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Newsletter - March 2005

to the March issue of our newsletter and a special welcome to all our new suscribers.

I know February is a short month, but boy has it flown by.... but then that is because we have been extra busy!
Doing what??  Well, by popular request from many clients and travel agents, we have been working on  launching our US and Canada travel sections!!
Again, we will try and stick to the format of travel for independents with the main products being motorhomes or RV's as the American's call them, car rental and rail.  We'll throw in some helicopter rides in the Grand Canyon or how about a  Wedding package where you, your guests and a minister fly to the floor of the Grand Canyon where you can exchange your vows and sip on champagne and nibble at wedding cake!!  .... as well as some accommodation including terrific value accommodation passes and apartments/condominium rental.   We'll feature great 'Rail and Self Drive' packages which includes a trip on the most magnificent Rocky Mountaineer - the' Most Spectacular Train Trip in the World', a full sized car and choice of hotels en route.  These are hugely popular.
Why not have a look ... go to .  We'll welcome, as always, your feedback and suggestions.

Now, drumrooooooolllll.... the winner of our  Trivia Competition:     Congratulations go to Mr Shaun van Niekerk  from Johannesburg, South Africa!  We will be mailing him the wine, the Nike Travel Bag and a  $100 travel voucher.  We hope to feature a photo in the next newsletter.  The answers were:  1.  Madrid   2.  Pamplona 3.  Athens 4.  Belgium and   5.  England.    Why not enter our March competition?.

Lastly, there is quite a bit of info in this if you dont want to read through all of it, just click on the articles that interest you.

Have a great Easter everyone and if you are planning a driving holiday, take care on the roads out there.
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In this issue:

Motorhomes: Our best tips?
Motorhomes in the USA: Up to 80% off normal rates and up to 3000 miles FREE !
Motorhomes UK - last minute offer....15% discount for travel in March and April 05
Scenic Rail Trips
Car Rental & Leasing: Earlybirds are ending 31March2005
Car Leasing - Hot off the Press - Right hand drive vehicles in the UK !
News & Discounts for Seniors and Volunteer Workers
Our new Quarterly Travel competition
Hot Topics for Australians
Canal Barging to Charles & Camilla's Wedding
A 6 weeks exclusive barge cruise for just 12 discerning guests
Accommodation: Flashy - or Clean, basic and definitely not trashy?
UK to Ireland /France and what about a car?  One rental or 3 separate ones?

Holiday Cooking
Handy Link - Public Holidays, school & Religious holidays worldwide
Guide to What's on in Europe

Guide to What's on in USA and Canada

I think the best tip is one we inadvertently discovered.  When we were planning our route around Europe, we worked out each section we were planning to drive eg.  Paris to Geneva in one day.  We then went to the website.  We put in the start and finish place and put in the petrol price and voila, we were given detailed driving instructions, cost of petrol, estimated time, the distance and even the cost of the toll roads which over 6 weeks, were accurate to within  one dollar!.   So we printed out each of these sections and stapled it together and put it in a folder.  Each night we took out the routing for the next day and put away that days section.  On those pages, we put on the odometer reading, the date, the highlights of the day, where we stayed overnight,  the tolls and fuel we paid and anything else that was memorable.  At the end of the trip, we had an instant travel diary!  Other similar type websites would be  for Europe and  which is good for the USA.  

Some other tips: 
-  Take one of those nylon twisted cord washlines so you don't need pegs.  Handy for when you want to wash 'smalls' whether staying in hotels or in a motorhome.
-  Buy a cheap door mat.  This way you dont track in the dusty and dirt and you won't have to sweep the floor as often!  It's amazing how much dust one can walk into a vehicle and muddy shoes in rainy weather makes a real mess!
-  Don't forget the packs of cards, travel scrablle or chess and a novel or two for days when you need 'timeout'.
- Try and arrive at your campsite in daylight hours - then you can find the best available spot . 
- Consider getting the Camping Carnet before you leave home.  This way you won't have to leave your passport at the campsite office.

