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France Passion - Sweden 2024 Canal Boat Hire Rates
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Canal Boat Rental in Sweden & Europe

Early Booking Discounts
5% Discount for bookings made more than 30 days before departure
Valid for booking of one week minimum

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For the following bases :
Sjotorp - Soderkoping


2024 Weekly Rates Shown in Euros
Electric Fleet
Base Price
(Canal Ticket) *
1 Week
2 Weeks
Naviga Nordica 40
8/10 Berth **
Classic Fleet
Delphia Nano
2/4+1 Berth
Delphia Esc 800/1
4/6 Berth **
6/8 +1 Berth
* The boatrenter decides on the initial base: the client receives a preliminary departure point which can be modified up to 48 hours before departure. Bedding not provided, information through your travel agency -
* To be paid to your travel agency -
** Boat equipped with a bow thruster included in the price.

All Year Discounts
(2024 specials to be advised shortly)

Long Term Discounts
8 to 14 Days - Receive a 5% Discount
15 to 21 Days
- Receive a 10% Discount
22 to 28 Days - Receive a 15% Discount


Terms and Conditions
Prices Shown in Euros

Rates Include:

Classic & Electric Fleets
  • The hire of the boat
  • It's security equipment
  • Crockery
  • Linen: blankets or duvets, pillows and pillow cases (except on models in the Low Cost Fleet)
  • The navigation toll
  • The insurance of the boat
  • A 13kg gas bottle
  • Demonstration of how to operate the boat on the day of departure
  • Demonstration of how to handle the boat and temporary licence on the day of departure
  • Technical assistance 7 days a week from 9am to 7pm

Rates do NOT Include:

Classic / Electric Fleets
  • The Cancellation Insurance
  • Food Supply
  • Personal insurance for the crew
  • The one way fee
  • Car park or garage for a car
  • The waterway map which will be useful for preparing your cruise
  • Bikes
  • Cruise Plus Insurance (damage waiver)
  • The hourly navigation rate which includes gas oil and all technical supplies for the boat *
  • Cleaning of the inside and outside of the boat
  • Cleaning set
  • Tea Towel set
  • Towel set
  • Heating (on some boats **)

* Depending on the category of boat, the fixed price varies from € 8.40 to € 17.60 / hour of navigation (rate changing with the price of fuel). Some European bases charge by the litre.

** Some Pénichette® barges and some Tarpon boats in Germany are equipped with heating by oil instead of gas. The additional gas bottle is not supplied on board in this case. The fuel for this heating will be invoiced, the price can vary depending on the price of oil, please contact your agency.

Rental Duration:
One Week = 7 Nights

Short Breaks and Extended Cruises:
Short Breaks and extended cruises are available on request. departure from 4pm and return at 9am, Monday / Tuesday / Friday / Saturday or Sunday in each period for certain bases and on certain boats and on request basis.

These are calculated as follows:

  • Weekend: 3 nights / 2 days = 57% of the weekly rate
  • Weekend: 4 nights / 3 days = 70% of the weekly rate
  • 9 day package = 140% of the weekly rate
  • 11 day package = 160% of the weekly rate

Hourly Navigation Rate:

Boat Category
Per motor hour
€ 8.40
€ 10.10
€ 11.70
€ 13.50
€ 14.70
€ 17.60
These prices can vary depending on the price of fuel

Insurance and Security Deposit:
Rates include damage insurance with an excess of between € 800 - € 1,200 (depending on boat). You are required to leave this excess amount as a security deposit at the time of pick up. This is refunded to you when the boat has been returned on time, clean and undamaged. To be left at the departure base (even when Damage Waiver Insurance or Liberty Pack are booked)

Insurance Excess Amounts go by Boat Category (which can be found on the rate table next to the boat name). The amounts for each catergory are:

Boat Category
Security Deposit
€ 1,400
€ 1,700
€ 1,900
€ 2,100
€ 2,500
€ 3,000

Damage Waiver Insurance:
You can take our the Damage Waiver Insurance, which will reduce your excess to NIL (security deposit is still required as normal). The Damage Waiver Insurance is priced by Boat Category (which can be found on the rate table next to the boat name). The prices for each category are: (except in Casseneuil)

Damage Waiver Insurance Amount are in Euros
Boat Category
Weekend - 2 days
Additional Day

Cancellation Insurance:
Cancellation Insurance can be arranged - The amount of the cancellation insurance fee for the guarantee to cancel the cruise is 4% of the total rental price.

