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Camper Iceland

Camper Iceland 2021
4WD and Motorhome Hire

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Depot Location: Reykjanesbaer (Keflavik)

Rates on Request

Vehicle Table

Camper 2 LOKI
Sleeps 2

4x4 Camper THOR
Sleeps 3

4x4 Camper HD ODIN
Sleeps 3/4

Sleeps 4

Sleeps 5

Sleeps 6

The Daily Rates Includes:

  • VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • 200 Km per day (unlimited km's optional - see below)
  • CDW Basic insurance (Excess € 2,800) - See other CDW Options here

The Daily Rates does not Include:

  • Camping Kit and one full propane gas bottle

Vehicle Equipment (Camping Kit):
- Kitchen set (dishes, cutlery, pots, pans, bowls, etc)
- Bed linen, blanket, pillow and towels for each passenger / sleeping bags
- 1 x gas bottle / 1 portable gas cooker

Camper Iceland Depot Details:
Pick up / drop off location Camper Iceland, approx 5km from the international airport in Keflavik. Reykjavik is approx 48km from Keflavik away.
Adress: Camper Iceland Njarðarbraut 3h, 260 Reykjanesbær.

We recommend all our customers to pick up the vehicle (Motor Homes and 4x4 Campers) at our rental station in Keflavik and return it to the same location. Our customers often have needs (extra covers, blankets, camping stuff , etc.) that are only available at the rental station in Keflavik.

Unlimited KM's Package:
Camper 2 LOKI - EUR 10 per rental day
All other Vehicles - EUR 20 per rental day

Extra KM's
Camper 2 LOKI = EUR 1 per km
All other vehicles = EUR 3 per km

Environmental Fee:
An environmental surcharge applies to all rentals - 9 per rental (Mandatory)

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday- Daily: 09:00h - 17:00h (9am to 5pm)
except Public Holidays (extra fee EUR 250)

Please note If you wish to pick up or drop off the vehicle outside our opening hours a fee applies (€ 190). In case of a damage please check the emergency information in the reception (during pick up) how to return the vehicle.

Driver's Licence:
The driver must present a valid driver's license held for a minimum of one year at the time of rental. The Hirer and any other driver must be at least 20 years old. For vehicles above 3,5 tons the minimum age is 21 years. An International Driving Permit (IDP) / International Driving License (IDL) is also required if the national driver's license is not in the Roman script.

Please bear in mind that some of our vehicles require a higher drivers permission then B (EU). The customer is responsible for the validity and type of drivers license. The Icelandic law is similar to the EU regulations in terms of drivers licence's

Age Restrictions:
Our age restriction is 25 to 75 years, under aged drivers (20-24 years old) will be charged with EUR 149. We require a valid driver's licence that is at least 12 months old.

Credit Card Required:
No rentals can take place without the main driver having a major credit card present. The card must be valid until at least one month after the vehicle return is scheduled. Pre paid cards will not be accepted.

Methods of Payment and Deposit:
No rentals can take place without the main driver having a major credit card present issued in his name. Acceptable credit cards are: MasterCard and Visa. Prepaid credit cards are not acceptable!

An authorization from the credit card will be taken at the start of all rentals as a deposit even if the cost of the rental is covered by a voucher. This deposit may be used to cover the insurance excess and any extra charges such as petrol and traffic tickets.

Cash payment is not accepted at any time. Camper Iceland will not rent cars without a credit card from the main driver or if the outstanding amount of the rental itself is outstanding.

Additional Driver Surcharge:
All reservations must be under the lead driver's name. The lead driver must be present at the time of rental and must be the main credit card holder. Additional drivers can be registered for an additional fee. All drivers must be registered on the rental agreement at the time of rental for them to be insured. Unregistered drivers are fully responsible for all damages while they are driving and all insurance is not applicable. € 70 per driver.

Young / Over Aged Driver Surcharge:
€ 149 for drivers between 20 to 24 years.

