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Products: France Passion Plaisance - Digoin Base Information
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France Passion Plaisance Canal Boat Rental - France

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DIGOIN BASE - Town of Charm

Digoin, in the middle of the country charolais, is the ideal place to let it self go to tasting good products of the soil. Become au fil des the centuries a high centre of the crockery, Digoin is also a town of water.
With the confluence of three channels, it is a paradise for in love with the fishing and the friends of nature. Au fil des the various channels, you will discover wild spaces, high places of the Romanesque art, workshops of craftsmen to the great knowledge to make (basket makers, cabinetmakers, potters or other glass-blowers), who will have a pleasure of making you a demonstration of their art.
Take also time to walk you on the bridge channel, stone fact. It is a splendid architectural work which connects the channel of the centre to the side channel in the Loire.

  • To see : the museum of ceramics, the bridge channel, museum of the costumes through the ages and the tools of formerly, the observaloire.
  • To taste : beef charolais, snails of Burgundy, plate of Canalous (4 fresh water fish), potatoes stuffed with snails of Burgundy.
  • To know : Digoin is also crossed by 4 rivers: Arroux, Bourbince, Vouzance and Arconce; and a river: the Loire.
  • Very Favourite : Snail celebrates (1st week end of August) stroll you! Borrow the green lane which borders the Channel of the Centre on 17 km between Digoin and Paray Monial. It furrows the landscapes of copse and of meadows of the country charolais.

Navigation on the channel of the centre :
Initially baptized channel of charolais, the channel of the centre is used as link between the Loire and the Saone and 114 km is long. It has a long time been used for the provisioning of heavy industries of the area. Equip with some automated locks, it is a channel pleasant to sail, narrow and sinuous.

Navigation on the channel of Roanne with Digoin :
This channel proposes a very shaded and very calm stay, inviting to a wild accosting. With proximity, the circuit of the Romance churches brionnaises. Punctuated only of 10 locks, the channel of Roanne with Digoin will lead you through the pastures of Brionnais where you will meet those White beef charolais.

Navigation on the side channel of the Loire :
With its three bridges channels, the side channel in the Loire is a way of peaceful water, punctuated of rare locks. De Digoin with Briare let you walk on in the landscapes Bourbonnais to finally reach the countries of Sancerrois and Pouilly, with the famous wines.

From Digoin :

Mini week

  • Digoin – Briennon - Digoin : 88 kms - 16 locks - 14 hours

One week

  • Digoin – Roanne – Digoin – Paray le Monial - Digoin : 134 kms - 28 locks - 21 hours
  • Digoin – Ecuisses - Digoin : 130 kms - 62 locks - 27 hours
  • Digoin – Nevers - Digoin : 198 kms - 44 locks - 32 hours
  • One way Digoin - Chatillon en Bazois : 120 kms - 40 locks - 25 hours
  • One way Digoin - La Truchère : 150 kms – 63 locks – 36 hours

Two weeks

  • Digoin – Louhans - Digoin : 374 kms - 132 locks - 69 hours
  • One way Digoin - Pontailler Sur Saône : 200 kms - 65 locks - 36 hours

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