Cruise Timetables:

  • Week Days
    Departure Day:
    Monday, Tuesday, Friday or Saturday, depending on the base and return Monday, Tuesday, Friday or next Saturday
    Ireland: departure every day except on Sunday
    Poland: boarding on Sunday

    Arrival and Boarding:
    Arrival from 3pm
    Boarding and explanation between 4pm and 7pm
    Poland: on Sundays at 12 noon

    Return at 9am
    Poland on Saturdays at 12 noon

  • Week End
    Departure Day:
    Saturday morning (or Friday evening depending on availability,
    to be confirmed one week before departure)

    Arrival and Boarding:
    Arrival and boarding between 10am and 11am (Fridays between 4pm and 7pm)
    Italy: Friday at 3pm

    Return Monday morning at 9am
  • Mini Week
    Departure Day:
    Departure on Monday

    Arrival and Boarding:
    Arrival from 3pm
    Boarding and explanation between 4pm and 6pm
    Italy: between 3pm and 6pm

    Return on Friday at 9am

Car Transfer:
In the case of a one-way trip, we can arrange for your vehicle to be transported from your departure base to your arrival base. Costs vary according to the route. It is best to book this service in advance. In some places, it is possible to travel between bases by bus, taxi, or train.

Baby Service:
Includes a highchair, folding cot, lifejacket and, if you are hiring a bike, a child seat. Don’t forget to ask for it when you book. It’s free wherever it’s available. Please note that most of the time, the cot can only be installed in the lounge.

Deck Chairs: (included on the Premium fleet)
Want to relax in the sun on the deck of your boat ? These deck chairs are made for you !

TV and DVD Player:
Included on the Premium fleet

Concierge Service: (included on the Premium fleet)
Benefit from a personalized service with a bilingual agent at your service from Monday to Saturday, from 9:30am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm. He will follow up on your booking, book your transfers from the airport or the base, taxi, but also visits to the museum, restaurants, and even manage your particular demands (delivery of champagne...)

Hotel Service: (included on the Premium fleet)
Opt for the hotel service. When you arrive onboard, your beds will already be made.

Parking or Garage:
You can park your vehicle free of charge in public car parks at most bases. At some bases, there is a locked paid car park, which may or may not be covered.

Crew Uniform:
Includes a polo shirt or a striped t shirt, embroidered with the person’s name.

Liberty Cruise Pack:
This pack includes
- the rental of 1 basic bicycle
- the cleaning service
- the Damage Waiver insurance
- the hourly navigation rate.

This allows you to settle everything before departure.

12V Converter Hire:
Plug into the 12 V socket to recharge your low-power devices: cameras, mobile phones, etc. Maximum power 300W

Renting a BBQ, Plancha (grill plate) or a Plancha Table:
Charcoal barbecues are not permitted, only plancha grills are allowed on the Canal du Midi, in the Camargue and in the Charente. Don’t forget your charcoal if you hire a barbecue.

Renting Bicycles:
To go shopping or take a nice stroll along the waterway, we offer adult and children bikes for hire.
Please note: bike helmet is mandatory for children under 12 when riding bikes. These are not provided, please bring your own.

WiFi Hotspot:
Please note: good reception cannot be guaranteed everywhere

Renting a Fishing Rod / Buying a Fishing Permit:
Includes a fishing rod and line. We remind you that a fishing licence is compulsory to fish on the public domain. You can order one directly online at www.cartedepeche.fr

Your pet is welcome on board. You will be responsible for its behaviour. We also ask that you do not use the bedding or crockery for your pet’s use. At certain bases, you will be asked to make an additional contribution.

Extras and Services:

Optional Items *
Price in Euros & Includes VAT
Price at time of booking
Price on day of departure
12V / 220V Converter
€ 10 per week
€ 12 per week
BBQ **
€ 10
€ 12
Plancha (grill plate)
€ 30 per week
Free of charge on the Premium fleet
€ 35 per week
Bike Rental (adults & children)
€ 42 per week
€ 49 per week
Fishing Rod
€ 10
€ 12
Car Transfer
Variable rates depending on the Itinerary
Locked and closed car park but uncovered
from € 35 per week
€ 45 per week
from € 45 per week
€ 55 per week
€ 50
Waterways Map
€ 30
Green cleaning set
(environmental friendly products: washing up liquid, toilet paper, 3 bin bags, 2 sponges, 2 small soaps, 1 box of matches)
€ 10 per set
Free of charge
on the Premium fleet
€ 12 per set
Tea Towel set
(3 tea towels)
€ 3 per set
Free of charge
on the Premium fleet
€ 4 per set
Towel set
(1 bath towel + 2 hand towels) 
€ 10 per set
Free of charge
on the Premium fleet
€ 12 per set
Sleeping Kit (2 sheets + 2 pillow cases) 
€ 8 per set - Included on the Premium & Classic fleets
€ 10 per set
Hotel Service
Beds made at upon your arrival
€ 8 per bed - Included on the Premium fleet
not available on arrival
Concierge Service
quote for specific requests. Included on the Premium fleet
Deck Chairs
€ 10
Free of charge on the Premium fleet
€ 12
Rental of WiFi Box
€ 49 per week & € 150 deposit
Baby Service
Free of charge
Simple Embroidred Polo
€ 17 per polo / € 5 embroidery
Cap Embroidery
€ 8
* These rates are applicable for a booking of the extras up to 10 days before departure. If these extras are not booked in advance, the rates will be higher at the departure base and we’ll not be able to guarantee their availability (available in most bases).
** Prohibited on the Canal du Midi, Charente and Lot.