Additional Extras:

Vehicle and Driver Related
Environmental Fee (Mandatory)
€ 9
Extra Driver / Extra Drivers (per driver)
€ 70
Under / Over Age Surcharge
€ 149
RV Leveling Blocks (wedge pair) (per day)
€ 2
Winter Tyres / Spikes (legal in Iceland 01 Nov to 14 Apr - Fixed Rate Mandatory)
€ 190
Emergency Kit (Jump Cable, Tools, Rope)
€ 190
Car Cleaning Kit (Spray, Cloth, Gloves, Toilet Brush, Car Shampoo, Car Sponge)
€ 99
Camping Equipment
Camping Kit - Mandatory
€ 250
Camper 2 LOKI Kit - Mandatory
€ 150
Cooler 12V
€ 40
Additional Gas Bottle (1 Gas bottle included in camping kit)
€ 79
Camping Table and Chairs
€ 64
BBQ Set (Grill, Charcoal, Liquid)
€ 64
BBQ Gas Set (Grill, Gas Bottle)
€ 150
Portable Cooker (Including Gas Bottle)
€ 79
Laundry Kit (clothes line, shoebox with brush, soap for clothes)
€ 59
Toilet Chemicals Set (4 toilet paper rolls, chemicals)
€ 39
Extra Bed Linen (per person)
€ 25
Children & Babies
Child Seat
€ 54
Child Booster Seat
€ 19
Accessories & Electronics
Invertor (300W) per rental
€ 60
GPS (per day)
€ 15
WiFi unlimited data package rate per day
€ 19
Service outside opening hours (Mon to Fri - 0900 to 1700)
€ 190
End Cleaning (if booked in advance)
€ 300
Public Holiday Service Charge
€ 250

Winter Rental Conditions:
4x4 Vehicles available all year / Motorhomes available 15 May to 15 September (rest of year on request).
Mandatory Winter Studded Tires / Spikes (01 NOV to 14 APR) for all vehicle categories are subject to a extra fee.

Gas Bottles (LP):
All our vehicles will be equipped with a minimum of one full gas bottle, depending on the vehicle type. If the vehicle is not returned with a full gas bottle the renter will be charged for it.

WiFi Unit:
The Wi-Fi unit (HOT SPOT) can be plugged into the cigarette lighter (12V) in order to charge its battery. During the trip you can connect (Wi-Fi) all your devices to it and surf the World Wide Web with an unlimited data package.

Child Seat:
We provide Child seats in all categories. Camper Iceland is a family friendly company with a lot of experience in mounting seats in all types of vehicles. We recommend that you prebook this option.

Child Booster Seat:
A child booster seat is similar to a cushion. A legally and safety important extra to get you r young ones to the right position for the seatbelt.

GPS Unit:
How will you navigate around Iceland ? Why not with a GPS navigation system specially made for tourists.

Power Inverter (300W):
The inverter changes 12V into 220V with max. 300W (check your electrical equipment). The inverter is more than enough for laptops, pads, phones, campers and more. The inverter should be used while driving because it uses a lot of electricity.

Toilet Chemical Set:
A must-have! This toilet paper does not only provide a soft and nice feeling. It is also made for the septic tank and in combination with the toilet chemical it dissolves. The septic tank and toilet cassette chemical is as much a must-have as the above described toilet paper. It kills all odor and dissolves your waste almost instantly.

Rental Extensions:
Should a renter wish to extend the rental, it is recommended that such a request is made at our location as soon as possible so that every effort can be made to accommodate the request. Any extension of rental must be paid at local rates to our location before the extended rental period starts. In case of renter extending the rental without previous notice to the Sales Team / Rental Station, full daily charge plus 100% fee applies.

Vehicle Delivery:
We undertake it's utmost to provide the vehicle at the agreed time and to ensure that it meets the requirements made upon it. However, we cannot provide any compensation if the car delivery is late according to reservation. All rentals are on a daily basis and the renter will be compensated by late return instead.

Customer requesting upgrades will be charged the difference between the rate of the car group reserved and the rate of the car group requested.