Up to 80% off normal rates and up to 3000 miles free  !!
Unbelievable but true.  What's the catch?  Just limited routes.  Why not see if you can fit into one of these routes and save yourself a heap.
Combined with a great Aussie/USD exchange's cheaper than staying at home!!
Consider taking a 4 berth motorhome from Orlando to Los Angeles, including 3000 free miles, all taxes,  VIP travel insurance and no one way fee and pay just USD$12.00  per day !! Many other combinations.... See for more details.

MOTORHOMES UK - Last minute offer....15% discount for travel in March and April 05
Help us fill last minute availability. Travel in March and April 2005 and get a whopping 15% discount on the daily rental rate. Valid for new bookings only.

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The Glacier Express in Switzerland:  This famous scenic train travels through miles of breathtakingly unspoiled nature, fragrant alpine forests, past towering glaciers and tranquil pastures. Your journey will take you through 91 tunnels, over 291 bridges and the 2033m high Oberlap pass! This is an experience not to be missed. The Glacier-Express runs daily in Summer and Winter season and offers 1st and 2nd class coaches, panoramic coaches and dining car.
The Wilhelm Tell Express: It  links German-speaking Central Switzerland with Italian-speaking Ticino. The tour starts from Luzern, boarding a nostalgic paddle steamer for a 3-hour cruise on Lake Luzern enjoying a gourmet meal in the first class restaurant. At Fluelen, passengers board air-conditioned first class panoramic coaches (2nd class also available) to travel through the steep ravines and precipitous cliffs of the Reuss Valley, passing the 15 km long historic Gotthard railway tunnel, Europe's most important north/south gateway. On the south side, many breath-taking bridges are crossed, passing by charming villages down the valley towards Lugano or Locarno.
The Arlberg and Semmering Line in Austria:  Operating since 1884.  The Arlberg line connects Tyrol with Vorarlberg.  Numerous bridges, viaducts and tunnels mark the romantic railway line stretching from Landeck via 1217m or 3993 feet above sea level to Vorarlberg.  The Arlberg is one of the steepest railway lines on which there is a regular passenger and goods traffic.  The Semmering Railway is the world's first railway on the World Heritage List.  Part of the justification read:  "The Semmering Railway represents an outstanding technological solution to a major physical problem in the construction of early railways" as well as "With the construction of the Semmering Railway, areas of great natural beauty became more easily accessible, thus creating a new form of cultural landscape".  You can see details on and click on the English link. 
The Flam Railway in Norway:  Another engineering masterpiece.  80% of the Flam railway has a gradient of 55.  At the same time, there are 20 tunnels with a total length of 6km, evidence of the most daring and skilful engineering feats in the history of Norwegian Railways.  Some of the tunnels are constructed as loops that wind in and out of the mountains.  In order to ensure safety on this unusual stretch of track, all carriages are equipped with five different braks, each of which can stop the whole train!.  Starting from the mountain station at Myrdal, your journey takes you to the longest and deepest fjord in Europe, the Sognefjorden.  The train makes a photo stop at Kjosfossen waterfall.  See for more details.
The Rocky Mountaineer in Canada:  From mid-April to mid-October (with select December departures) the Rocky Mountaineer travels between the coastal city of Vancouver, British Columbia, and the Rocky Mountain destinations of Jasper, Banff and Calgary, Alberta. The rich, vast, and unspoiled nature of Canada's National Parks is a draw for millions of  tourists every year. The train travels  through five of these protected areas: Mount Revelstoke National Park, Glacier National Park, Yoho National Park, and the oldest and the largest of the Rockies parks, Banff and Jasper.
Three provincial parks combined with the four National Parks located in the Rockies, comprise the UNESCO Rocky Mountain World Heritage Site, which ranks as one of the largest protected areas on the planet.  Along the Rocky Mountaineer train route, guests can see many of the 69 large mammal species for which this area is known. Black and grizzly bears, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, cougar, wolves, lynx and caribou are some of the many species that rely on the large tracts of protected land to survive. In Alberta , the Rocky Mountaineer travels to the mountain resorts of Jasper and Banff where nature lovers and outdoors enthusiasts' dreams come true. Located between Jasper and Banff , a visit to the emerald waters of Lake Louise is a must on any itinerary, and getting there is half the joy when travelling from Jasper on the 230 km (143 mi) Icefields Parkway highway past countless lakes and over 100 glaciers.  
The Coast Starlight in USA:   The celebrated hotel on wheels follows much of the historic El Camino Real as well as hanging on to ocean cliffs over its two night journey between Los Angeles and Seattle.    You pass places like Santa Barbara,  beautiful beaches, Puget Sound and Columbia River Gorge. Thank goodness for the viewing lounge where the windows wrap round into the roof...swivel chairs and the little wooden ledge so your drink does not slip...  This magnificent train has the renowned Pacific parlour Car which comes complete with library and cinema and a special car to keep kids entertained...perhaps whilst mum and dad enjoy a spot of wine tasting until the magnificent view of a Pacific coastline sunset.  You can experience the Coast Starlight on your Amtrak Pass or your California Pass.  With the California pass, when travelling on the Coast Starlight, travel to from outside California will require a separate fare...
Ask us about any of these great rail trips... we'll be happy to book it for you.