Services of the Premium and Mediterranean Fleets:

  • Skipper - € 275 per day
    He steers the boat, he shows you how to steer and how to handle the boat, he plans your stopovers. (also available on the classic fleet).
  • Hostess - € 190 per day
    She manages the food supply she helps you to prepare the meals and can be your baby sitter.
  • Cook - € 220 per day
    He cooks, goes shopping and prepares your cocktails.

Bow Propeller / Thruster:
Some boats on some bases are equipped with a bow thruster. It is a propeller placed in the bow of the boat enabling the boat to be steered sideways. This greatly facilitates maneuvers. However, its use is tricky on canals where there is more risk of sucking in mud and rocks along the banks.

In case of breakdown during the cruise, it is often impossible to repair. In this case, the cruise will continue without the bow thruster. If the customer requires repair during the cruise, it will be billed. Because of the vagaries of navigation, it is possible that the boat with a bow thruster that you reserved is not available on the day of departure. In this case, it will be reimbursed on the basis of a lat fee: € 10 per day without the propeller during the cruise.

- There is no standard length and width of berth for boats. The average length is 1.90m but in some cases may be limited to 1.83m.
- Double berths : they are on average 1.40m wide, but can be reduced to 1.15m
- Single berths : they are on average 0, 80m, but in some cases they can be reduced down to 0.65m.
- Coffin berth: berths named “coffin berth” have a low ceiling, with less than a meter between the mattress and the ceiling.
- Convertible seat in lounge or dinette.
The measurements given in the boats descriptions are indicative and may vary according to models.

Heating and Air Conditioning:
- All boats are equipped with forced air heating. This is an element of comfort to warm up the inside of the boat. However, it does not maintain a constant temperature.
- Air conditioning : This option, often limited to the lounge is an element of comfort that can cool the atmosphere by several degrees, 2 or 3 maximum, rather than maintain constant temperature, whatever the outside temperature.
- The Tarpon 49 Quattro Prestige, Tarpon 42 Trio Prestige and Tarpon 37 Duo Prestige have air conditioning in the lounge.

Electricity on Board:
Running the engine 4-5 hours per day, you will produce electricity for 24 hours of use. However, electricity aboard a boat must be used sparingly and cannot provide the same comfort as in a home. Often 12 volts, or 24 volts stored in batteries, which supply refrigerators, the electricity allows the use of light, ventilation, and sometimes on 220 volts, air conditioning, dishwashers, etc.

Devices that use 220 volts must be used during navigation or while docked using shore power, and they cannot be used together (eg air conditioning + dishwasher). In some areas, the shore supply is scarce, or, in the ports, too weak to use the equipment aboard. 220 volt outlets, when they exist, can only be used when connected to the dock. The volume of refrigerators is given for guidance only and may vary by region.

Anyone requiring the use of an electric breathing apparatus must inform the Company at the time of booking and be aware that the power supply required for electricity is not always available to operate an electric breathing apparatus.

Waterways Map:
An essential reference for the preparation of your cruise beforehand. Please note that for certain itineraries 2 maps may be necessary. In France the waterways map is available for free consultation in each boat.

Cleaning Service:
Inside and/or outside cleaning of the boat. If you do not use this service, a cleaning deposit will be requested upon departure.

Cat 1
Cat 2
Cat 3
Cat 4
Cat 5
Cat 6
Interior & Exterior cleaning deposit
€ 85
€ 110
€ 150
€ 180
€ 215
€ 250
To be paid before embarking (unless final cleaning or Liberty Cruise Pack have been purchased).
Final Interior & Exterior cleaning
€ 75
€ 90
€ 130
€ 155
€ 180
€ 215

Liberty Cruise Pack: (Except in Pont a Bar)
The price includes one bike, the hourly navigation rate, the final cleaning of the boat at the end of thecruise (inside and outside) and the Damage waiver insurance. These prices can vary depending on the price of fuel.