Vehicle Return:
The vehicle is returned at our station at the same place it was picked up. The Reception Team is going to deliver free flyers, maps and all the necessary materials regarding your vehicle during the pick up procedure. (Please ask for a free map when picking up the vehicle). The drop off takes 20-60 minutes. In case of any issues it may take longer.

Make sure to clean the vehicle at the local gas station, empty the waste tanks at the appointed place and fill it up with gasoline /diesel. If you have stored your baggage at our station make sure to pick it up during office hours.

Vehicle Return - Damaged Vehicle or issues with Vehicle:
In case of damages or breakdowns the customer should inform Camper Iceland at least 24 hours in advance to schedule a drop off. In case of damage - customers who are dropping off the vehicle during the week days should arrive between 09:00 and 12:00 noon. All customers who are dropping off either within working days or weekends / holidays are obligated to arrive at The Rental Station at least 4 hours before their flight back.

A member of the Garage Team will welcome you at our Garage. A solution to all issues should be found on spot to avoid long lasting communications through mail or phone. If necessary estimation from the garage with CAPAC certificate will be provided.

End Cleaning Service:
In case you run out of time, or you want to return the vehicle without having to clean it for many hours, we can do this for you. The vehicle must otherwise be returned as clean as you received it. With this option you only have to remove your belongings, brush out the floors and clean the outside in order for the drop of procedure to be possible (We cannot check the status of vehicles that are full of mud, dust and sand).

Vehicle Type:
The vehicles listed are examples only. Reservations are to be booked by vehicle category only, not a certain model of a vehicle. If the car confirmed is not available at the time of rental, we will provide a similar or superior vehicle at no extra cost. Downgrading the customer to smaller vehicle would entitle him to a refund down to the price of the lower class.

Security Deposit:
An authorization from a major credit card (Euro-/Mastercard or Visa) will be taken at the start of all rentals as a deposit even if the cost of the rental is covered by a voucher. This deposit may be used to cover the insurance excess and any extra charges such as petrol and traffic tickets.

CDW Information:
Camper Iceland includes a basic CDW in the rental rate of all vehicle types. The self risk of the included CDW is € 2,800 per incident. Please refer to the CDW Details below to read about what is included and what is not.

Collision Damage Waiver options listed below
CDW Basic - Liability € 2,800 per incident / Deposit required € 2,800 - included in rates
CDW Plus - Liability € 1,800 per incident / Deposit required € 1,800 - EUR 29 per day
CDW Premium - Liability € 1,200 per incident / Deposit required € 1,200 - EUR 49 per day
CDW Super - Liability € 0 per incident / Deposit required € 0 - EUR 99 per day - CDW, Gravel & Windscreen Protection

The basic CDW is mandatory and limits the renter's financial liability for damage to the vehicle, its parts and accessories, except theft, attempted theft or vandalism, provided the vehicle is used according to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. All rentals are subject to a non-waivable excess, depending on the vehicle group rented, for which the customer is responsible in the event of damage to the vehicle during the rental. If he chooses to rely on a credit card or any other provider for cover, we strongly recommend that he fully understands the terms and conditions of any cover provided by such a third party provider before declining any of our services. Camper Iceland will not provide information nor take responsibility of third party insurances.

Self Risk Comparison:
The Self Risk is always € 2,800 with the exception mentioned in this table. Choose what components you want to insure or take the risk of paying the full damage.

30,000 ISK
30,000 ISK
30,000 ISK
30,000 ISK
364,000 ISK
364,000 ISK
364,000 ISK
364,000 ISK
364,000 ISK
364,000 ISK
Sand & Ash
364,000 ISK
364,000 ISK
90,000 ISK
90,000 ISK
Gravel Protection
90,000 ISK

ERV - Self Risk Insurance provided by the European Travel Insurance (ERV)
Self Risk Insurance (Self Risk refunded by insurance) - € 25 per day.

