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Why Visit Iceland

Iceland is a large mountainous island located in the north Atlantic region. It is a beautiful country island visited by people from all around the world. The best and unique thing about this country is that eleven percent of Iceland is covered by glaciers. Iceland is famous for its scenic beauty and picturesque locations. There are many destinations to explore in Iceland.

Traveling to Iceland means exploring all the mesmerizing tourist destinations that this place has to offer. Lake Mývatn Conservation Area is one of the famous attractions of the country. This conservation area was developed in 1974 and today the Mývatn region has become a top tourist attraction of Iceland. Everyone traveling to Iceland must make it a point to visit the Lake Mývatn Conservation Area.

The peninsula of the region has hot springs, waterfalls and lava caves. Another attraction in Iceland is The Westmann Islands (Vestmannaeyjar). This is an island created by the volcanic eruption.

One of the most visited tourist sites of Iceland is The Blue Lagoon. It is a paradise and is also one of the most photographed places. The blue-green algae and white silica mud has made the Lagoon more attractive.

Visit Thingvellir the place is dominated by the largest lake of the island called the Thingvallavtn. The place is also home to fishing lakes and National Parks. Plan a tour to Iceland and visit all these beautiful and unique places spread across the country.

Popular tourist sites include:
Arbaejarsafn, Folk museum Reykjavik - (Reykjavik - South Iceland), Open-air folk museum to preserve and show selected old housesin Reykjavik Iceland, in order to give visitors an opportunity to learn about the architecture and lifestyle of the past.

Reykjavik family park - Zoo (Reykjavik area - South Iceland), In the other part of the Zoo is so called Family Park where families enjoy being outdoors together in the heart of Reykjavik. All year round, there is something on the program that will appeal to everyone in the family.

Glacier Lagoon - (South East Iceland) The company Jokulsarlon offers exciting boat trips on the glacier lagoon, don't miss this experience on your travel to Iceland. You can sail among the huge icebergs. It is really facinating

The hotspring area at Geysir (South Iceland) - The hotspring area of Geysir is one of Icelands greatest tourist attractions. It has a lot of entertainment to offer the average tourist, multimedia museum, horse rental, swimming pool, café, hotel, restaurant and a troll called Bergthor.

Lake Myvatn - (North Iceland) - Lake Myvatn is an area, renowned for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation possibilities. Offering magnificent landscape together with rich animal and bird life.

Thvera - Bardarstrond - Discover the beauty and the tranquility of this untouched part of Iceland: The West fjords! the puffin cliffs Bjargtangar (Latrabjarg), the unique sand beach of Rauðasandur, the abandoned ‘monument valley’ Selárdalur in Arnarfjordur, or simply hike in the beautiful surround

Getting Around in Iceland:

By Land:
Iceland Motorhome Rental
We can help you with your Iceland Motorhome or Campervan hire holiday. Touring Cars Motorhome hire has a depot in Reykjavik which opens in June.

Iceland Car Leasing
If you wish to travel by car, we have the following Car leasing in Iceland suppliers to choose from, Renault Leasing, Peugeot Car Leasing, Citroen Car Leasing

By Car:
Iceland Car Rental
Would you like to try Car Hire in Iceland ?, We can help you with that too. Iceland Car Rental .

Icelandic Cuisine:
Important parts of Icelandic cuisine are lamb, dairy, and fish, due to Iceland's proximity to the ocean. Popular foods in Iceland include skyr, hangikjöt , kleinur, laufabrauð and bollur. Þorramatur is a traditional buffet served at midwinter festivals called Þorrablót and containing a selection of traditionally cured meat and fish products served with rúgbrauð and brennivín . Much of the taste of this traditional country food is determined by the preservation methods used; pickling in lactic acid or brine, drying and smoking.

Modern Icelandic chefs usually place an emphasis on the quality of the available ingredients rather than age-old cooking traditions and methods. Hence, there is a number of restaurants in Iceland that specialise in seafood and at the annual Food and Fun chef's competition (since 2004) competitors create innovative dishes with fresh ingredients produced in Iceland. Points of pride are the quality of the lamb meat, seafood and (more recently) skyr. Other local ingredients that form part of the Icelandic chef's store include seabirds and waterfowl (including their eggs), salmon and trout, crowberry, blueberry, rhubarb, lichens, wild mushrooms, wild thyme, lovage, angelica and dried seaweed as well as a wide array of dairy products.

Iceland Climate:
The climate of Iceland is cold oceanic near the coast and tundra inland in the highlands. The island lies in the path of the North Atlantic Current, which makes the climate of the island more temperate than would be expected for its latitude just south of the Arctic Circle. This effect is aided by the Irminger Current, which also helps to moderate the island’s temperature. The weather in Iceland can be notoriously variable. The aurora borealis is often visible at night time during the winter.

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