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We'll be very sad if you miss out on our Great Earlybird deals.  With both Renault and Peugeot tax free car leasing, we offer up to 10 free days and either free or up to 50% off delivery and collection fees.  Remember that car leasing allows you to travel in Eastern Europe eg.  Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia etc and there are NO extras to pay.  Even the included insurance has no excess.    Car leasing starts from $24 a day and a $300 deposit secures your booking. 
See for details.

With car rental we have some fantastic deals.  We even have upgrade specials on automatic cars ....In the UK our cars start from just  $38 per day.  Talking about British car you fancy a spin in an MG TF Convertible?  With a minimum rental period of just 1 day....why not splash out and treat yourself or someone special !!

In the USA and Canada we have some great Upgrade deals...

Car leasing - Hot off the press  - Right hand drive lease vehicles now available in the UK

Just announced - For those who wish to lease a tax free car starting in UK, the cars have always previously been left hand drive.  Now Peugeot have brought out Right hand drive vehicles from London.  You will still pay the London Delivery fee - but returning in London will not incur the normal return fee.
Ask for more details. 

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We have much respect for our Senior Citizens and the generous people who do volunteer work, including all the people who are working in Tsunami ravaged areas..  So we would like to offer these two categories of people a 5% discount on the basic rental of any product they book with us.  Just our little way of saying "Thanks".  A special mention must go to two of  the loveliest people, Mr and Mrs Proctor, who are in their eighties and they tell me that they have worked with Meals on Wheels for the past 38 years !!  Wow !! 

All travellers should plan carefully to ensure their health and safety whilst away.  However, older people have a few extra concerns, such as ensuring that pre-existing medical conditions are well managed.  Good advice can be found on this link .  Or if you do not have access to the internet, let us know and we will mail you a copy.

Seniors - travelling in Canada?   Travel with ViaRail and we'll let you bring along a friend for FREE when travelling in Comfort Class - all other classes receives a 75% discount! To qualify you must be at least, 60 years of age.  One ticket must be purchased at normal seniors fare (which is automatically 10% less than normal adult fare).  You must travel between between 01March and 14Dec05 and 6Jan06 and 14Dec06.


Tell us about your best travel memory .... happy, sad, 50 years ago...  whatever.  What sticks out for you?  The best memory, in our humble opinion, will win a $100 travel voucher,  a  portable discman,  a wheelie suitcase and travel bag.  
By entering you do allow us the right to publish your story on our website.  We will just refer to your initials if requested. 

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Duty-free retailers and airport operators are thrilled about the doubled duty-free allowances for international travellers, bringing Australia's duty free shopping regulations into line with those overseas. International travellers will now be able to take out and bring into Australia $900 (previously $400) worth of duty-free goods such as cameras, watches and electronic equipment and 2.25 litres of wine more than double previous limits under the first major changes to duty-free allowances for more than 17 years.