How can you reduce the self risk? Choose the SELF RISK INSURANCE provided by our partner ERV for an additional fee. In case of a damage you will pay the SELF RISK on spot and send a claim to ERV. This insurance company will re?ne the self risk in accordance to the insurance policy provided by ERV. The SELF RISK INSURANCE is an addition to our waiver, hence excluded options are also excluded by it. We recommend choosing the PREMIUM insurance with the ERV insurance as an add-on.

For example, If you hit another car by accident within the conditions of the rental agreement. The self risk of such an accident will be 200 per incident. If you get hit by another car and it's not your fault (determined by the insurance company) you will not have to pay any self risk. The other vehicles insurance would in such a case cover your vehicle.

If you damage the vehicle or hit another car damaging the own vehicle as well the KASKO can lower the self risk tremendously . If this option is not chosen you will have to pay up to the full value of the vehicle.

If the interior of the vehicle get's damaged e.g.. tables, doors, handles, stoves, radio etc.

Sand and Ash
It covers damages caused by sand (f.e. sand storms) and ash.

A common damage in Iceland is a broken windshield. A damaged windshield can cost EUR 1,200. By choosing the right CDW you can lower the self risk.

Gravel Protection
Also a common damage is a small crack in the paint caused by gravel (small stones).

ISK rates apply

Third Party Liability:
Third-party liability insurance and accident insurance for owner and driver consists of the amount stipulated by Icelandic law at any given time. The renter’s own risk (also termed as “deductible”, i.e. the amount that the renter has to cover himself towards the damage) with regard to damage to the vehicle amounts up to the full value of the vehicle.

Third Party CDW / Insurances:
Camper Iceland does not recognize, advise or sell any third party insurance such as self risk warranties, credit card vehicle insurances etc. We strongly recommend that you fully understands the terms and conditions of any cover provided by such a third party provider before declining any of our services.

CDW Details:
The CDW covers only the specific parts of the vehicle of Camper Iceland that you have rented but not other vehicles or objects that our vehicle may have damaged during the rental period. Damages caused to other vehicles, objects or any other thing are subject to a € 250 fee per incident but do not exclude any further cost.

CDW Insurance Do NOT Cover

  • A. Off-road driving, such as on tracks and rough trails, beaches, etc.
  • B. Driving across rivers or any kind of water course,
  • C. Intentional acts or gross negligence,
  • D. Use of intoxicants by the driver,
  • E. Vehicle use that contravenes Icelandic law and/or the provisions of this lease.
  • F. Driving on roads marked F on official maps as well as 35 (Kjölur), 550 (Kaldidalur), 939 (Öxi), 520 (Dragafell) and as well all back roads (except 4WD vehicles),
  • G. Driving on closed roads including roads open at own risk. Driving in snowdrifts and ice,
  • H. Driving in windy conditions (over 20m/sec)
  • I. Intentional damage or damage due to gross negligence on the part of the driver,
  • J. Damage resulting from the driver being under the influence of alcohol, stimulants or sedatives, or in any other way incapable of driving the vehicle in a safe manner,
  • K. Damage due to race or test driving,
  • L. Damage due to break ins, war, riots, civil disturbances, strike actions or other similar incidents,
  • M. Damage due to nuclear power, radiation or radioactive materials, as well as to loss or damage resulting from volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, avalanches or other natural disasters,
  • N. Damage done by animals,
  • O. Holes burned into seats, carpets, or mats,
  • P. Damage affecting wheels, bolts, tires, suspension, batteries, glass, radios, or loss by theft of parts of the vehicle and damage resulting from this,
  • Q. Any form of damages to the undercarriage of the vehicle and tires when the underside of the vehicle scrapes the road during driving, such as on ridges left by road levelers, speed bumps, stock grids, holes in the tarmac, protruding rocks or rough terrain, whether it be on off-road conditions and tracks or not.
  • R. Breakdown of axles, suspension, gear box (transmission), drive, battery and other parts in or attached to the vehicle undercarriage as well as damages due to the engine’s melt-down. The same applies to damage from stones being thrown up and striking the underside of the vehicle during driving.
  • S. Loss or damage due to normal conduct, such as smoking, cooking and the consumption of food and drink in the vehicle, damages caused by loose cargo such as cases, food, bottles or any other belongings,
  • T. Loss or damage caused by the theft, loss or damage to the vehicle’s keys.
  • U. Damage resulting from driving in places where vehicle traffic is banned, such as paths, tracks, banks of snow, ice, unbridged rivers or streams, beaches, places only accessible at low tide, or other trackless areas. However, compensation will be paid for damage if the driver is forced to leave the road, for example, due to road repairs.
  • V. Damage caused by sand, gravel, ash, pumice, or other kinds of earth material being blown onto the vehicle or into the back of heating systems, refrigerators and other equipment.
  • W. If the vehicle is transported by sea, no compensation will be paid for damage caused by sea spray/seawater.
  • X. RV, Camper and Motor Home interior such as damages to: tables, doors, windows, hatches, curtains, benches, chairs, closets, toilets, heating systems, water pipes, door handles, locks, keys, cushions, pads, camping kits, extras of all types, hinges, joints, electrical devices, mattresses, beds etc. (Only insured by Plus, Premium or Super CDW).
  • Y. Windscreens (front window), windows and hatches (only covered by Premium and Super CDW).

