Loire Valley / Nivernais Region
Nevers Plagny & Rogny Base Information

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A boating holiday in the Loire Valley sees you navigate on the beautiful waterways of Canal de Briare, the Canal latéral ŕ la Loire and the splendid Canal du Nivernais. Be charmed by life on the waterways as you gently flow peacefully between charming villages and past hills and forests.
Plagny Base Information

Our boat rental base at Plagny in the Nivernais region is located at the meeting point of two waterways: the Canal Latéral ŕ la Loire and the Canal du Nivernais, one of the most popular destinations for boating holidays.

Heading up the Canal Latéral ŕ la Loire will give your boating holiday both natural and historical highlights:

  • The Bec d'Allier, meeting point between the Loire and Allier, one of the last untamed rivers in Europe, listed as a "Panda site" by the WWF, to the delight of nature lovers everywhere...
  • La Charité sur Loire (town from the book) listed as a Unesco World Heritage site is an essential milestone along the St James' Way;
  • ancerre and Pouilly, famous all over the world for their vineyards;
  • Briare and its canal aqueduct, designed by Eiffel
  • And finally Rogny and its 7 locks built under Henri IV reign

If you are travelling south, stop off at Nevers, a town famous for its art and history, known for its Cathedral, Gothic-inspired Duke's Palace, 11th century Roman church, and ceramics and pottery factories (including the oldest in France). Going a little further along the river will take you back up the valley of the famous Canal du Nivernais, cruising through Morvan's hills and forests...

You can also explore the Loire Valley by boat from our Nicols boat hire base in Rogny close to Briare… Nicols also offers a one way boating holiday from Rogny to Plagny (or vice versa) which allows maximum cruising time for exploring the scenery and sites that can be found along this route. For an exceptional boating holiday try the three week "Centre of France loop" cruise navigating on the Nivernais, Bourgogne and Val de Loire !

Rogny Base Information
Leaving from Rogny les 7 Ecluses along the Loing canal, you can explore the Loing valley, land of woods and forests punctuated by charming villages. Along the way, make a halt at Montargis, the capital of the Gâtinais region, and don't forget Nemours with its curiously formed Gréau rocks and Moret sur Loing, a small fortified town with ramparts within which you will find the house of Clémenceau, known as "Grange batelière", or the "Ferryman's Barn". Then you can take a little trip down the Yonne towards Nivernais and Burgundy : Sens, Joigny, Auxerre, Clamecy...

Taking the Briare canal, you can explore Puisaye. At Rogny, wonder at the seven locks built under the reign of Henry IV. Take the time to stop and visit the awe-inspiring sight of the Canal-Bridge built by the great engineer Eiffel. After that, the canal running parallel to the Loire opens out before you the beauty of the Sancerrois region and its charming little towns ; Sancerre, with its narrow streets, is situated on a promontory overlooking the Loire valley (you absolutely must stop here to sample the excellent local wines and goat's cheeses !) ; St Satur with its beach on the banks of the Loire ; and the local gastronomic specialities of this region are not to be missed.

Carry on towards Charité sur Loire and visit the basilica, a remnant of Burgundy's Romanesque architecture.
A wonderful way to discover the varied and picturesque canals of the "Val de Loire

The attractions :
Proximity to Paris, Numerous historical sites, Navigation on canals and on the river Yonne, Variety of circuits and loops available, Internationally renowned Sancerre wines, Gastronomy coupled with history

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