uk to europe
Travel Checklist

Passport, Drivers licence, Student card and 2 spare photos
Check that you have appropriate visa and re-entry visa if necessary  
Your travel insurance policy and copy of any prescriptions including your spectacles  
All your airtickets, accommodation, car hire vouchers in one bag
Emergency contact information - your closest family, your Embassy and your travel insurance company    Travellers cheques, ATM card, Credit card and your banks emergency line in case you lose any of these. 
Your business card - good for networking     
Pre Printed labels for everyone you plan to send a postcard 
Toiletries - a lot of items can be purchased wherever you go but consider taking basics eg :
Insect repellant, bandaids, dental floss, sunscreen, nailfile/scissor, aspirin, lip balm, antiseptic cream, diaorrhea medicine
Miscellaneous items:
Backpack for using each day
MP3 or Walkman & tapes / CD's 
Spare film
Pocket dictionary/phrase book  
Travel diary / notebook and a pen     
Pack or two of cards or other games (a frisbee is great, doubles as a plate for lunch)
Watch /  Alarm Clock 
Torch and Swiss army knife
Travel clothesline (some dont require pegs)
Sink plug - (multi size) and tube of laundry wash
Glad /   Ziplock plastic bags 
Large plastic garbage bag - to use as rain protection for your main bag 
Duct tape (multiple uses - parcels to send home, fluff remover, broken bags, loose hems! ) 
Earplugs / eyeshades / neck cushion
Wetwipes and tissues
Mosquito net or sleeping sheet (like a sleeping bag) for hostels
Sleeping bag - a hundred uses. (picnic blanket, colder climates, outdoor concerts) 
Before you leave home - remember to:  

Stop/redirect deliveries of mail, newspapers
Arrange for bills to be paid in your absence
Arrange housesitter or pet,garden, house plant, pool care
If going for long, arrange for your lawn to be cut   
Ask a neighbour to two to keep their eye on your place and advise them who to contact in emergency
Set lights and radio on timers. Radio must be loud enough to be heard from outside
Empty rubbish bins and waste baskets
Fill out an absentee voter form if you will be out of town at election time
Empty refrigerator, turn down to low 
Turn off hot water /geyser  
Leave a copy of your itinerary, passport, tickets, travellers cheque numbers, travel insurance policy with a friend who has access to email, fax, phone.
If you are leaving your immediate family behind, set rules for when you will be contacting them.  For example you dont want your folks panicing because you haven't emailed or sms'd them for a week and them calling the embassies

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