All the malfunctions, that appears on the road after full car deliverance (pick up procedure) are considered Customer's responsibility. In case of malfunctions of the heating system, fridge, water pump and other car and/or camper parts of the vehicle customer should contact the nearest garage from Camper Iceland recognized Garages map delivered during the pick up. Before contacting garage, the customer is advise to use video materials provided by Camper Iceland to double-check the turn on / turn off scheme of a certain functionality.

Full cost of the repair and driving needs to be paid to the mechanic on the road, before the repair. Camper Iceland can not guarantee, that services of recognized Garages and service companies will be available outside of working hours (regular working hours: Monday - Friday from 10.00 to 16.00 - 10am to 4pm).

Tires are always the renter’s liability. If tires go flat the renter is responsible for replacing the tire with same pattern and size at the nearest tire garage. On 2WD models a minimum of 2 tires must be replaces (l/r) and on 4WD models all 4 tires must be replaced. Otherwise the drivetrain could be damaged. In any case Camper Iceland must be contacted.

All the tires, that car is equipped with and are present on the car at the time of deliverance are legal and functional. In case of the broken tire on the road – the customer is advise to repair the tire / change the tire with equipment provided with the car. As soon as tire is repaired / changed customer should go to the nearest facility presented on Camper Iceland recognized Garages map to change tire to fully functional new tire. If this is not going to be done, full new tire fee will be charged at the time of drop off.

Camper Iceland can not guarantee, that services of recognized Garages and service companies will be available outside of working hours (working hours: Monday - Friday from 10.00 to 16.00 - 10am to 4pm).

All the damages should be noticed to Camper Iceland Team right away either by phone during opening hours (Monday - Friday from 10.00 to 16.00 - 10am to 4pm) or by email during weekends and holidays. All the damages caused by animals, weather conditions, road conditions, objects and usage of wrong fuel or other liquids are customer's responsibility.

In case of any accident with third party or object involved - customer is obligated to call police (Nation wide Emergency Number - 112), wait for police arrival and filling out the official Accident Report with police assistance. Arrival to the nearest Police Station instead is also appropriate behavior. In case of the damage cause by other driver, who escaped from the place of accident - the same procedure applies. All the accidents / damages without Accident Report made with police assistance will be considered invalid which will result in customer's full responsibility.

Theft of the vehicle or any of its equipment / devices should be notice to Icelandic Police right away (Nation wide Emergency Number - 112). In other case vehicle and all the equipment / devices missing will be under appliance of full charge.

Car Breakdown and Renters Responsibility:
In the event that the vehicle malfunctions owing to wear or other reasons for which the renter is not responsible, Camper Iceland will supply him with another vehicle as soon as possible or ensure that a repair is to be completed as soon as possible at a location specified by Camper Iceland. The above does not affect the payment of the rent or any other charges payable by the renter hereunder. Camper Iceland pays no compensation in cases such as provided herein, neither for accommodation nor other things.

