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Why Visit Romania
Romania offers a rich tapestry of attractions and experiences unique in Central-Eastern Europe: medieval towns in Transylvania, the world-famous Painted Monasteries in Bucovina, traditional villages in Maramures, the magnificent architecture of Bucharest, the romantic Danube Delta, fairy-tale castles, the Black Sea resorts, the majestic Carpathian Mountains, spas and much more.

Romania is proud to be a full Member of the European Union for two years and 162 days. Take a virtual visit to Romania and you'll be left amazed. So why not treat yourself to a real holiday in Romania?! Ruggedly beautiful Romania offers the interested traveler a romantic glimpse of both, traditional and modern ways of life. Heading north from Bucharest to the villages of Brasov area you will find friendly people, proud of their customs and folklore with a timeless rural way of life. Then cruise through the myriad channels of the Danube Delta, one of the world's greatest wildlife sanctuaries.

Popular Tourist Sites include:
Brasov - Situated in the heart of Romania, the city of Brasov (German: Kronstadt) benefits from the influence of an ancient history.The origins of Brasov as a town are lost in the dark times of medieval age. However it is known that it developed as different communities living here decided to come together into a city. The first written documents on Brasov go back to 1235, when the city was mentioned as CORONA, situated on the present location of the Black Church. Later on the city was known also as Brasco, Brasso, Stephanopolis, Kronstadt, and Brasov. However the most popular names of the city are the last two ones.

Bucharest - Its eclectic architecture, which is a mix of historical, Ceausescu-era and modern, also reflects the city's varied history. In the period between the two World Wars, the city's elegant architecture and the sophistication of its elite gave Bucharest the nickname of the "Paris of the East" or "Little Paris" Although much of the historic center was damaged or destroyed by war, earthquakes and Nicolae Ceausescu's program of systematization, much survived, and in recent years the city is experiencing an economic and cultural boom.

Constanta - Constanta is located in a region of Romania called Dobrogea (http://www.dobrogea.ro) which is the land between the Danube River to the west and Black Sea to the east. The history of the city goes back to 657 BC when it was the Greek controlled town of Tomis.

Getting Around in Romania:

By Land:
Romania Car Leasing
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By Car:
Roamnia Car Rental
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Romania Rail Passes
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Romania Climate:
Romania has 4 distinct seasons much like that of North America. The winters can are cold reaching temperatures between 0°C and -5°C. There is lots of snow fall in the mountains creating a perfect destination for skiers and snowboarders with its affordable ski resorts. Spring is pleasant with cool mornings and nights and warm days. In the summer hot sunny days can be experienced along the Black Sea coast and Transylvania where temperatures reach about 30°C. Autumn is dry and cool with colourful foliage from the trees and mountains.

Romanian Cuisine:
The rich and tasty food in Romania is an influence of foreign settlers that have occupied the land in the past. Nations such as Greeks, Hungarians, Germans and Turks. These past influences have allowed Romania to create its is own unique gastronomy. Pork is the favourite main dish among most Romanians but you will also find great beef, lamb and chicken dishes. Savouring fish dishes are typical of the Danube Delta. Most meals are complemented by soup which is a national specialty in Romania. Also a variety of delicious cakes can be found on special events and holidays.

A meal in Romania is incomplete without a drink of the local spirit, tuica. A plum brandy usually enjoyed before a meal along with some appetizers. It varies in strength, dryness and smell according to the region. But if you attempt this drink beware it does have a kick to it!

Romania is also home to some excellent wine and beer. Ursus, means Bear, is among one of the best beers.

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