Burgundy Region
Brienon & Venarey-Les-Laumes Base Information

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Wine lovers can visit cellars and vineyards of some of the most prestigious names in the world as well as dine on excellent regional gastronomy – all within close proximity to the waterways of Burgundy.

A wealth of history and heritage is at your fingertips also, with famous monuments, abbeys and castles all easily reached on foot or after a short bike ride. The towpath that runs neatly alongside the canal is ideal for leisurely walks or cycling and also means you have the flexibility to stop wherever and whenever you want.
Brienon Base Information
Located to the north of the Canal de Bourgogne, the Nicols base at Brienon-sur-Armançon offers canal barge hire and is perfectly placed at where three waterways - the Yonne, the Canal du Nivernais and the Canal de Bourgogne – meet. The cliffs, meandering rivers, wooded countryside and many villages from the Middle Ages and historic towns are there for exploring when you stop.

On the boarders of the Haut-Nivernais and la Bourgogne villages perched on the rocky hillsides such as Mailly-le-Château dating back to the Middle Ages will captivate you, and for those who enjoy rock climbing and fishing, there are plenty of opportunities to be explored.

The attractions :
The Canal du Nivernais is devoted entirely to pleasure cruisers, close to Paris (approx. 2 hrs by road), incomparable network of navigable waterways, world famous wines and cuisine.

Venarey-Les-Laumes Base Information
Just 1 hour from Paris by high speed train (2 hours by car), our Venarey-les-Laumes base on the canal de Bourgogne is an easily accessible option for a boating break. Whether it’s a weekend break, a few days cruise or a week long holiday, you can explore the canal by boat delving back through the history of France whilst exploring one of the best known waterways networks in France...

An exceptional number of sites and remarkable monuments surround the Canal de Bourgogne. The most prestigious has to be the Cistercian abbey at Fontenay (World Heritage Historical Monument). However, you can also explore the great Burgundy castles that are only a short walk or bike ride away such as: Bussy, Tanlay, Ancy le Franc, Nuits, Maulne…or other fascinating sites such as the Alesia Museum-park celebrating the historical battle between Vercingétorix and Caesar in 52 BC.

From the Nicols base at Venarey-les-Laumes, you can also choose to cruise south: the superb, deep and sinuous Ouche valley then opens up to you, punctuated by automatic locks reminding you of a time when boatmen took the time to live on their barges, enjoying the slow pace of our rivers and canals...

The attractions :
Near Paris (2 hours by car), an incomparable network of inland waterways, gastronomy and world famous wines.

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