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New Concorde Fly 890 Suite
- 3/5 berth
New Concorde Fly 890 First
- 4/7 berth

New Concorde Fly 890 Twins
- 4/7 berth
Tip Top - 6/8 berth
Tip Top L - 4/7 berth

Useful Information

The Piloting :
On your arrival, a base technician will come on board with you and deliver you your first lesson to show you how to steer the boat. We will take the time that is necessary to show you how all equipment works and how to drive and moor the boat. You can see how simple it is, the boat is driven using two controls: a two position accelerator lever (forward and reverse) and a rudder to steer the boat. That is all.

Locks :
Along the French and European inland waterways, the lock crossing is free. Generally, locks are operated by a locker and are automatic (except on Lot, Baïse and Charente rivers).
The lock crossing is easy but requires a little bit of agility, you will be given all useful explanations by our base staff. Lock manoeuvring is simple and not dangerous at all if a few elementary rules are respected. Generally, the manœuve is controlled by the lock-keeper who will appreciate a helping hand from a crew member to handle the lock doors and sluices when these are not automatically operated.

Meet :
Apart from lock-keepers and other people on a cruising holiday, you will be able to spot a variety of waterside birdlife such as herons, kites, ospreys, wild ducks, kingfishers and wagtails. Above all, you will meet barge people and anglers. Barge owners, who have practically disappeared on certain stretches of water, are friendly people but they do this work to earn a living. So there is one golden rule : they always have priority.
Anglers do not always appreciate holidaymakers, who, in their opinion, stir things up a little too much, so if you leave enough leeway so as not to cut their lines, slow down a little and ask them the traditional question "Any bites?", then you'll make some new friends.

Moor Your Boat :
Thanks to a mooring peg, you can moor your boat wherever and whenever you want, this is the freedom of fluvial tourism for freely cruise holidays.
You are fully free to stop the boat where you like, in the heart of a city, close to a village or in the middle of the countryside…

Free :

  • Technical assistance 7 days a week
  • Supplied gas
  • Baby service : 1 baby chair, bath, folding bed and life jacket ; if you hire a bicycle, you will get an extra seat. Do not forget to order it before your departure.
  • Public car park : a public car park is available everywhere. A closed and non-covered parking or a garage are at your disposal (with participation).
  • Deck furniture : only if the boat decks are wide enough.
  • Pet : it is always welcome but you will be responsible for its behaviour

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