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Motorhomes Rental and Hire

Everything you need to know about Motorhome Rental, Hire and Lease in the UK and Europe.

Motorhomes give you the sheer joy of only having to unpack once into the vehicle and again only on your last day, which is terrific. Remember if you choose a car and accommodation you are going to have to unpack and repack your suitcase each time you change hotel, not to mention having to carry your bag into and out of the boot of your car.

Whilst renting a motorhome does cost more to rent than a car, your real savings come into effect when you prepare your own breakfasts, packed lunches and dinners.
A crispy French baguette with ham, brie and salad washed down with simple French wine for four people will cost less than a restaurant meal for one - not to mention that 21 days in a row of eating out can become really tiring and you find yourself longing for a simple meal of sausage and mashed potato which can be so easily prepared in your motorhome! Shopping for groceries is such fun and its a great way to meet the locals and experience the 'real' country.

If you are travelling alone, or just two of you, granted a car and B&B could be more cost effective. So a motorhome does become a 'lifestyle' choice.
I guess you have to weigh up the Freedom vs the cost. However, if you are more than 2 persons travelling then in 99% of cases, a motorhome is economically better.
The more people who travel - the greater your savings when comparing costs because in Europe it is more difficult to find rooms that will sleep 4 and you would often have to take 2 rooms.

A motorhome, also known as a campervan, motorcaravan, RV or wohnmobile is really a lifestyle choice. They are more fun, more real and a holiday memories are made of. You meet so many different people at campsites, kids socialise with each other in spite of language barriers and adults can have social evenings, with a bottle of wine and discuss the troubles of the world or of course, the must see tourist attraction that the campers next door experienced yesterday.
I mean, when last have you spoken to the people in the hotel room next door to you?

Of course, there are a few things you should consider before deciding on a motorhome. There is the 'harmony factor'...Whilst you will be spending most of the time out and about sightseeing, you will be spending time close together in a relatively small area so if you are a bunch of friends travelling together, consider if snoring, untidiness or a general lack of consideration will become a factor.
Someone will probably have to cook, someone will have to wash dishes, someone will have to refill the water....however a roster system should soon fix that!

You also need to do some planning. Unlike a bus tour, you will need to have a rough itinerary and an idea of routing. A good guidebook or two will be handy and if you dont read up before your trip, someone can read out all the interesting facts whilst you are driving to your next stop. When you book with us, we will help you with itinerary planning and give you travel information and highlights for your specific route, with our compliments.
Incidentally, www.viamichelin.com is a great site for detailed directions, distances and toll costs.

Read a clients report on their trip: http://www.ukandeuropetravel.com/feb_05.shtml#report

DID YOU KNOW? Because we sure do...

* Germany is generally the most cost effective country to start from
* If travelling in the high season months, Munich will cost you €26 per day less than starting in Hamburg.
* In the off season, if you travel out of Amsterdam you can travel for 2 or 3 months for less than half the normal price
* A 'Camping Carnet' really is a great idea...we'll explain why
* We can tell you how you can, very easily and very legally, not pay any excess if you have an accident or damage your vehicle
* At least 7 other ways you can save money

When you tell us what you would like to do, we make suggestions taking the above and other information into account, ensuring you receive best value for money, stretching your holiday dollar further.

Please Click here to Request a Quote and we'll get back to you quick-smart. The service does not stop there. Once you have paid your deposit we send you a comprehensive travel pack to help with your planning.

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