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Products: European Waterways River Cruises - Terms & Conditions
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European Waterways - Terms and Conditions

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Each Passenger wishing to book a cruise must complete and sign the Booking Form attached to this insert. Once this has been forwarded and accepted by the Company together with the payment of the deposit due, a contract exists between such Passenger (hereinafter “the Passenger”) and the Company. Under this contract the Passenger confirms that he/she has read, understands and agrees to the terms and conditions below (the
“ Terms and Conditions”). These Terms and Conditions relate to all vessels included in the European Waterways brochure and as listed in Clause 8 below (“the Vessels”). Any Passenger signing as tour leader on behalf of a charter or other similar group warrants that he/she is authorised so to do. Each member of any such group shall be deemed to be a Passenger as herein defined and shall be bound by the signature of the tour leader. ndividuals booking as a charter will be subject to charter terms and conditions.

RATES: The rates shown overleaf in UK £ Sterling, are per passenger for a six night double occupancy cabin cruise and are subject to change without notice. Meeting points, hotels and time of pick-up may be changed without notice. Cruise includes: Accommodation with private bath or shower, meals, selected regional wines and alcoholic beverages consumed aboard, all sightseeing tours and admittance fees as stipulated, use of the Vessels’ bicycles and other facilities, and round-trip transfers from the specified meeting point. Cruise does not include: Air transportation, airport taxes, visas health or accident insurance, trip cancellation insurance, super
Chateaux vintage wines optional activities such as hot air balloon flights or items of a personal nature such as laundry, communication charges or purchases.

Travel insurance to cover trip cancellation, health and baggage is trongly recommended for all passengers.

For individual bookings: a deposit of £400 per passenger per week is payable at the time of booking with the Booking Form attached hereto duly completed and signed. The balance is payable 90 days prior to departure.
For charter bookings of an entire Vessel: an initial deposit of£ 2,500 is payable at the time of booking with the Booking Form attached hereto duly signed. The difference between the initial deposit and 25 % of the total fare is payable as a further deposit 180 days prior to departure. The balance of the charter fare is payable 120 days prior to departure. To qualify for the charter group rate, one person must act as tour leader and be responsible for contracting with and making all payments to the Company, as per the Terms and Conditions, on behalf of all passengers in the charter group.

Cancellations must be made in writing to the Company and are effective only upon receipt by the Company at its address overleaf. All issued tickets must be returned together with notice of cancellation. Please allow 4 weeks from receipt by the Company of cancellation notice and unused cruise ticket(s) for forwarding of any refund due. The following cancellation fees apply based on the date on which the Company receives written notice of cancellation.
For individual bookings:

  • a). more than 120 days prior to departure and subsequent to payment of the deposit, an administrative fee of £200 per passenger shall be retained,
  • b). from 120-91 days prior to departure - the full deposit shall be retained,
  • c). 90 days prior to departure to day of departure, or in the event of failure to embark - 100% of total fare shall be retained.
  • For charter bookings:
  • a). charter deposits are non refundable,
  • b). More than 180 days prior to departure deposits may be applied toward individual bookings on the same Vessel subject to a £250 surcharge per passenger,
  • c). 180-121 days prior to departure the greater of the initial deposit or 25% deposit will be retained.
  • d). less than 120 days prior to departure no refund will be given.

No refunds will be given in the event of interruption or cancellation of the cruise by the Passenger after the start of travel, nor for unused portions of any package or cruise, nor for any unused sightseeing tours or meals. The Company will not accept any liability for any claims that are not received within 30 days of the termination of the cruise week.

Any date change by the Passenger subsequent to booking must be in the same year and will incur an amendment charge of £100 per passenger. Reductions in passenger numbers for charters are only accepted up to 120 days prior to departure. No itinerary changes can be accepted less than 90 days prior to departure.
Transfers to cruises on another Vessel shall be treated as a cancellation and re-booking and cancellation charges will apply.

Unless expressly stated otherwise on any ticket or other documentation issued by the Company to the Passenger, the Company including its employees, representatives, agents and/or assigns acts only as agent to provide transportation, accommodation and other related services to the Passenger by purchasing such services from vessel operators (“the Operators” and other service providers contracted to the Company.

The Company on behalf of itself and the Operators reserves the right to:

  • a) increase cruise prices to cover increases in costs or the effects of exchange rate movements, incurred after the the publication of this Price List
  • b) accept a maximum of two cabins for single occupancy for any single cruise
  • c) cancel any itinerary in whole or in part
  • d) make such alteration to any itinerary as it reasonably deems necessary or desirable
  • e) refuse to accept or retain as a member of a tour any person at any time. In no circumstances will the Passenger be allowed to embark unless the full cruise fare due has been paid.