Malfunctioning gas heating, refrigerator, gas stoves, ovens (incl. microwave) and other motor home or camper equipment is not considered a breakdown. Such malfunctions must be repaired at Camper Iceland’s rental station (free of charge) or by a professional at your own risk and charge. Please check all equipment before leaving our rental station. In the event that the vehicle malfunctions for which the renter is not responsible Camper Iceland has 24 hours during the working days and up to 72 hours during the weekends and holidays to organize necessary repair / assistance.

Cost of Damage and Replacement Vehicle:
Damages are generally payable at the end of the rental. However, if a vehicle is so badly damaged that it will have to be replaced somewhere outside our Rental Station, Camper Iceland asks for settlement of the damage before a replacement car will be provided. The renter is responsible to inform Camper Iceland about any damages that have occurred to the vehicle. Camper Iceland may debit the renter’s bank or credit card for the rental charge and other costs payable by the renter, such as payments in respect of damage to the vehicle while in the possession of the renter. The time and terms of payment shall be the sole discretion of Camper Iceland.

This right shall remain unaffected for 6 months following the return of the vehicle to the Camper Iceland. The cost of damage is determined by a price list available at all Camper Iceland locations. In the case of major damages not covered by insurance, e.g. water damage, the cost will be estimated at an authorized garage. Spare parts are very expensive in Iceland due to import taxes, margins and the VAT of 24% (Subject to governmental law). Camper Iceland will charge all damages according to the price list provided or appointment by our business partners. Unfortunately we cannot accept parts. Camper Iceland reserves the right to provide the replacement car within up to 36 hours during the working days and up to 72 hours during the weekends and holidays.

Car Replacement and Renters Responsibility:
Replacing a damaged car is subject to availability. Sometimes replacing the damaged vehicle with the same type is not possible. Such action by Camper Iceland does not constitute a breach of the contract and does not entitle the renter to any refund. If no alternative vehicle is available, Camper Iceland has no liability for refund any cost inferred by the renter.

If the customer wrecks or damages a vehicle the repair could take several days. In this case the customer can rent a new vehicle at his own expense. Camper Iceland will not replace a wrecked or damaged car at it’s expense. A replacement vehicle will not be provided before the damage of the last provided vehicle has been settled.

Transport of Damage Vehicle:
Transporting a damaged car costs € 3 per km for the renter. There is always a minimum cost of € 450 per incident which the renter must cover.

Vehicle Condition Report (VCR):
With every rental the customer receives a Vehicle Condition Report on which all damages are marked. The customer is asked to sign the VCR and is handed a copy of the report. He has then the opportunity to check the car and ask for amendments in case of any discrepancies to the VCR. A copy of the VCR is in the vehicle and another copy is attached to the rental agreement. Photos of the vehicle are taken during the pick up procedure with customer’s presence.

All the photos are uploaded to the online drive and are accessible to the customer during the trip with the rights to view. Customer is not able to edit and / or delete photos. Access data for the online drive is provided with documentation during the pick up process. This prevents that the customer gets charged for damages he is not responsible for.

Luggage Storage:
Our customers can leave their baggage at our rental station. This option is free of charge and has been popular for many years. After unpacking your luggage just ask someone at the reception to take care of it for you. Please do not leave any valuable assets in the luggage. We do not take any responsibility of this service.

Service Stations:
Camper Iceland has many partner garages all around Iceland which provide help in case of damages to the rental car. In case of any problem the Camper Iceland reservation centre will provide further information.

GPS Tracking:
The vehicle can be equipped with a GPS security device. The GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the GPS to determine the precise location of a vehicle and to record the position. Neglect of the Icelandic traffic law can be reported to local authorities. Controlling the data is part of the check in process.

