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Locaboat Holidays Canal Boat Rental - Brandenburg

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Brandenburg Region

"Head for Berlin"
The Havel, with its many lakes and tributaries, runs through the historical heart both of Prussia and of Germany..

Obere Havel, Templiner & Ruppiner Gewässer, Finowkanal, Potsdamer Havel, Spree Oder

The first stopping place on the voyage south is Himmelpfort (Gateway to Heaven), the town of Father Christmas. There's also a fishery where you can stock up with smoked fish. Don't miss the sidetrip to Lychen. The Woblitz river twists its way through forest before opening out into the Grosser Lychensee: it's one of the loveliest cruises in the area.

The Havel is a quiet river which flows through lonely countryside. You should stop off at Regow, an organic farm with a hundred or so goats which sells several different mouthwatering cheeses. At Templin its towers welcome the visitor from afar. Its town walls and its ancient houses give it a very romantic feel. A brand new lock completed in 2005 gives access to new lakes. Beyond Liebenwalde there's a choice of three directions. To the west, the Neuruppin lakes preserve an environment in which ospreys, beavers and otters all flourish.

The town of Altruppin, the old capital, stands in lovely surroundings. Neuruppin, the “new” town dating

from the 18 th century, bears witness to Prussia's Age of Enlightenment which has left its mark on the whole region from Berlin to Potsdam. Here was born Fontane , who wrote several books describing his journeys through lakeland which can still serve as guides today. To the south lie Berlin and Potsdam, both towns which are best discovered from the water.To the east, don't miss the Finowkanal, an old canal which twists and turns through lovely countryside on its way to a monument unique in Europe , the Niederfinow Boat Lift on the Oder Havel canal.

Untere Havel, Potsdamer Havel, Wannsee, Jungfernsee, Rüdersdorfer Gewässer, Spree-Oder
Before heading for Berlin and its famous Museum Island do make the side trip to astonishing Potsdam . Its an absolute must, is close by and with easy access. Berlin will retain you, there are so many things to do. Whether to explore on foot one of its many lakes edged with century old forests and opulent or luxurious villas, or visit the heart of the town, which has been so profoundly transfigured.
More to the south and to the east, canals lakes and rivers intermingle to offer visits between Spree and Oder and some of the best tables in Germany, such as at Bad Saarow. Lovers of pure nature and tranquility will choose the Havel as far as Havelberg . The countryside is magnificent with few visitors. It is an itinerary that connoisseurs recommend to each other. Don't forget to make a halt at red-brick Brandenburg with its famous statue of the giant Roland who protects the townhall. The oldest town of the region of Mark , it preserves many relics of the past.
Fishing - Specially for anglers

The region of the Mecklenburg lakes is famous as one of the outstanding fishing grounds of Europe encompassing the river Havel, known for eel, zander and perch, as well as some 20 lakes all covered by the one fishing permit. All can hope for a good catch here, and can expect to enjoy pike, carp or burbot on the menu. Instruction is given at the base (in English or German) to help you select the right bait, tackle and locations.

This package costs 70€ (price periods A and B) or 120€ (price periods C, D, E) per week and per boat. It must be requested in advance, and paid for on collection. It includes: a dinghy, a cold box for your catch, a fish-smoker (a local speciality), a bag of sawdust, instruction by our expert, and a daylight fishing licence for one crew member. Additional fishing licences can be requested in advance.
Hiring without a licence
You don't need a licence for cruising if you start from Matzlow and Furstenberg and go as far as Liebenwalde to the north of Berlin. Starting from Ketzin, you will be asked for a licence that is valid in your country of residence. If no licence is necessary in your country of residence then one will not be asked for at Ketzin

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