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Furstenberg Base Information
United Kingdom
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Locaboat Holidays Canal Boat Rental - Germany

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Furstenberg Base - Brandenberg Region - Germany

As you leave Fürstenberg, head westwards towards the great lakes of Mecklenburg. The first staging post on this inland waterway adventure will be Rheinsberg with its rococo palace. It was where Frederick the Great resided in his youth and served as a model for the famous Sans souci in Potsdam.

Heading to Mirow you will discover its curious lake houses with their thatched roofs and then Lake Müritz, not forgetting the delightful town of Röbel, its streets filled with half-timbered houses. Heading westwards, you’ll set a course for Wesenberg, memorable for its bridge, totally clad in wood, and then Neustrelitz and its baroque palace. Its orangery has today been converted into a concert hall. On these varied and vast waterways, cruising requires more careful attention than on a canal, but you are well rewarded by being able to drop anchor in the middle of a lake and enjoy some of the purest water in Europe and natural surroundings that are wonderfully unspoilt.

Cruises departing from Furstenberg:
The routes shown are only suggestions;
don’t forget that you can stop wherever you like on your cruise.
Bathing, forests and smoked fish
Out and Back Furstenberg
1 week - Furstenberg, Neustrelitz, Strasen, Mirow, Rheinsberg, Furstenberg.
Length of Cruise : 148 Km, 14locks, 4h per day
Nature and spirit of enlightenment
Out and Back Furstenberg
1 week - Furstenberg, Strrasen, Neustrelitz, Buchholz, Rheinsberg, Templin, Zehdenick, Furstenberg.
Length of Cruise : 282 Km, 30 locks, 4h per day
Between lakes and castles
One Way Furstenberg to Fleesensee
1 week - Furstenberg, Priepert, Neustrelitz, Wesenberg, Rheinsberg, Mirow, Robel, Waren, Fleesensee.

Length of Cruise : 193 Km, 11 locks, 4h per day

Mirow: A little village of thatched houses on the shores of Lake Mirow, you'll love the restfulness of this place, surrounded by trees. If you moor your Pénichette here, you could visit the small church and palace or go for a hot drink at the harbour-master’s lodge.

Neustrelitz: Everyone who spends their boating holidays on the Mecklenburg Lakes will love Neustrelitz, with its little restaurants and unique atmosphere. As you head into the town, with its star-shaped plan, you can visit the church and town hall where you’ll notice the architectural influence of Eastern Europe.

Priepert: There’s a small marina where you can moor your self-drive boat, buy a few smoked fish – the local speciality – from the lake fisherman or enjoy a family meal at the restaurant attached to the marina.

Rheinsberg: Visit the magnificent Rheinsberg Palace, once the home of Frederick II of Prussia. If you’re lucky, you might even catch the classical music and opera festival that takes place there every year. Take time out from your cruise to visit the attractive town and its many small shops.

Templin: Take a break from your cruise to explore the important historic sites here, such as the old medieval town with its partially preserved gates and walls, the town hall and the baroque parish church. The town is close to Berlin and is a major tourist attraction.

Waren: Waren is a pretty spa town to the north of Lake Müritz. You could stop your Pénichette here to do your shopping, tour some of the sights and enjoy the view of the lake. It’s also highly regarded for the sport of "accrobranching" along tree-top adventure trails.

Wesenberg: Tie up your license-free boat in this charming Mecklenburg village to visit its castle and 14th century Gothic church, or to stroll through the medieval centre, made up of delightful half-timbered houses.

Departure Days from 2:pm. 

departure days at 3.30 pm

from 3 pm to 6 pm (according to preparing the boats) .


By motorway :

A24 - E26 - E55 exit 22 Neuruppin : 66 km (B167 + B96)
A10 - E55 exit 34 Birkenwerder : 59 km (B 96)

By rail :
Fürstenberg regional station (2 km)
New Berlin ICE station: Berli Hauptbahnof (100 km)


By air :
Berlin-Tegel airport (78 km)
Berlin Schönefeld airport (146 km)

PARKING : Virtually all our bases offer secure encloser and/or covered parking. At certain bases (see access paper) the number of places are limited so it is advisable to book yours in advance. Parking is always at the owner's risk. The service purchased is only a rightof parking and not a right to supervision.

Locaboat and Cardinal accept no responsibility for any object left in a car, or for any injury or damage whatsoever arising out of use of the car park. For security reasons, a spare set of car keys may be requested and will be kept in a safe at the base. Please leave your vehicle locked and do not forget to switch off radio and lights. If you want to recover your vehicle outside base start days, please arrange a time with the base when you leave it.

at Fürstenberg closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday
Seestern Tel /Fax : +49 (0) 33093 61957
Haus an der Havel Tel : +49 (0) 33093 39 069 Fax : +49 (0) 33093 37 245
Fürstenberger Freizeithotel Tel : +49 (0) 33093 37 997 Fax : +49 (0) 33093 37 185
Haus Hegensteinbach Tel : +49 (0) 33093 38 304 Pension Behrens Tel : +49 (0) 33093 37 349
Fürstenhof Tel : +49 (0) 33093 37 746
Templiner Hof Tel : +49 (0) 33093 38 445
Zur Linde Tel : +49 (0) 33093 32 406
Seestern Tel /Fax : +49 (0) 33093 61957
Am Yachthafen Tel : +49 (0) 33093 60830
at Fürstenberg closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday
at Fürstenberg closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday
"Bartschat" Tel : +49 (0) 33093 38 484
"Köpcke" Tel : +49 (0) 33093 39 134 \
WC and shower according to the opening hours of the base, washing machine, picnic area, restaurant, adventure playground, ninepins
Airport transfers : Locaboat services / Transfers
Tourismusinformationsbüro Tel : +49 (0) 180.55.322.54 Fax : +49 (0) 33093 32 359,
Fish and smoked fish from the lakes and rivers
Local Drinks : beers, Berliner Weisse mit Schuss, Kräuter-Propsthahn-Likër.
fishing licence obligatory : on sale at Maritim, Mr Norbert Menzel, Brandenburger Str. 59, Fürstenberg, Tel : +49 (0) 33093 39063, open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and on Sunday from 9 to 12 am

Pike, perch, eel, zander, catfish, carp,…

Ravensbrück memorial, Castle, Citadel, Church, Forest museum

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