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Motorhome - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find questions and answers about motorhoming in the UK and Europe.

Q: I have an Australian Drivers Licence. Do I need an International Drivers Licence?
A: It is recommended but not compulsory. However if travelling to Eastern Europe, I would recommend you do get one.

Q: I am 79 years of age. Will they rent to me & will they charge any extra?
A: If any driver is under 25 or over 70, we strongly suggest you let us know so that we can clarify the conditions at time of booking as it does vary from company to company.

Q: I did not list a second driver but I've had too much of that great French wine – can my mate drive me home?
A: With most companies there is no charge for a second driver, but in Scandinavia, Ireland and some UK companies there is a charge. So please check if this is of interest to you.

Q: I have heard that I will spend a fortune in toll fees. Is this true?
A: Toll roads are not compulsory. You are free to use the roads which generally run alongside the highway/autobahn/autostrade. Tollroads are, however, the quickest way to get from point A to point B. You can log on to www.viamichelin.com and calculate the cost of the tolls.

Q: All this sounds really complicated…surely there is an easier way to ensure we get best value?
A: Sure there is – complete our QUOTATION form – tell us a bit about your plans and we will be happy to provide free advice and a best value quote taking all the above into account. As you may have realised by now, we love the challenge of finding someone the very best deal.

Q: We have never traveled in a motorhome before. How will we know how to operate things?
A: When you get to the depot you get shown how everything works – so allow about 1 hour at least for the handover and paperwork. You also get given a manual and you can always call back to the depot if you have any questions. 24 hour roadside service is also provided in event of breakdown or emergency. You will also find your fellow ‘campers’at campsites are very willing to chat or lend a hand.

Q: How many suitcases can we take?
A: We suggest that you use soft bags. They are easier to store. If you must take hard suitcases, let us know and we will request in advance that the depot stores your suitcases after you have unpacked into the vehicle. This is always on a request basis and if granted, remember to allow time to unpack and then to repack.

Q: Can we take the motorhome on the ferry?
A: Generally no problem – however we’ll check up to date details with the rental company and at the same time get you the vehicles measurements as you will need them to book your crossing.

Q: I see in the brochure that they mention a cleaningfee. What is this for?
A: Companies expect the vehicles to be returned ‘broom clean’This means generally swept out, dishes done, fridge and bins emptied. Vehicles exteriors do not have to be washed. Do always remember to empty the chemical toilets before returning. Unemptied toilets will always incur a hefty ‘penalty’fee.

Q: Can we travel around Europe comfortably in winter?
A: If you are appropriately attired with thermals, good waterproof shoes or boots, good jackets, scarf, beanies and gloves - you will be fine. Europe in winter is quite beautiful. The only downside is that you will find that quite a few campsites close in November, so try and book ahead or when you come across a site, take it.

Q: Can I rent a TV/VCR, outdoor chairs and a bbq?
A. Some companies rent TV’s, some rent TV and VCR  but they don’t make any claims as to the reception. It may not always be good and bear in mind that the programmes will more than likely be in the language of the country. All other ‘extras’must be requested at time of booking – especially things like child seats when you should also advise the age of the child to ensure you get the appropriate child seat.

Q: Will the company charge my card or only take an imprint?
A: Regretfully, no definitive answer as it does vary from company to company. I always prefer to err on the side of caution and assume that they will charge my card – and make allowances for this with regard to my credit card limit.

Q: What sort of fuel consumption can we expect?
A: As this can vary so much depending on how fast you drive, how heavy your load, lots of stops and starts or city driving, aircon usage etc – no company gives a precise figure. If you work on 12 -15litres per 100kms – that will give you an idea.

Q: How much can we expect to pay a night for a campsite?

A: The rates vary depending on number of persons, time of year, facilities and the location. Work on between Euro 25 – Euro 40 per night. But see our 'tip sheet' which comes with your free Overseas Travel Pack.

Q: What kind of power supply does a motorhome have?
A: The refrigerator, heater, water heater and cooker operates on gas. Some fridges are 3 way, which mean they can also run off the vehicle battery when the vehicle is running or can be hooked up to electricity when at a campsite. The dash air conditioning, when available, is powered by the engine when driving and other items work when plugged into the power supply at a campsite.

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