UK Working Holiday visas:  working holidaymakers will be able to work in the UK for a maximum of 12 months during the visa’s two-year validity.
Vias applicants will also be required to demonstrate that work is incidental to a holiday. The British High Commission in Canberra said the changes were being made to preserve the original “holiday” aspect of the scheme and to prevent abuse.  The working holiday visa scheme was previously altered in August 2003.
The High Commission raised the age limit and removed restrictions on the type of work visa holders could do.   However, the UK government has since become concerned the scheme could be used to subvert normal immigration controls on full-time work in the UK.  Australian citizens aged between 17 and 30 can apply for the visa which allows them to stay in the UK for a maximum of two years.

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Since the British Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles has been announced,  hotels in Windsor and the surrounding area, where the wedding is being held, are now almost fully booked. For this reason we would like to give you the opportunity of staying on  two luxurious hotel barges on the River Thames moored in Windsor departing 3rd April to 9th April 2005.

The 11 Passenger Actief is for charter only for that week  Both barges will be moored in Windsor, within sight of Windsor Castle, on the run up to the wedding on the 6th and 7th of April and for the day of the wedding on the 8th April,  so guests  have one of the best locations possible for this memorable occasion.
The cost to charger the Actief will will USD$27 000 for 9 passengers or  USD$ 29750 for 11 passengers.

The 8 Passenger Magna Carta costs USD$3650 per person in a suite and includes the 6 night cruise, return transfers from Heathrow or Central London, all daily excursions and Visits with the Royal Wedding Celebrations in mind as well as all  gourmet meals, Open Bar and wine with  5 star service from the 4 Crewmembers on board including Captain, Gourmet Chef, Housekeep and Tour Guide.  There are even bikes and a jacuzzi on board.   Let us know if you would like a brochure
Whilst on the subject of canal barging...lets talk about Europe. 

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two or 3 week
'sector' cruises. 
Join us for this very special voyage. A thousand mile journey along Western Europe’s finest inland waterways. Enjoy the intriguing and peaceful world of hotel barge cruising during this unique six week adventure along the canals and rivers of central Europe between the southern French Provencal town of Avignon across Europe to vibrant Amsterdam in northern Holland.

Six weeks of expedition cruising through several European countries, capital cities and cultures along Europe’s most famous rivers such as the Rhone, Seine and Rhine as well as enjoying the many smaller canals and rivers and lakes as this incredible journey unfolds.

This voyage also follows the advance of the American, British and allied forces liberating the French, Belgium and Dutch populations and passes through regions held by the French resistance, liberated by General Patton and fought over by the airborne forces codenamed operation Market Garden in September 1944 to try and cross the Rhine at Arnhem. For those interested in the historical importance of this period the voyage is an extraordinary opportunity to absorb the importance and value of the Second World War following the D-day landings of June 1944 and the 60th anniversary in 2004.

Your cruise aboard Impressionniste is limited to just 12 discerning passengers. This extraordinary voyage will be a mixture of days spent cruising, sight seeing and city stays whilst discovering the regional cuisine and wines of Provence, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace and the Moselle and Rhine valleys.

The majority of meals are taken aboard ship but every week at least once we dine ashore. Impressionniste generally cruises only when all the passengers are aboard, but daily excursions are programmed and on occasion the vessel may make up ground whilst passengers are ashore. All accommodations on board, all meals, entry fees on shore excursions, wines and bar drinks are included in the price of USD$21 000 per person sharing a cabin.

As there have been a number of enquiries for just sectionss of the trip - this 6 week trip is now being offered in 'sectors' of  2 and 3 weeks'.  Click on   for more details.

