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France Passion Plaisance Canal Boat Rental - Germany

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Furstenberg - “ Nature and Culture in Harmony”

It is in the heart of the country Ruppiner where you will discover the historic city of Fürstenberg enter the pond of Müritz of a highly-rated and Berlin of the other one. Surrounded with vast areas of water and forests, Fürstenberg and its surroundings ally with natural charm and culture and promise you a peaceful and enriching stay.
Of cities in villages, you will discover a multitude of small museums, witnesses of past strong and rich in events. During a ride in the middle of nowhere, you can get fresh ideas in the peace and will cross can be hinds, wild boars and even some birds of prey. You can also take advantage of some water of an exceptional quality to bathe you or devote you in some water sports.

In the evening, you can often benefit of a musical meeting the theater of the castle, or still one of the numerous festivals which take place throughout the summer. Push your visit to Berlin, at only 1:30 am and investigate the German capital, so rich in historic treasures and cultural treasures.

  • To see : The tower of surveillance, the academy of music, the opera, the museum of the ceramic, the Todesmarsches of Wittstock museum, the museum of the lie to Kyritz, the city of Berlin, lakes, the big beauty and the very pure water
  • To taste : The fish, the game, the beer.
  • To know : The certificate of navigation which is put back to you after the theoretical and practical instruction is not valid for berlin
  • Very Favourite : The castle of Rheinsberg and its park and the unforgettable sunsets on lakes.

Navigation :
You navigate one of the most beautiful and more housing schemes of waterways of Europe. You are invited in the pure relaxation in the middle of forests, of meadows on magnificent lakes.
In this paradise of the nature lovers, you will also go to the front of the discovery of a unique historical heritage.
For the holders of the boating license, Berlin has a bigger leak that that of Venice and offers you the animation of a cultural and historic big city, the whole on the water!

From Furstenberg : 


  • Fürstenberg : 60 km, 10 locks, 9 hours

Week-end 3 days

  • Fürstenberg, Rheinsberg, Neustrelitz, Fürstenberg : 110 km, 12 locks, 18 hours

One week - (Historic tour)

  • Fürstenberg, Himmelpfort, Lychen, Templin, Zehdenick, Fürstenberg : 204 km, 20 locks, 22 hours
  • Fürstenberg, Neustrelitz, Rheinsberg, Mirow, Fürstenberg : 193 km, 20 locks, 25 hours

Two weeks - (the Muritz and castle)

  • Fürstenberg, Mirow, Waren, Röbel, Rheinsberg, Neustrelitz, Fürstenberg : 260 km, 26 locks, 48 hours

One week - one way

  • Fürtsenberg, Templin, Zehdenick, Berlin, Potsdam (license compulsory) :
    170 km 16 locks, 25 hours

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