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Why Visit Sweden

Sweden is a country situated on the Scandinavian Peninsula, on the Northern part of Europe. The country is bordered by Norway and Finland. The country is also connected to Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Sweden is also a member of the European Union from 1995. The capital city is Stockholm.

Economically Sweden has lot to talk about. The country is a major exporter of iron, copper and timber. Due to improved communication system many new natural assets of the forests are utilized for economic development. Sweden is also popular from another aspect. The ever renowned and the art of pride The Noble Prize is awarded from this great country.

The primary language of Sweden is Swedish, a North Germanic language, related and very similar to Danish and Norwegian, but differing in pronunciation and orthography. Norwegians have little difficulty understanding Swedish, and Danes can also understand it, with slightly more difficulty than the Norwegians. Although Swedish is the dominant language, it is not an official language.

Sweden has a rich musical tradition, ranging from medieval folk ballads to hip hop music. The music of the pre-Christian Norse has been lost to history, although historical re-creations have been attempted based on instruments found in Viking sites. The instruments used were the lur (a sort of trumpet), simple string instruments, wooden flutes and drums. It is possible that the Viking musical legacy lives on in some of the old Swedish folk music.

Places of Interest:

Stockholm - Sweden's capital, is a delightful city whose location (which covers fourteen islands) is both beautiful and stately.

Gothenburg (Göteborg) - Many travelers feel that Göteborg is both easier to tour and provides better exposure to the Swedes than Stockholm. Be sure to visit the Liseberg Amusement Park, the Röhsska Museum, the Haga/Linnéstanden area for shopping, and, if you have time, take a tour of the Volvo car assembly plant.

Uppsala - Regarded as a center of the Swedish culture and history, the city has played a crucial role in the development of Sweden. At the center of the Old Town visit the Domkyrkan (Cathedral) and the Castle. Uppsala is less than an hour by train from Stockholm.

Kalmar - A delightful town featuring a wonderful castle (Kalmar Castle) and an interesting cathedral (the Domykyrkan). The area that surrounds it.

Småland - The Southeastern section of the coast of Sweden features beautiful seascapes, interesting islands, and a good bit of history. There are several historic towns to see in the area and you might consider Kalmar as a base for your trip.

Gotland - If you want to bask in the sun, enjoy idyllic countryside, and explore an interesting historic area, the island of Gotland may be just the place for you.

Malmo/Lund - Malmo and Lund offer yet another view of Sweden. The area has been transformed by universities and technology into a knowledge economy but one that has not forgotten its heritage.

Swedish Lapland - Lapland (in Sweden, Norway, and Finland) is considered by many to be the last wilderness in Europe. This area of the midnight sun and the northern lights (in different seasons) is not for the casual tourist.

Getting Around in Sweden:

By Land:
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Sweden Climate:
Most of Sweden has a temperate climate, despite its northern latitude, with four distinct seasons and mild temperatures throughout the year. The country can be divided into three types of climate; the southernmost part has an oceanic climate, the central part has a humid continental climate and the northernmost part has a subarctic climate.

However, Sweden is much warmer and drier than other places at the similar latitude, and even somewhat further south, mainly because of the Gulf Stream. For example, central and southern Sweden has much warmer winters than many parts of Russia, Canada, and the northern United States.[40] Because of its high northern latitude, the length of daylight varies greatly.

North of the Arctic Circle, the sun never sets for part of each summer, and for part of the winter the sun never rises. The capital of Stockholm's daylight lasts for more than 18 hours in late June, but only around 6 hours in late December. Most of Sweden has between 1,600 to 2,000 hours of sunshine annually.

Swedish Cuisine:
Swedish cuisine, like that of the other Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway and Finland), was traditionally simple. Fish (particularly herring), meat and potatoes played prominent roles. Spices were sparse. Famous dishes include Swedish meatballs, traditionally served with gravy, boiled potatoes and lingonberry jam; pancakes, lutfisk, and Smörgåsbord, or lavish buffet. Akvavit is a popular alcoholic distilled beverage, and the drinking of snaps is of cultural importance.

The traditional flat and dry crisp bread has developed into several contemporary variants. Regionally important foods are the surströmming (a fermented fish) in Northern Sweden and eel in Scania in Southern Sweden. However, Swedes have traditionally also been very open to foreign influences, ranging from the French cuisine during the eighteenth century, Mediterreanean cuisine, to the sushi and cafe latte of today.

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