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Newsletter - February 2006

to the February edition of our newsletter and a special welcome to all our new suscribers.
Apologies for the delay between newsletters, but we have been overwhelmed by the FIFA World Cup 2006 enquiries.
In fact we are now sold out for motorhomes in Europe for most of the World Cup period.

We welcome your correspondence and comments.

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In this issue:

Motorhomes – One way trips in Europe
Earlybirds – They're ending....
Canalboats – What should you consider when deciding upon a boat?
Travelling to the USA? Ensure you have the correct passport...
Planning a trip to Yellowstone in Winter?
Eurostar Earlybird deal....WOW !!! Less than half price
Holiday cooking – One pot meals
RV's - Is it possible to travel in the colder areas of the USA in winter?
Car Rental and Leasing Earlybirds – Earlybirds are out now for most companies
Fuel price updates in USA/Canada/Europe

Motorhomes – One way trips in Europe
Ideally a round or circle trip should be planned. However, if you really can't or if there are enough of you to justify paying a one way fee – one way trips can be requested from certain companies. Please note the cost of the one way fee will encompass the cost of a staff member travelling to collect the vehicle, their wage and the cost of the petrol. So sometimes it pays to make your last day a 'hotfoot it back to the depot day' and then take the train or use a budget flight to get to your destination. We are happy to assist you with train fares and timetables and budget flights within Europe. Having said this, consider starting somewhere central eg Frankfurt or Munich where you will get best rates and value for money and do a round trip.

Current examples of allowable one ways:
France – With Caraway, you can do one ways between the depots in France at additional reasonable cost. In France we have depots at Paris, Nice, Lyon, Toulouse, Brest, Marseille, Nice . The cost varies between Euro 150 and Euro 400. From 2009 Caraway will be allowing one ways to other countries. Price on application as it depends on season.
Germany – McRent will allow one ways between their German depots and other countries at non peak periods. Cost varies.
Amsterdam – You can do a one way from Amsterdam to any other location in Europe.
Spain - We have depots in Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga and one ways between depots are free if a vehicle needs relocation or rental is at least 10 days or a Euro 200 fee will apply. You can also return in Paris, Milan, Rome, Lisbon and Frankfurt for approximately Euro 450 however a minimum 18 day rental will apply
Italy – We can request one ways within Italy only.
Portugal – We can request delivery or collection to other points in Portugal – at additional fee.

To give you some idea of driving distances and times in case you want to use the 'hotfoot' method!
Paris to Nice = 933 kms taking 0844hrs
Paris to Frankfurt = 575 kms taking 0525 hrs
Paris to Milan = 852 kms taking 0805hrs
Paris to Barcelona = 1044 kms taking 0948hrs
Rome to Milan= 575 kms taking 0526hrs
Rome to Nice = 696 kms taking 0636hrs
Milan to Barcelona = 979kms taking 0905hrs
Barcelona to Frankfurt = 1330kms taking 1202hrs
Amsterdam to Dusseldorf = 228kms taking 0232 hrs
Check out distances, times, petrol costs, directions, tollfees etc using

Earlybirds are ending and Germany is fully booked over World Cup period!
Sad but true, Germany is 99% fully booked, all depots from 10June to are most other hurry and book something if you want to travel in this period.
Earlybirds are in full swing for USA and Canada

Canalboats – What should you consider when deciding upon a boat?
1) We would suggest you first choose the general area in which you want to cruise. Think about the weather ie. The south is warmer if cruising at the beginning or end of the season. Don't worry too much about getting to the depot. Trains criss cross France and we can help you. We can also help you if you need car hire pre or post cruise.
2) Then decide if you want an 'out and back' cruise or a one way cruise because one ways are not offered from all bases and not all boats do one way trips. Note one ways and the direction thereof, whilst seldom changed, are never guaranteed. One way trips do incur a charge of about Euro 100 but it nice not having to backtrack along the same cruise route.
3) Then choose a boat....When considering which boat take into account the number of bathrooms required, the number of cabins and whether or not you wish to use the lounge as another bedroom.
If at all possible, avoid this if you can as it is annoying if some people want to stay up and others want their 'bedroom'...
If you have not cruised before, it is a good idea to get a boat with double steering so that it is easier for you to guide the boat under arches, bridges and tunnels. When you are inside - it is a bit difficult to judge.
Also consider a boat with an upper deck. Upper deck boats generally have double steering so everyone can be sociable and sit with the captain and watch the countryside slip by. The view is great and there is nothing better than having lunch outdoors on a sunny day with a glass of wine.

Whilst the websites can be our humble opinion, a brochure is great. If you'd like a brochure or two, do let us know. We also have a stock of DVD's on some of the cruising areas. We are happy to lend these to you if you live in Australia.