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So if you're travelling around in a car, you need somewhere to stay.  Now consider that you're going be out sightseeing most of the day...a hotel should really just be a place to rest your weary consider if you really need something flashy or something clean and basic.  
We do have access to some really great hotel rates around Europe, USA, UK and Canada. In London , we have double rooms from just Australian $58 per person including VAT, service fees and breakfast!!   In Paris, from just Australian $64 per person in a 2* plus hotel again including service fees, tax and breakfast.   In the USA & Canada, we have hotel vouchers for just USD$79 per room per night which sleeps up to 4 persons.  Great for families who are travelling around.  You will stay at good chain hotels like  Days Inn, Howard Johnson, Ramada, Travelodge, Amerihost Inn,  Super 8, Villager etc.   In the US, we also have apartments and villas in many resort areas and cities throughout North America, Mexico and the Caribbean.  Prices start from USD$699 plus tax for one weeks rental. 
So if it's accommodation you're after...just send us an email with your requirements and we'll be happy to send you a few options for each city. 

Unfortunately, our Eurostar Earlybird has ended.  But it's still a great way to travel.  From London to Paris in 2 hours 35 minutes of which 20 minutes will be spent in the tunnel, under the sea.  There are up to 22 roundtrips per day.  Fares start from Australian $109 per adult one way. 
Or we have a great special  on London to Ireland ferry crossings... Book  as a foot passenger, by 31 March 05   from Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire or Fishguard-Rosslare and  the 2nd passenger travels free.   The other option is to use the budget airlines like etc

If you're renting a motorhome and wish to travel between the above countries ie UK, France and Ireland, we can quote you the prices for taking the motorhome across by ferry.  If you're travelling by car  and wondering whether it would be better to have one car from the UK and taking it to Ireland and back by ferry  or whether you should have separate hires there are a few things to consider.   If you do one longer rental, it is convenient as you just have the one car hire and you can probably take advantage of the lower price as you are keeping the car for longer.  However, the ferry crossing does cost a fair amount of  money.  As an example, from Holyhead to DunLaoghaire,  you are looking at approximately £180 or Australian$ 450 return  for a car and 2 passengers (this based on mid season) .   If you balk at paying that ferry crossing fee for the vehicle, you can do separate rentals eg.  one rental from London to Holyhead, another from Rosslare to Fishguard and then another from Fishguard to London.  Travelling as a foot passenger is cheaper, but you have to weigh up the inconvenience of 3 rentals and that fact that the car companies with the lowest rates don't have depots at the ferry ports.  So you may not have much choice in which car company you use and thus pay a higher daily rental rate.  Also the fact that you may be paying 3 shorter rentals means you may  be using say the 3-6 day rate or the 7-13 day rate which is of course higher than say a 21 day+ rate.   So it gets a bit tricky.  We are happy to do the math for you if you let us know your plans and then you can decide if you would prefer to pay for the convenience of one car  or happy to have a bit of inconvenience and save the $.....

As for those who want to pick up a car and take it onto the continent - we suggest doing separate rentals.  However if you plan to keep one car from London and return it in Europe and are travelling for more than 8  weeks, then tax free car leasing may be an option  for you.  Do realise though that with car leasing, the vehicle will still be a left hand drive even if you pick it up in right hand drive Britian. .   Give us a hoy if you need more info.

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Chicken (or Bacon) Fried Rice - one pot!
-1 cup of rice per 2 persons
- 1 chicken breast or 2 or 3 rashers of bacon
- Chopped onion
- Tinned or frozen diced mixed veg
- Stock/seasoning cube.

Slice bacon into little strips or cube the chicken breast
Fry this with the onion in a bit of oil  and set aside when browned
Cook rice normally in the same pot adding the stock cube.   A few minutes before rice is done, throw in the veggies.  When that is warmed through, add back in the chicken or bacon and when heated through check to see if it needs salt or pepper &  serve with Parmesan, if liked..

Potato and Bacon  meal.  One pan.
- 2 potatoes  per person
- 2 rashers of bacon per person (Or a chopped sausage if preferred)
- one large onion chopped, more if you like
- a handful of mushrooms, thickly sliced

Parboil the potatoes in their jackets until 3 quarters cooked.  Cool and peel and then slice quite thickly.
Then heat a bit of oil or butter simply put all the ingredients  back into the pot, sauteeing all until potatoes are soft.
Season with salt and pepper and serve.