The liberty cruise pack price will be increased on boarding if not purchased at the time of booking.

Boat Category
Week End
€ 225
€ 267
€ 328
€ 377
€ 427
€ 491
Mini Week
€ 323
€ 385
€ 462
€ 530
€ 596
€ 686
€ 462
€ 549
€ 649
€ 741
€ 828
€ 951
Additional Day
€ 52
€ 61
€ 69
€ 79
€ 87
€ 99

One Way Cruise:
Extra charge to leave the boat at another base.

Boat Category
One Way Fee
€ 150
€ 150
€ 150
€ 150
€ 150
€ 150

Cancellation Conditions:
If it becomes necessary for you to cancel your booking, send a letter of explanation to the hirer as soon as possible. A cancellation fee according to the following scale will be charged.

  • more than 8 weeks before departure : EUR 200 cancellation fee.
  • between 8 and 4 weeks before departure : 60% of hiring fee.
  • less than 4 weeks before departure : 100% of hiring fee.
  • These fees can be refund in case the boat is rented once more. The cancellation fee (EUR 150) are not refundable.

Classic Fleet:
This fleet includes all the typical boats for canal boating. Easy to handle and traditionally shaped, these are the perfect boats for family holidays. Linen is part of the rental (blankets, sheets, pillow cases and pillows). Towels and tea towels can be hired at the departure base. A cleaning set is also for sale at the base.

Choose your boat
The boat that you choose will be your “home” during your cruise, therefore it is important to make the right choice. All ours boats offer a minimum standard of comfort such as running hot and cold water, shower, toilet, kitchen and heating. The amount of equipment depends on the type of boat.

The sleeping capacity often determines your choice of boat and the capacity is hence indicated by the number written before the word 'people'.
For example: 6/8 + 1 PEOPLE: the first number is for the sleeping capacity without using the lounge. The second number is the sleeping capacity using the lounge. Then the third number is for an additional berth for a child under 6 (it is often a folding berth in a cabin).

It is never recommended to use the maximum sleeping capacity. By doing so you reduce the comfort of all aboard and the equipment (fridge, showers, toilets) is generally not sufficient for one week.

Mooring lines - lifebuoy - boat hook - Mooring stakes and mallet - Anchor + Mooring gear - Fenders - 10 litre bucket - Water hose - Gangplank.

Safety equipment:
First Aid kit - Logbook - Llifejackets - Fire Extinguisher - Torch (batteries not included).

Household equipment:
Ashtray - Broom - Dustpan and brush - Dish brush - Hangers - Hand brush - Toilet Set - Clothes pegs - Wash basin - Dustbin - Mop.

Tumblers - Table glasses - Dinner, soup and dessert plates - Bowls - Coffee cups - Platters - Salad bowl - Coffee jug + filter holder - Water jug - Cutlery and cutlery holder - Salad servers - Juicer - Teapot.

Trivet - Bread basket - Plastic boxes - Can opener - Bottle opener - Corkscrew - Vegetable knife - Carving knife - Ladle - Skimmer - Wooden spoon or spatula - Cutting board - Pans - Lids - Frying pan - Salad spinner - Pressure cooker or Dutch oven - Strainer.

Bolsters or pillows - Bolster or pillow case - Sheets - Blankets or duvets. (supplied on the entire fleet except the Simply range).

12 Volt / 220 Volt Convertor
To Connects to the 12-volt cigarette lighter socket (max 100 watts) to allow you to charge phones or digital devices.

Equipment for rent from some bases.

Some boats are equipped with a 220-volt shore power connector.

- All boats are equipped with a sink, gas hob, 1 to 4 rings.

- Most boats are equipped with an oven (except for the Fred 700, Riviera 750, Linssen, New Concorde, Triton 1060 Handy, Rego 2000).

- The Tarpon models have an extractor hood.

- All boats are equipped with a gas or electric refrigerator ranging from 40 litres to 220 litres depending on their size. Some have a freezer compartment.

Washrooms / Toilets / Showers
- All boats have at least one washbasin. Some are equipped with washbasins in the cabins.

- All boats have at least one shower. Some have several.

- All boats are equipped with toilets, some have several, they are sometimes separated from the shower room.

All boats have a main covered cockpit. Some models have 2 (inside - outside).


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