The lessee will be held responsible if the vehicle was driven to fast and/or into areas prohibited by the lessor. The GPS tracking device is also a safety device. In case of a serious accident - like flip over - the device is going to call National Emergency Number (112) automatically providing your current position.

Driving Restrictions:
(Further area restrictions are at any time and expressly reserved)

In addition to all advisory by the Icelandic Road Administration all vehicles except the 4x4 models are not allowed to be driven on roads marked F on official maps as well as Kjolur (Road 35), 939 (Oxi), 520 (Dragafell), Kaldidalur (Road 550) and all non official roads. Should these restrictions be ignored, all insurances (Third Party Liability, CDW, etc.), shall be deemed, invalid.

The driver will be held fully responsible in case of accidents or collision, including the cost of repair of the damaged vehicle and the cost of towing. In the event of violation of these provisions - even if no damage occurs - we will impose a fine. This does not affect the liability of the renter to pay for damages. Should a car be spotted on a road on which it is not allowed, a fine will be imposed by us - even if no damage occurred. The fine currently amounts to € 1,000. This fine does not affect the liability of the renter to pay for damages.

Rain and Dust:
Our vehicles are not 100% rain, dust, ash and sand proof. Motor Homes and Campers are never built to be airtight (breathing holes for electrical and gas equipment). Driving in dusty conditions could cause the vehicle to fill or leave traces of sand, dust or ash. Due to heavy wind and rainy conditions the vehicle could at some point get wet inside whether it is from condensation or effectively from rain.

We strongly recommend all customers to use the heating system and always leave a window open in the night to allow humidity to escape the vehicle.

Due to heavy dust, ash and sand (especially on gravel roads) locks can fill up with it and get blocked. We recommend just locking doors that actually allow access to the vehicle.

Road Conditions for Travelling:
It is essential when traveling in Iceland to check the forecast regularly as weather can change dramatically. The actual road condition can be found here: http://www.road.is/travel-info/road-conditions-and-weather .The Information on road conditions is entered on the map from 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM and updates almost immediately.

Fuel Price:
All cars are rented with a full tank. If the car is not returned with a full tank Camper Iceland will charge a full tank for compensation. Prepaid fuel options are available at selected rental stations. Camper Iceland provides fuel discount card for certain gas stations for all customers as a sign of appreciation and high quality service.

Public Holidays:

2021 Public Holidays
01 January
New Years Day
01 April
Maundy Thursday
02 April
Good Friday
05 April
Easter Monday
22 April
First Day of Summer
01 May
Labour Day
13 May
Ascension Day
23 May
Whit Sunday
24 May
Whit Monday
17 June
Independence Day
02 August
Commerce Day
24 December
Christmas Eve
25 December
Christmas Day
26 December
Boxing Day
31 December
New Year's Eve

Camper Iceland reserves the right to substitute a comparable or superior vehicle at no cost to the customer. Such action by Camper Iceland does not constitute a breach of the vehicle conditions / contract and does not entitle the renter to any refund. If no alternative vehicle is available, Camper Iceland liability is limited to the return of all payments made. No additional costs (flight ticket, accommodation, lost tours) will be refunded.

Cancellation policy:

  • Until 50 days prior to pick up - 20% of rental cost (minimum of € 200)
  • 15 - 49 days prior to pick-Up - 50% the rental cost
  • 0 - 14 days prior to Pick-up - 100% of the rental cost
  • If no one shows up on the scheduled rental date - 100% of the total amount
  • Modification Fee (Free within 5 working days) - € 10
  • Name Change - € 90

The renter is free to provide evidence that no damage or only slight damage has been incurred

Cancellation policy in regards to COVID-19 2020 / 2021
In the beginning of the COVID-19 situation Camper Iceland temporarily allowed customers to move the reservation over to the next year or from 2020 to 2021. This option does not stipulate a new contract, hence the original cancellation policy applies.

In case you moved your booking to 2021 and now wish to cancel a 100% cancellation fee applies. In case you want to lengthen the booking (earlier pick up date or/and later drop off date) please contact sales.


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