For public holidays, school holiday, religious holidays etc Worldwide -


Versailles Fountain, Sound & light Show...
26 March - 25 September 2005 (Every year; weekends only)  Euro 6 per person .  The Grandes Eaux Musicales at Versailles enchant visitors with a magnificent display accompanied by the sound of classical and baroque music. Louis XIV adored fountains and commissioned numerous sculptors such as Le Bru and Girardon to create them. To see them in full show is to fully experience the majesty of his gardens.  The fountains use  30km of pipes to pump water around the park, with 50 fountains spouting 295,000 cubic metres of water out of 700 jets.   The Grandes Eaux Musicales also take place at night, promising an even greater spectacle of light, music and water.

International Garden Festival  at Chaumont sur Loire

30 April - 16 October 2005 (Every year)
The Festival International des Jardins attracts over 150,000 people and features 30 show gardens created in and around the idyllic setting of the chateau at Chaumont-sur-Loire.   For 2005, the theme is "Gardens and Memory". Be sure to visit the Grand Serre, a huge hothouse containing a permanent collection of orchids. Other permanent attractions include the Experimental Garden and the Misty Valley, a former ice-pit, now a wild gully that can be traversed by a suspended wooden bridge. Beneath it tumbles a 20-metre cascade of water through a valley of tree ferns, irises, maples, peonies and herbaceous plants.
Chaumont sur Loire is situated 20km (12.5 miles) from Blois on the D114, just north of the junction with the D27.

Cologne Lights - July 2005
The towers of Cologne cathedral, stunningly lit on ordinary evenings, glow even more dramatically during Cologne Lights as a huge fireworks display lights up the skies above the River Rhine.. Dramatic lighting of buildings along the riverfront adds to the atmosphere, while thousands of onlookers hold candles that are distributed in bars, restaurants and hotels.  A  huge pontoon laden with fireworks is towed into the channel for the grand finale, a massive firework display synchronised to music, opposite the cathedral's twin towers. Stunning.
There are plenty of viewing places from both sides of the river, which will accomodate some 500,000-800,000 visitors. The firework's are just part of a wide range of events, including various dinners, parties and a choir concert in the Cologne Dome.

Stuttgart - Jazzopen Festival -  14-18 July  2005
Stuttgart's Jazzopen festival promises four nights of international jazz stars - some in the Liederhalle, some on the adjacent open-air stage.
Headliners included the well-known jazz vocalists Cassandra Wilson and Stacey Monheit, the Stuttgart Philharmonic and the Trio Beirach.

Tuscany Slow Foods - July 2005  - held every two years

Toscana Slowfood guides you through the valleys and villages of Tuscany to taste the finest regional food and wine specialities in the most stunning surroundings.
This is an opportunity to get acquainted with Tuscan food traditions through local products and its local Slow Food Presidia. Visitors can share in numerous convivial occasions where the local cuisine is presented to perfection by skilled chefs. A series of events enables you to choose your own itinerary, savouring the pleasure of discovery.

Rome - Orchestral Nights  -  June 2005  at Castel Sant'Angelo,  Lungotevere Castello, Rome, Roma, Lazio 00100, Italy
This series of five classical concerts is set in the beautiful rooms of the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome.
The five nights showcase five different styles (in chronological order).

Madrid Pride - June/July 2005

Madrid plays host to Spain's biggest Pride celebration. The main event is the carnival-style parade through the city on the Saturday, which ends with a huge party.
The event kicks off with an inaugural fiesta in the Chueca district of Madrid.  An awards ceremony also takes place to bestow Pink Triangles upon those who have assisted in the advancement of gay rights (and Pink Bricks upon those who have hindered it).

Pamplona - Running of the Bulls - 6-14July 2005
The Pamplona Bull Run (encierro), part of the spectacular Fiesta de San Fermín, is considered by some to be the definitive rite of manhood. Hundreds of intrepid locals and visitors risk their lives to outpace galloping, frenzied bulls as they hurtle along an 800-metre stretch of the town's streets towards the bullring.
The Fiesta de San Fermín sees the city erupt into non-stop revelry at noon on 6 July and it doesn't return to its former sober self for some eight or nine days. During the chupinazo, an official fires a rocket into the skies above the crowds to declare the beginning of the festivities.