Travelling to the USA? Ensure you have the correct passport...
If you are travelling from one the 27 countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program viz: Andorra, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brunei, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg,Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom do note that by 26October 2005 new passports issued by Visa Waiver Program countries must have a digital photo included or you will be required to obtain a visa. However, if you have a valid passport that was issued BEFORE 26October2005, and includes a machine readable zone – you do not need to obtain a new passport until the existing one expires. You can find more details on

Planning a trip to Yellowstone in Winter?
Yellowstone's winter season starts 21Dec when Old Faithful Snow lodge opens. On 23Dec Mammoth Hot Springs opens. These two lodges provide the only accommodation within the park during winter. They both close in March2006. Why not take part in the the Lodging and Learning programs? There is the the popular Winter Wolf Discovery program where instructors use their expertise in re-introducing the wolves to the park. This 2 or 3 night programme which is offered from 27Dec to 28Feb includes accommodation at Mammoth Hot Springs hotel, instruction and transportation, lodging, welcome gift, breakfast, lunch, snacks whilst in the field, ski and snowshoe rental, one hour hot tub rental and unlimited ice skating. The cost is from USD$299 per person plus tax for the 2 night program. The 3 night program costs USD$429 per person plus tax.
There is a Northern Yellowstone Adventure which is 4 night duration and focuses on the Northern Range.
You will watch wildlife, take guided snow shoe walks, ski to Tower Falls and participate in an interpretive snowcoach tour to the Grand Canoyon of the Yellowstone. The cost is USD$549 per person. For more information contact Yellowstone National Park.

Eurostar Earlybird – Wow !! Less than half price
Valid for travel from 03April 2006 to 02September 2006
Valid for sale from 01November 2005 until 28February 2006
A $30 file fee applies once and includes a reserved seat
Note that once booked, the fare is non refundable and non changeable.

Eurostar Early Bird
1st Class 
2nd Class
2nd Class
London to Paris
Paris to London
London to Brussels   
Brussels to London     


Holiday cooking – One pot meals- great for motorhomes & boats
Pot chicken with Wine
One large onion sliced / 1 large potato per person cut into chunks , 2 chicken thighs per person (rolled in flour if you have it but not essential) , 1 cup chicken stock, a few good slurps of white wine, dried thyme leaves, some olives, some mushrooms.
In your one big pot, brown chicken thighs and onions in a bit of oil. Add stock, wine, thyme, salt, pepper and olives. Cook for about 20 minutes and serve with fresh bread to mop up the juices.

Is it possible to travel in the colder areas of the USA in winter?
Yes, you can travel - however, in areas with harsh winter weather, motorhomes are 'winterised' from approximately November to march. This means the water and holding tanks have been drained and filled with anti-freeze so you can not use the shower. The toilets can be used if you use antifreeze to flush. This prevents the tanks and pipes from freezing and bursting.
Most companies will charge to you 'de-winterise' a vehicle. However, you will need to be extremely careful whilst travelling in a de-winterised vehicle during freezing weather. You will need to run the heater on low at all times to protect the tanks and pipes from damage and you may have to put in some anti freeze in the water and holding tanks. If the pipes or tanks are damaged from freezing, you will have to pay for repairs. People do travel in RV's in winter – for one thing, the rates are great and it is a bargain if you plan to travel south to warmer climes. If you plan to travel to the mountains to the ski-resorts , you must just be aware. Quite often the resorts have heated garages in which to park.

Car Rental and Leasing Earlybirds
All the earlybird deals are out now. We are finding it difficult to update the website quickly enough – so if you need a car hire or lease quote – just send us a quick email and we'll offer you a great deal. Guaranteed ! Actually, whilst talking about driving....we must mention that an International Driving Permit is now being strongly suggested for Italy. The problem is not at pick up, but if you have an accident or get 'involved' with the police, they will request an IDP and you will be fined if you don't have one. Also if you are travelling to an Eastern European country, we would strongly suggest an IDP.

Fuel price updates in USA/Canada/Europe
USA: As at 15Nov05 the national average fuel price is USD$2.29 per gallon (down from USD$2.74 in October 05) .
Europe: All prices in Euro as at Octo05. The first price is unleaded petrol, the second price is diesel
Germany: 1.35 / 1.12
Italy: 1.33 / 1.21
Spain: 1.06 / 0.97
France: 1.29 / 1.12
Great Britain: Price in Pound sterling – 1.38 / 1.42
Poland: Price in Zloty 1.23 / 1.11
Hungary: Price in Forint 1.18 / 1.14
Denmark: 1.37 / 1.27
Canada: The average Canadian pump price is CAD0.89c per litre

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