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Why Visit Holland
The Kingdom of The Netherlands, is a country, situated in Western Europe by the North Sea. Population of Holland is more than 16.5 mln., mostly is the Dutch. Official language is Dutch language.

The cities in Holland are storehouse of many historically relevant details. The culture of the country makes traveling to Holland all the more a pleasure. The people of Netherlands are usually referred as Dutch. While you are traveling to Holland, you will see that the country has been divided into two provinces. The various regions of Holland have distinct change in the culture and cuisine from one another. Some of the places of Holland are islands located near its northern coast. The northern part of Holland is more populated than the other parts of the country because there are more industries and development in this part of Holland.

The distance to the cities in Holland can be covered by cars even. The borders are easily accessible but one has to go through checks at the border so it is necessary to have all the necessary documents proving your nationality and identity. There is car ferry service too from United Kingdom which makes traveling to Holland all the more convenient. Within the city you can get around by the means of buses, cycles, trains. The train tickets are of the same rate and there are no discounts on buying it beforehand or for round trip.

Popular tourist sites include:
Amsterdam - Amsterdam, the official capital of the Netherlands is and has been for some time one of the most popular European city travel destinations. Thanks to a colourful mix of culture and an internationally recognised tolerance, Amsterdam plays host to millions of guests each year all finding something different from the city to satisfy their visit.

Deft - Delft is a small city located in the west Netherlands about halfway between Rotterdam and The Hague.
One of the prettiest cities in Holland, Delft is probably best known for the blue and white porcelain and pottery that originates from the area known as Delftware.

Eindhoven - Located in the south of the Netherlands in the Noord-Brabant province, Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in Holland.

Masstricht - Located in the Southeast of Holland, close to the border with Belgium, the city of Maastricht is split in two by the Meuse River. Its close proximity to Belgium and a history of claims by various countries makes Maastricht probably the least Dutch of Cities and visitors will experience a culture completely of its own.

Rotterdam - Rotterdam, located on the New Meuse River is the second largest city in the Netherlands and home to the largest port in Europe.

Utrecht - Utrecht is a great city to explore on foot or by bike, take a trip down the Oude Gracht, the canal that runs through the centre of the city and enjoy the vast array of shops, bars and restaurants that line it on both banks.

Getting Around in Holland:

By Land:
Holland Motorhome Rental
We can help you with your Holland Motorhome or Campervan hire holiday, Braitman Campers and McRent Motorhome Hire has depots in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Holland Car Leasing
If you wish to travel by car, we have the following Car leasing in The Netherlands suppliers to choose from, Renault Leasing, Peugeot Car Leasing, Citroen Car Leasing

By Car:
Holland Car Rental
Would you like to try Car Hire in Holland / Netherlands?, We can help you with that too. Holland Car Rental .

Holland Rail Passes
Travelling by Train is your preference, we help you with your Rail passes, check our Holland Eurail Passes rates here.

By Water:
Holland Canalboat Rental
If your desire is to explore Holland by water, We have 2 Canal boat rental suppliers.Locaboat Holidays and Le Boat Canal Boat Hire. We can help taylor your holiday that will suit your needs.You can choose your bases from: Loosdrecht & Terherne (Frieseland), Sneek & Strand Horst.

River Cruising in The Netherlands
Would you like to try River Cruising in Holland ?, We can help you with that too., Go Barging European Waterways and Canal & Company - cruises in Alkmaar, Aalsmeer, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Deft, Dordrecht, Edam, Enkhuizen, Gouda, Haarlem, Keukenhof Gardens, Schoonhoven, Utrecht, Volendam, Zierikzee, Zaansche Schans, Gouwe Canal, Kinderdijk, Oude Canal, Ringvaart Canal, Vreeswijk & Zaansche Schans.

Holland Climate:
The climate in Holland is temperate and very similar to that of the United kingdom with summer temperatures ranging from 20°c – 25°c in July and August and winter temperatures in December and January ranging from 0°c to 10°c. The Netherlands receives a fairly steady flow of rainfall throughout the year with April and May on average being the driest months.

Holland Cuisine:
Dutch cuisine is shaped by the practice of farming, including the cultivation of the soil for raising crops and the raising of domesticated animals and the history of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is renowned for its varieties of cheese and is where Dutch process chocolate originated. Dutch cuisine is somewhat limited in its diversity of dishes (like many Northern European cuisines) and includes a high consumption of vegetables compared to the consumption of meat. Dutch cookies (butter cookies) are popular in the United States and are sold in round, decorated tins usually around Christmas.

A famous Dutch sweet is zoute drop, salty liquorice and liquorice sweets. These sweets are small, black and look much like gums. The four types of drop are soft sweet, soft salt, hard sweet and hard salt drop. Drop can be bought in shops and pharmacies and has a medical function as it helps to cure throat and stomach aches.

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