Netherlands -
Rotterdam 27 June 2005 - BB King, truly the King of the Blues, performs at the Ahoy in Rotterdam.
Born Riley B King in Mississippi Delta, King became known as BB back in the early days when he was a DJ on a Memphis radio station. In-between broadcasting live guitar over the airwaves, he also spun vinyl. His nickname was Blues Boy, which was later shortened to just BB.

See U2 in concert -  13-16 July in Amsterdam
U2, one of the biggest rock 'n' roll bands in the world, play the Amsterdam Arena as part of their Vertigo tour of the world in support of latest album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.

Great Britain
Exeter Festival of South West Food and Drink - March 2005

If you've ever salivated over a Devon clotted cream tea,  scrumpy cider or  a Somerset cheddar then head on down to the  Exeter Festival of South West Food and Drink. Restaurant trails, masterclasses, wine and beer tasting, workshops and cooking demonstrations fill a massive marquee in Northernhay Garden where you will try organic fruit and veg, dairy and local delicacies. 

Scotland:    Balado 09-10July05  Music Festival  ...with travel from all major cities in Scotland, courtesy of Citylink.
T in the Park is Scotland's premier music festival. Once again this summer over 50,000 people can enjoy more than 100 bands on seven stages at Balado near Kinross. There is also a strong DJ contingent and plenty of space to chill out to some acoustic acts or to catch a few comedians. On-site entertainment includes the legendary funfair, giant inflatables and a variety of weird and wonderful performers.  Camping facilities are available with the appropriate ticket and the campsite opens at midday on Friday, closing at 11am on Monday.

Third Test:  England v Australia at Old Trafford in Manchester - 11-15Aug05

The third of a five match test series.   England's summer fixtures include two Tests against Bangladesh, five against Australia, a ten-match triangular One-Day tournament, a further three-match One-Day series against the Aussies and even an international Twenty20 match.

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Los Angeles, CA - Sweet and Hot Jazz Festival - Sept 05 - Labor Day Weekend
The LA Airport Marriot runs a 4 day event with hundreds of performers on 8 different stages! Wow.

San Francisco, CA - 911 Power to the Peaceful Festival - 11 Sept 05
Free open-air music and arts festival held at Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park. Some guests include:
The John Butler Trio, String Cheese Incident., Spearhead and Michael Franti.

New York City: Summer Restaurant Week 21-25June.
On offer - 3 course fixed price meals at hugely discounted rates. All top class restaurants. These book out fast - so book ahead.

Miami, Florida: Miami Reggae Festival July 2005
Held at Bayfront Par on the Waterfront. Lots of Jamaican music from early rock to dancehall and reggae

Houston, Texas: Truck and SUV Show - 14-16May 2005
See the latest models and accessories at Reliant Park in Houston.

Republic of Texas Biker Rally: Austin in June 2005.
Games, bands, parades and bike blessing!! All things motor-cycle related at the Travis County Expo Centre

Las Vegas, NV - World Supercross GP Finals - 07May05

The final round of the American Motorcross series. Motorcycles fly around the course, jumping and bumping trying to wiin huge prizes. A spectacular arena and show. Jumps can be 40m in length, 15m high!!

Victoria, BC - Fringekids Festival - Aug05 Held at the Market Square
Fun and entertainment aimed at 3-8 year olds. Free summer music, entertainment & activities.

Toronto, Ontario - See Duran Duran in Concert - 05April 05
Promoting their new album, Astronaut this UK band will entertain at the Air Canada Centre

Calgary, Alberta - The world's greatest Rodeo at the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede 8-17 July
Free pancake breakfasts. See bucking bronco's, steer wrestling, calf roping and other stuff you see in movies!
Don't miss the Stampede Parade on the first day!

Edmonton, Alberta - Edmonton Fringe Festival - August 2005
A festival and celebration of theatre from around the world. Music, dance, theatre, buskers. Over a thousand performers in various venues - all unscensored and inexpensive.

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