the east, the hills of Hanau to the north and the heights of Kochesberg to the south. Counting 3000 inhabitants, the village is located about 8km from Saverne and 36km from Strasbourg. The community forest, Fallberg Forest, possesses 308ha of vegetation near Dossenheim.

This region is located at the limits of Alsace and Lorraine and was occupied long before our era. The Celtic and Ligurian tribes who once lived here, have left behind them many legends. Following that part of its history the region was then taken over by the Romans in 58 BC who implemented a period of peace which lasted nearly five centuries, only ending with the fall of the Roman empire. After it collapsed there were many successive invasions, the Alamanni, the Vandals and the Huns all devastated the country at one point or another. During the ninth century Alsace and Lorraine became dependent on the various German dynasties.

However the region began to improve during the thirteenth and fourteenth century with significant economic development, sadly this growth was stopped by the Franco-Burgundian Wars and the Thirty Year War. Finally in 1648 the Treaty of Munster gave Alsace and Lorraine to the French crown. Later the operation of the Lorraine coalfields brought a richness to the region, while the plains of Alsace excelled in agriculture and viticulture. However, this region was once again heavily marked by the wars of 1870-71, 1914-18, 1939-45, so much so that in less than a century this region experienced three times Germany's authority. Since 1949, Strasbourg has been the seat of the Council of Europe.

This city is famous for its beer brewing, and it has been a tradition in this city since 870, and it was the first known brewery in the world. Hence in this is a region full of history set amidst beautiful scenery you are sure to enjoy your cruise while discovering many new and interesting things about what makes this part of France so unique.

  • To see : In downtown Hochfelden you can admire the St. Wendelin Chapel (13th century), the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul and the Protestant Church which is built in red brick. You can also visit the Regional Museum of Zon, which has been installed in the former synagogue. Many documents and everyday objects tell the story of the country of Zorn, as well as the history of pottery in the region, and of course, the history of the local breweries!
  • To taste : Alsatian cuisine is highly original. Fine goose or pork fat is used to flavour many of the dishes. The Lorraine cuisine on the other hand, is justifiably proud of its sausages and pastries. Some of the specialities that you may enjoy are: Sauerkraut, the quiche Lorraine, Coq au Riesling, trout and carp, game during the hunting season (deer, wild boar, hare etc.), blueberry pie, cherry and plum tarts, Baecheofe (a dish of marinated meat in a bowl with white wine), the Flammenkueche (a blazed tart with onion, bacon and cheese). Riesling, Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer wines are typical of Alsace, however it is important to drink them chilled, even the red wine.
  • To know : Meteor Brewery is the last independent brewery in Alsace.
  • Most Important : The inclined plane of Arzviller and the old city of Strasbourg are both well worth a visit.

Navigation on the Canal du Rhone au Rhin :
If you sail southerly on the Rhone-Rhin canal it will carry you all the way to the city of Strasbourg (32km from Hochfelden), the capital of Alsace and Europe, a place famous for its remarkable architectural heritage which makes it a World Heritage City of UNESCO. This canal, formerly known as Napoleon canal, started being used in 1833 after undergoing work to link Alsace with the Cote d'or and the Doubs. The work began in 1882 as part of an industrial project to increase the transport of heavy goods such as wood, coal, sand and petroleum products. Today this canal is mainly used for river tourism as the canal du Rhone au Rhin offers the perfect opportunity to navigate near Strasbourg and explore the surrounding countryside.

Navigation on the Canal Marne au Rhin :
Sailing west along the canal Marne au Rhin, you will find yourself in a land with an unique character as you come across the historic town of Saverne (16-km from Hochfelden). The inclined plane, Arzviller (ship lift), is the only one of its type in Europe and it replaces 17 locks in total! With its classic form (including the West Tunnel, and the Rechicourt Lock), this canal offers a total escape from the busyness of the city. Reputed to be a weaving canal, you will be enchanted by the magnificent landscapes you find as you cross the Vosges.

From Waltenheim sur Zorn : 


  • Waltenheim sur Zorn, Strasbourg, Waltenheim sur Zorn : 48 km, 15 locks, 10 hours
  • Waltenheim sur Zorn, Saverne, Waltenheim sur Zorn : 44km, 12 locks, 12 hours


  • Waltenheim sur Zorn, Languimberg : 66km, 26 locks, 16 hours

Mini week

  • Waltenheim sur Zorn, Saverne, Lutzelbourg, Arzviller, Niderviller, Waltenheim sur Zorn : 94 km,51 locks,28 hours

One week

  • Waltenheim sur Zorn, Strasbourg, Waltenheim sur Zorn, Saverne, Waltenheim sur Zorn : 107 km, 59 locks, 25 hours

Two weeks

  • Waltenheim sur Zorn, Saverne, Arzviller, Sarreguemines, Waltenheim sur Zorn : 256 km, 105 locks, 60 hours
  • Waltenheim sur Zorn, Saverne, Arzviller, Dombasle, Nancy, Waltenheim sur Zorn : 256 km, 95 locks, 56 hours

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