In the event of alteration or cancellation, the Company may, but is not obligated to, substitute or provide another vessel of similar standard. Otherwise, the Company shall refund any fare paid. Waterway routes and vessel alterations and substitutions: All routes are subject to change without notice. Some waterways may be subject to occasional closures due to drought, storms, floods, canal or lock repairs or other unforeseen circumstances that result in conditions unsafe for navigation. In the unlikely event of such occurrences, the following conditions shall apply:

  • a) if navigation must be suspended, Passengers will continue to be accommodated on the stationary Vessel and the regular excursions will continue to be made, with cruising to be continued as soon as possible. By way of compensation for any suspension of cruising, additional excursions will be
    provided by the Vessel’s crew,
  • b) the Company reserve the right to reverse a cruise route, cruise another waterway or transfer Passengers to another vessel of similar standard,
  • c) in any decision related to navigation, the judgement of the Vessel’s Captain on any action or inaction is considered final.

Passengers who are disabled are asked to advise the Company’s reservations staff of the nature of their disability at the time of booking as some Vessels and/or itineraries may be unsuitable. The Company will recommend suitable cruise options but reserves the right to refuse a reservation request if necessary for reasons of safety.

As a member of the Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust Limited (ABTOT), an Association approved by the Department of Trade and Industry, the Company has provided a Bond to meet the requirements of the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 (PTR). This Bond provides security for and is restricted to monies paid by it's UK customers in the event of the Company’s insolvency.

The Passenger expressly agrees to the following:

  • a) that (subject to any declaration under Clause 10 above) he/she is in good general health;
  • b) that he/she shall abide by the safety instructions as given out by the Captain and crew of the Vessel and displayed on board;
  • c) that he/she shall not operate or seek to operate any vehicle or other technical equipment owned or operated by a Vessel, hotel or other service provider except bicycles that are made available by the crew for the express use of the Passengers; and
  • d) that he/she shall indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its employees, agents, representatives and assigns against any and all liabilities, costs and expenses (including legal fees and costs of litigation) which may be incurred in connection with any claims, suits or any cause of action brought by him/her against any third party, or by any third party against him/her, his/her heirs, representatives or assigns
    regarding injury or loss to person or property sustained by him/her or such third party, directly or indirectly, arising out of events, acts or omissions, no matter how caused or created, that occur during the course of a cruise tour.

If the Company cancels a cruise and/or other arrangement for any reasons (other than force majeure or default by the Passenger), or makes a material alteration to the cruise and/or arrangement for reasons other than force majeure, after the date when payment of the balance of the price becomes due, in addition to a full refund, compensation will be payable on the following scale per person: 56 or more days prior to departure –
Nil; 55-42 days – £10; 41-28 days – £20; 27-14 days – £30; less than 14 days – £40.

The liability of the Company is limited in the manner provided by the Warsaw Convention 1929 (as amended) or such other international Conventions for the time being in force in respect of carriage by air or waterway, as though the Company were deemed to be “carrier” as defined in such Conventions.

By authorizing and making payment by credit card for cruise holidays hereunder and by signing the Booking Form attached hereto the Passenger expressly agrees to waive his/her rights under any relevant cardholder agreement or applicable law to subsequently cancel or suspend any such credit card transaction. The Passenger further expressly authorises the Company to present this documentation to the bank or credit card issuer as evidence of acceptance by said Passenger that such credit card transaction is final and not subject to refund, reduction, cancellation or revocation, except as specifically provided in these Terms and Conditions.
The Company reserves the right to charge final payment to The Passenger’s credit card in the event that the cardholder fails to make any payment on the due date.

In accordance with legislation, a strict non-smoking policy applies in the accommodation area of all Vessels. Those passengers who wish to smoke must do so outdoors ie on the deck and sun-deck area

The minimum age of child accepted on board is 12 years except for Charters and special “Family Departures” (please enquire for further details) for which Children under 12 years are welcome. All children under the age of 18 yrs accepted on board the following Vessels qualify for a discount as follows:

  • a) for cruises on La Belle Epoque, L’Art de Vivre, L’Impressionniste, Anjodi, Renaissance, Nymphea, Scottish Highlander, La Dolce Vita, Magna Carta & Enchanté, a discount of £150 per child per week
  • b) for cruises on Savoir Faire, a discount of £125 per child between the ages of 14 and 16 years old per week for cabin bookings only. There are no age restrictions on charters.

These Terms and Conditions are issued as of December 2008 and supersede and cancel all prior communications and agreements, whether written or oral express or implied. Any subsequent modification of these Terms and Conditions will be posted on the website www.GoBarging.com. Any inquiries, claims or general complaints by the Passenger relating to the service provided by the Company must be submitted in writing
to the Company within thirty (30) days of the completion of the cruise, and must contain full and evidentiary information.

All contracts incorporating these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by English Law. The Price List and Brochure issued in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions are the sole responsibility of the Company.


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