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Products: France Passion Plaisance - Chioggia Base Information
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France Passion Plaisance Canal Boat Rental - Italy

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Other Bases in Italy : Marano

Chioggia - The Picturesque City

Chioggia (a little fisherman village in the deeply South of Venice lagoon) is still the head and the first base. Its central location in regard to the waterways of Padano/Veneto makes this picturesque "water"city an idealistic harbour and point of departure for the nicest itineraries, all the year long.
The base is located in a strategic and panoramic point at equal distance between Chioggia (downtown, 300m) and Sottomarina (sea-side resort, 500m).

Chioggia, capital of fishing and European centre of the production horticultural, presents the aspect of a picturesque city of sailors and is the second lagoon city after Venice. You will discover his astonishing market of fresh fish. The city, of Roman origin, is a treasure of architecture and invites you to an enthralling visit: cathedral, dome, bell-tower, Refugium Peccatorum with the image crowned of Madonna, churches, Palace Poli, bridges, the “pescheria” (fish shop - visit obligatory), the small Vigo place and its column of 1786, etc. This picturesque city is quiet and at the same time full of life and offers to you a splendid natural setting, with the sea.

  • To see : the town of Chioggia; the town of Padou; the town of Trévise; villas of Palladio, the fresco of Giotto.
  • To taste : Broetto (fish soup), risotto went will pescatora, papini, sugoli, bossolà (bread of Chioggia), the wine Bardolino, the sparkling wines of Conegliano.
  • To know : to 54 km of Venice (by road); to 27 km of Venice (by channels).
  • Very Favourite : Venice, its islands, its lagoon.

The Navigation :
You sail on the lagoon of Venice, in one of the most beautiful sites of all Europe. Au fil de your trip, you will cross the fishermen’s house and will explore the back Venetian country, meeting the colonies of migratory birds sometimes (herons, milans noirs…).
From island in island, you will discover the glass craftsmen of Murano, laces of Burano, the archaeological treasures of Torcello, etc. In sailing on Brenta, channelled river, you will be charmed by its many villas which are reflected in its water. A cruising relaxation, in a decoration of dream…

From Chioggia : 

One Week One Way Cruise

  • Chioggia - Venice (the lagoon and the islands) - Cavallino or Porte-grandi - Musile - Cortellazzo - Caorle - Bibione - Marano : 160 km - 5 locks (always open) - 6 movable bridges - 21 hours

One Week

  • Chioggia - Venice (the lagoon and the islands) - Trevise - Chioggia : 193 km - 2 locks - 3 movable bridges - 27 hours
  • Chioggia - Venice (the lagoon and the islands) - Padova - Chioggia : 130 km - 10 locks - 18 movable bridges - 26 hours

Two Weeks

  • Chioggia - Venice - Jesolo - Caorle - Chioggia : 240 km - 6 locks - 8 movable bridges - 32 hours
  • Chioggia - Adria - Zelo - Governolo - Mantova - Castelmassa - Ferrara - Serravalle - (boccasette) - Chioggia : 345 km - 17 locks - 35 movable bridges - 42 hours

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