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France Passion Plaisance Canal Boat Rental - France

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A La Découverte De La Faune Et La Flore

Large tourist asset of Châtillon in Bazois, in charge with history and tradition, the channel of the Nivernais tells the history of the wood of Morvan towards the Capital. Châtillon in Bazois, in the middle of the Nivernaise countryside, is an ideal place to learn how to know the environment and to discover the practice of fishing.
Within this pleasant setting, each one will be able to find an occupation with its taste: various sports activities, walks, discovered local arts and crafts… and plunge in the prestigious past area, at the time where Vercingétorix still resisted César or in the XIIIème century, in company of the large dukes of Burgundy…

  • To see : Ponds of Baye, ecomuseum of Brienne la vieille (collection of farm equipments, old workshops of forging mill, marechalery, etc).
  • To taste : Nivernais paving stones with the honey of Morvan (sanded sweetened with the honey of Morvan).
  • To know : Put in work at the XVIIIème century, the channel was used a long time for the flotation (construction of rafts in lost logs and transport of these “rafts” of Morvan in Paris).
  • Very Favourite : The town of Nevers.

Navigation on the channel of the Nivernais :

At the doors of the national park of Morvan, the channel of the Nivernais is used as link between the basin of the Loire and that of the Seine.
Walking on through of a preserved natural environment and of a great quality, this channel is undoubtedly the most beautiful channel of France. It offers a peaceful navigation, favourable to the dawdling.

From Chatillon en Bazois :

Mini week

  • Châtillon en Bazois – Corbigny - Châtillon en Bazois : 62 kms - 82 locks - 21 hours
  • Châtillon en Bazois – Decize - Châtillon en Bazois : 102 kms - 44 locks - 20 hours

One week

  • Châtillon en Bazois – Nevers - Châtillon en Bazois : 176 kms - 62 locks - 32 hours
  • Châtillon en Bazois – Clamecy - Châtillon en Bazois : 126 kms - 120 locks - 36 hours
  • One way Châtillon en Bazois - Digoin : 120 kms - 40 locks - 25 hours
  • One way Châtillon en Bazois - Vincelles : 109 kms - 87 locks - 38 hours

Three weeks

  • Châtillon en Bazois – Auxerre - Châtillon en Bazois : 248 kms - 190 locks - 82 hours

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