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Locaboat Holidays Canal Boat Rental - Mecklenburg

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Mecklenburg Region
Base: Fleesensee

" Land of a thousand lakes "
Prepare to be amazed by this vast network of canals, rivers and lakes.It's unique in Europe and includes Germany's largest lake, the Muritzee. Plauer See, Müritz-Elde, Stör Wasserstrasse.

The Müritz Elde Wassertrasse which connects the river Elbe to Germany's largest lake, the Muritzsee mostly follows the course of the river Elde through an essentially rural setting.

This river, canalised since the end of the 16th century, has retained its original meandering course, making it unattractie for commercial traffic but ideal for pleasure boating. Plau dominates the lake it lends its name to. From the top of its 15th century tower there are impressive views over tiled roofs and medieval fortifications. heading for Waren, you cross two large lakes which act as a foretaste of the Muritzsee? THey harbour many birds : cormorants, storks and even osprey. To the west, Parchim, built between two arms of the Elde, is outstanding for its ancient centre, its fortifications and half-timbered houses. If many villages and little medieval towns such as Lubz, Grabow, Neustadt-Glewe or Plate, on the Storkanal, are exciting to explore along the way, it is Schwerin and famous Rococo palace which make a worthy objective for the cruise.
Obere Havel, die kleine Seenplatte, Müritz, Plauer See, Müritz-Elde.

From Fürstenberg you may head out to the great lakes of Mecklenburg.
Your first visit has to be the rococo chateau at Rheinsberg. Further west there is Mirow with its strange wooden boathouses, the charming town of Roblin and the great Muritzsee. Heading eastward there's Weserberg with its wooden harbour buildings, as well as Neustrelitz.

On these varied waterways and open lakes a little more care is required than on canals, but what better reward than to anchor far out in a lake and take advantage of some of the purest water in Europe for a swim in idyllic and unspoilt surroundings.
Pause too at one of the many fish smoke-houses to enjoy an unmissable local speciality.

Furstenberg/Gransee has been ranked first town in Germany for its air and water quality. Six other towns in the area also figure among the top ten most ecologically minded places in Germany, which explains why Mecklenburg is such an outstanding area for nature, and why it has such a rich fauna and flora.
Average water temperature, measured daily between 1991 and 1998: May 14.9, June 20.5, July 21.1, August 21.5, September 19.

From simple pubs to fine restaurants, you will find a wide choice of eating places handy for your cruise. Nor will you have any problem in doing your shopping in well-stocked shops. Do try smoked fish, the great regional speciality: carp, trout and eel that you can buy in the many small smokehouses which serve the local fisherman, and guarantee fresh produce. Recommanded restaurants: The Seehof at Rheinsberg, The Borchard's Rookhus at Wesenberg, Zum Müritz Grund at Robel, Hafenblick at Mildenberg, the Müritz Ring at Waren.

FISHING Specially for anglers

The region of the Mecklenburg lakes is famous as one of the outstanding fishing grounds of Europe encompassing the river Havel, known for eel, zander and perch, as well as some 20 lakes all covered by the one fishing permit. All can hope for a good catch here, and can expect to enjoy pike, carp or burbot on the menu. Instruction is given at the base (in English or German) to help you select the right bait, tackle and locations. Fishing Package

This package costs DM 130 (price periods A and B) or DM 230 (price periods C,D, E) per week and per boat. It must be requested in advance, and paid for on collection. It includes: a dinghy, a cold box for your catch, a fish-smoker (a local speciality), a bag of sawdust, instruction by our expert, and a daylight fishing licence for one crew member. Additional fishing licences can be requested in advance

Hiring without a licence
No licence is now required for driving a boat less than 13m long on the waters between Muritzsee and Zehdenick. For cruising beyond these limits and for crossing the lake Muritz, the German authorities only require a licence if one is required in the hirer's own country.

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